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    Toroa Summary

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    Toroa Summary  Empty Toroa Summary

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    Toroa Summary

    General Info: A rough bunch, Toroa used to be filled with mafia-like groups each of which controlled a different sector of the industries. With much of that industry destroyed and the Toroa economy only just stabilizing many of the former gangmen have either fallen back to farming or have moved on becoming the bounty hunting/hitman population that Toroa is now famous for.

    While the average citizen of Toroa is not particularly well to do most of them have the know how to live in this world even with their sometimes minimal resources. One thing that has not fallen off in Toroa is the propensity of their residents to dress nicely. Sporting suits or suit-like clothing the residents of Toroa City look far better than their actual demeanor is. Even the lowest of men generally wear black pants and a white shirt with a tie. The favorite hat of the residents is the fedora. Women tend to wear dresses of all different sorts, long and short, light and sometimes spectacularly heavy. It is the last good thing they can do.

    Well of course unless they are working the fields in which case they tend to have a tattered shirt and jeans for that kind of work specifically.

    Appearance: As one approaches the island, what one sees is either a forested area, farmland, or cities that are being reclaimed by nature. Those run-down cities were once thriving metropolises but unfortunately they were caught in the Marine's rage and all apart from the main city at the center of the island have been long since abandoned.

    Climate: Toroa has a temperate climate. Known for its hot summers and cold winters Toroa gets the full range of weather. It is not particularly humid on Toroa, instead, it gets a lot of rain and cloud cover for much of the year. Its climate is not terrible for the farming that is done upon the island as the long cycle gives time for the plants to grow to full fruition.

    Notable NPC(s):

    Toroa Summary  GiovanniCellAnime1
    Boss Giovanni Armani
    Having recently deposed his own father, Boss Giovanni Armani is the new man in town. At thirty-three, he is a rather young leader of the Armani Group and easily the youngest man sitting on the council. A charming, handsome, and tall man he walks around wielding his father's old cane more for image than anything else. Under his recent rule the Armani Group has sped up its operations in Spliff City in exchange for a little of the privacy that they once had. He is a visionary and relentless man for his group and someone they can both respect and follow as he inspires confidence in many with his youthful vigor.

    Science Officer Candice
    A tall and thin marine officer. Science Officer Candice wears glasses and wields a thin sword by her side. Overseeing the construction work she is a lead by example kind of person. Personally going in and working among her soldiers she is often found in normal seamen gear even though she is allowed to wear her own clothing. She has a lot of respect from her men. Unlike Boss Giovanni Armani, Candice is very careful to not alert any of the citizens of their work. Keeping large movement of material until night has fallen and trying to keep much of the louder construction noises underground and out of hearing of anyone who might pass through the town or any farmer who might be working the edges.

    Police Commander Matt Wallace
    The corrupt commander of the Toroa Island Police Force, Commander Matt Wallace is a stunted man. Wide and short he wears a police uniform that is, unfortunately, a little too small for him. With a pistol and a baton at his side, he would be quite the imposing figure except he has to look up at most people. Still, a clever and sly man with more charisma than he has height, the man at least knows tactics and how to work his people.

    Guild Master Corey Shootem'
    An old retired bounty hunter, Guild Master Corey Shootem' was once a famed bounty hunter in the West Blue. After his defeat at the hands of some infamous pirate, he was somehow able to get away. Nearly in his early sixties, there is a scar across the side of his face as a reminder of his fight. Two pistols at his sides are his continuing weapon of choice though no one has seen him use them in ages. At first meet, he can be a rather likable old man but experience and near-death moments have hardened him. The Guild Master is known for making jokes that sound a lot like threats ... or are they just threats?


    Toroa City Council
    The Toroa City Council is the governing body for Toroa City and thus Toroa Island. Made up of five of the wealthiest men in Toroa City, it includes two former mafia leaders, the two owners of the banks, and the final man the owner of the port through which all trade now passes. This oligarchical government holds a tight rein upon its citizenry through a combination of public speaking and police force threats. Unbelievably slowly but surely they are actually building up the economy once again.

