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    Elbaf Briefing Empty Elbaf Briefing

    Post by Dante on Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:06 am

    Elbaf Summary

    General Info: Elbaf is a kingdom inhabited by giants, and is considered to be the strongest country in the world due to its army famed for its strength.

    The waters around Elbaf were also noted to be dangerous, featuring gigantic fauna such as fish the size of ships and even bigger walruses.

    It is said that everyone in Elbaf heavily believes in honor. If there was any sort of dispute or argument between any giants, the god of Elbaf would decide which one would die and one would survive.

    Every year, the denizens hold a certain traditional festival known as the "Winter Solstice". As the name suggests, it is held during the end of the year to pay their gratitude to the sun. The citizens undergo fasting for 12 days, with only water to sustain them; prior to its start, they eat a huge quantity of Semla to gain enough nutrition for the next 12 days. After the fasting period, a huge festival would be held to celebrate. over 363 years ago, during one particular Winter Solstice, it is said a gluttonous desire for more Semla caused a giant to lose control on the 7th day, decimating an entire village on Elbaf in search for the sweet, and even killing the elder giant hero Jorl in a manner that was disgraceful for a warrior, which led her to be hated by every giant in the world as a result.

    Elbaf is also used as a term of pride (i.e. "I am the mightiest warrior from Elbaf!").

    Appearance:The most notable landscape features are the island's steep rough mountains and what appears to be an extremely large tree placed around the center of the island.

    Climate: Rotating 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)

    Notable NPC(s): King Yorl, Knight Captain Giermo Of the royal army.

    Groups: The Royal Army Of Elbaf, Feared by pirates and marines alike.


    Sheep's House is an orphanage run by Mother Carmel (a Title given to the head of the house) It is located near a village and a forest. This one was long abandoned and left to rot, the Structure still stands only due to the ridiculous strength of Elbaf construction.

    Somewhere on Elbaf there is The Castle where the island Royalty resides, However, Despite the size of said castle it is well hidden among the massive mountain ranges and not just anyone can find it, let alone make it there alive.

    Elbaf Village is where The island's regular inhabitants live and where commerce takes place. It is close to Sheep's House and is located near a forest. It is said that long ago it was enveloped in a sea of flames when Someone who's name was lost to history went on a rampage.

    Sometime after the Sheep's House was relocated, the citizens worked to rebuild the damage inflicted. On the outskirts of the village is a grave site for deceased giants, where Jorl's was included.

    The village has a rule about quarrels which dictate that unless it can be resolved, those involved ought to leave to seek judgment from their god through battle. It is where a traditional meal of Semla is held before the "Winter Solstice Festival" is held.

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