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    Sixis Summary

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    Sixis Summary Empty Sixis Summary

    Post by Ace Fresca on Thu Sep 13, 2018 2:26 pm

    Sixis Summary

    General Info: Sixis is a small deserted island in East Blue. Visiting this island is normally only done by those who are stuck there by the rough currents that surround the island. Getting stuck on this island can be a death sentence, as there are no sources of food or fresh water on the island. No wildlife of any sort can be found on or near Sixis; even the birds seem to ignore the place.

    Appearance: Sixis is a tiny island, only about half a kilometer in diameter. There are no hills, raised, or lowered elevation of any kind. The island is mostly sand, save for some rare patches of grass and a few dozen trees.

    Climate: Sixis is a very dry and hot island, only ever dipping below twenty-five degrees celcius at night. Rain comes to Sixis very infrequently, and when it does come it is usually in the form of dangerous thunderstorms.

    Notable NPC(s): N/A

    Groups: N/A

    Rough Waters – The current surrounding the island is particularly treacherous compared to normal waters in the Blues. Travelers should be wary of traveling too close to Sixis or risk their vessel being sunk.

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