    Toroa City Police Force
    The main law enforcers of Toroa City, the police force works directly for the Council enacting what laws and statutes that they place upon the people of Toroa. Led by Police Commander Matt Wallace it is a group of one hundred and twenty or so officers who do not question their leaders. Many of these officers are rather dimwitted at that and cannot be trusted with more than simple commands in the end. A little corrupt, a few of the former mafia-men have made themselves staples of this force extracting money from the less fortunate citizenry.

    Toroa Island Science Division
    The secret marine division set beneath the factories of Toroa Outskirts. The division labs and headquarters are still secretly under construction. With a few hundred marines on the ground secretly setting up the base under the leadership of Officer Candice, this is slowly coming together. Higher ups in the marines want to use this as a landing point for the full take over and conversion of the Tora Island populace.

    The Bounty Hunters Guild
    One of the other major buildings on the main roads of Toroa City that is still in use, The Bounty Hunters Guild house is the 'hunters union' for Toroa City. There is always a board full of bounties both World Government and local. It also happens to be a great place to get information, as bounty hunters come in and out of here from all over the West Blue. The current guild chief is an elderly man by the name of Corey Shootem'.

    The guild also runs the bounty hunter deathmatch in the winter. It is just for fun and generally there is viewing room in a room connected to a bunch of den den mushi cameras set up around the 'arena'.

    Armani Group
    The last surviving mafia group, the Armani Group has its stocks and headquarters in the ruins of Spliff City. Tucked in among the ruined building is a build that on the outside might look ruined but on the inside is full of life as the last mafia boss of Toroa Island runs his operation in secret. Boss Giovanni Armani is also one of the men on the Toroa Council and thus keeps the police away from his mafia. His group is working to get some of the machinery working again so that they can start building guns and ammunition again to once again gain control of Tora.


    Toroa City
    The last remaining city on Toroa Island with an actual population of residents, Toroa City is recovering from the disaster of thirty years ago. Many of the buildings in Toroa City are multiple stories tall. Built of stone they rise up into the air, their decorations simply flowers placed on balconies or the like. Two main roads pass through Toroa one going North to South the other going East to West.

    Along these roads are many an abandoned storefront. What stores are still open are general stores, gun stores, and farming stores. Otherwise, the rest of the stores are basically all empty. Two banks are set up near the crossing between the two main roads. Across from them, the old town hall stands. A massive building many of its offices are empty and a shell of the original government runs out of the building. The final building at the crossing is a large mall that has been converted into a police headquarters and jail. Most of the rest of the buildings are large residential areas spilling out to the edges of town.

    Beyond the edge are the large tracts of farmland sometimes with a farmhouse on them within which a family will live.

    Toroa Outskirts
    If Toroa City was the residential center of Toroa Island, Toroa Outskirts was the industrial center. Now all but emptied of its citizens, Toroa Outskirts is being reclaimed by the forest. Amidst the ruins of large factories and other buildings trees have been growing. Cracking their way through buildings and taking over basically everything. The three major roads that one ran through Toroa Outskirts from North to South are now covered in grasses and a large herd of deer roam through the streets as people might have once.

    Beneath the largest of the factories, however, work has begun again. A secret marine research facility has been built. There a few hundred marines under Science Division Officer Candice have begun building another lab. The work began rather recently so the lab is neither complete nor has any actual research begun.

    Pun City
    Like Toroa Outskirts this whole city was an industrial workforce based city. And has now been overtaken by the jungle.

    Spliff City
    Like Toroa Outskirts this whole city was an industrial workforce based city. And has now been overtaken by the jungle.

    Connec City
    A partially restored city, Connec City is currently acting as the main port of entrance to Toroa Island. Only its minor port and a few roads have been restored and divested of the plants which had overgrown across them. The rest of the city is still mainly covered in large buildings. Some minor industrial factories sit unused on the other end of town but otherwise, the use of Connec City has long since been forgotten. Like all of the ruined cities, much of the land has been overtaken by forest growth.

    Slum City
    The smallest of the outer cities Slum City was once the main port for Toroa Island. Large docks and warehouses were set within its confines. In it many carts and the like were stored to move items across the island to their different places. Now many of the docks have broken down in disrepair some of them simply floating or have already sunk into the water. The ruins of ships can still be seen in the harbor. Warehouses once filled with items are now broken open and basically emptied. Perhaps a few boxes full of thirty year old supplies are still findable in their corners but in general they have already been raided for supplies.

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