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    Basic Info

    Auntie Fish KOq2WH5

    Name: Kaiolohia Ulani
    Nickname: Auntie
    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Race: Fishman (Pygocentrus nattereri)
    Affiliation: Bounty Hunter
    Threat: 0
    Profession: Chef[Primary], Martial Artist[Secondary]


    Height: 176 cm/5.7 foot
    Weight: 67 kg/147 lb
    Hair: Purple
    Eyes: Yellow
    Clothing/Accessories: The eyepatch covering her left eye is probably her most notable accessories, her other clothes aren't anything special or eye catching, when the weather is colder she usual is seen wearing some leather jacket, turtleneck sweater and some jeans, when the summer comes Kai is mostly seen in some Hawaiian style t-shirts and simple shorts.

    General Appearance: There is no way to hide Ulani fishmen heritage, her unatural for humans grey skin, sharp teeths, gills on her neck and strange fin-like ears are an unquestionable proof of that. Kaiolohia hair is purple, and she also has an eye of a true predator - her strangely smal nose, makes her face almost completely flat. At first look our dear Auntie makes a daring appearance, her posture speaks loudly "don't try to piss me of". In public its hard to see a warm smile on her face, but those that know her more know that it is only a well crafted mask.


    Auntie Fish Y46ciiJ


    Personality: Even if our Ulani seems to be quite a scary person, in reality she is a kindhearted woman, always looking out to help other people especially the younger ones. Our bounty huntress has a soft spot for kids, she can't stand seeing them in any kind of pain or trouble, after all children are our future right? And so its whole world responsibility to help rise them. Kaiolohia often gets lost in her own thoughts, daydreaming about her old days back at the orphanage or in the kitchen. Because of the haunting nightmares of the past, it isn't easy for Ulani to keep on living, probably that's the reason why she smiles so rarely. She wants to believe in people good nature, and is continuously trying to make the world a better, safer place. That's the real reason why she became a bounty hunter, and that's also why those who know her call her a stupid idealist. Kai takes great care about her friends, trying to keep them in shape, checking and if its needed changing their diet, trying to correct their unhealthy lifestyles, overall acting like their mother.

    Hometown: Northblue

    History: Kaiolohia was born at the open sea of Northblue, there isn't much to say about her parents as our fish doesn't remember them at all. There are many strange things on the seas, but Kai home was one of its kind - an orphanage on a ship. Well, there are some ship-restaurants, so maybe it wasn't soo odd? But still - in her whole life Ulani has never seen another such place. "Home away from home" was the name of this wesel/orphanage and our fishwoman had a nice childhood there, even if she was the only non-human there. In her early years she didn't even notice that there ware any differences between her and her friends - there ware some strange things like the fat, that she could stay underwater for a whole day, but for the most part it only became apparent, when they all grew older. With the passed time, more and more kids changed into young adults and left the orphanage to make place for new kids - but not Kaiolohia, she didn't want to leave her save place, she didn't know how people would react to her and so she stayed behind, taking the position of the ship cook. Years went by, Kai enjoyed her slow live, but then - a tragedy took place. Pirates, attacked the ship, they robbed everything of value, killed the adults, and took the children with them. The fact that our girl survived was pure luck, at the beginning of the fight she got hit by some shards of wood and unconscious felt into the water. When she wake up the hell already ended, she went back to the ship, but couldn't find anyone. For a time Ulani felt into a big depression, she couldn't handle the newfound loneliness and spent a whole year traveling form one pub to another, until one faithful day while taking her fourth bottle, Kai heard new customers walking into the bar. Out of curiosity she took a look at the entrance where stood a man with a familiar tattoo - a very specific jolly roger, that belonged to the crew that attacked the orphanage. Kaiolohia broke the bottle in her hand, she tried to silent the anger roaring inside her, but to no use, maybe it was just the alcohol, maybe in was the thirst for revenge. It took only a moment, few seconds Kai jumped out of her chair and charged at the unfortunate man, the broken bottle sunk into the pirate's stomach. An uproar started, but our fishwoman wasn't looking behind, she was terrified by her own action and so she runaway from that pub. That was another night, that changed her whole life. That was it! Bad thing happen to good people all the time, so someone needs to make the bad people suffer while protecting the first group - and Ulani made it her mission to do just that.

    Inventory and Abilities

    Combat: Ulani goes into combat with her kitchen knives, she knows how to utilize her biggest asset - speed. Kai isn't a born fighter and she knows that, that's why in a fight she is always moving, using environment to her advantage, whenever its possible she would move the fight into water. Slashing, stabbing, kicking, punching even biting - everything is a fair game.  
    Weaponry: A pair of fish filleting knives, that you would normally see in the kitchen.(Made of iron) Image
    Beli: 500,000
    SD Earned:
    Stat Points:
    Advancement Points:
    SD Remaining:

    1. Used for Stats:
    2. Used for Fortune:

    • Strength: 9
    • Speed: 13
    • Stamina: 6
    • Accuracy: 5
    • Fortune:


    Fishman (2+ Traits) - Fishmen gain the benefits of the Mighty Strength trait, and may breath underwater. Their movements in water are not hampered as greatly as normal humans, and they may swim at great speeds. They also gain attributes or natural weapons based on their species. The number of traits needed depends on the species.*

    Beast Handler - (1 Trait) - Characters with this trait have a natural affinity for getting along with animals. Wild animals tend to behave either neutrally or friendly towards the character, unless they are very strongly aggressive. These animals, with proper approach and care, may be made to be merely distrustful and may sometimes refrain from attacking. The user also gains one NPC pet, who may possess humanlike intelligence, behaves as a crew NPC and is controlled by the player of the main character.

    Profession Traits:

    Cooking Fighter (1 Trait) – Experts in the use of various kitchen utensils, a chef may become proficient enough in the use of their cookware as weapons in battle. A chef with this trait gains martial proficiency with one form of cookware, as well as special technique points equal to one quarter of their fortune that can be used on martial techniques involving the chosen utensil.

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    Regular Technique Points:
    Used Regular Technique Points:
    Special Technique Points:
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    TECHNIQUE NAME (Rank number)
    Description: (Effects)

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