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    Admiral Automata



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    Admiral Automata  Empty Admiral Automata

    Post by Dante on Tue Sep 25, 2018 4:50 pm

    Affiliation: Marines
    Name: Automata
    Nickname: Automata is her nickname, but She threw away her real name.
    Position: Admiral
    Devil Fruit: N/a
    Haki: Armaments and Observation


    Admiral Automata  UOD6e22

    Automata was born with the name Leslie Carter, she was born in the Marine Headquarters, both of her parents being marines. It wasn't until after she was born that her mother retired to raise her, while her father continued to work. Growing up with a marine father and a mother, she wanted to become one just like them, especially after hearing all tales of their exploits as bedtime stories.

    Even when she was young she could be found helping out around the headquarters, with menial tasks even though she was far too young to actually join the marines she would go to the offices and help out with anything that was needed, everyone knew her as her father and mother were quite the duo at one time. Once she was old enough she joined the marines and began learning to fight, she preferred to fight hand to hand, but received At least basic training with all sorts of weapons. Being with the marines until she was the age of thirty she remained diligent had continued to be promoted quite rapidly to the rank of Vice Admiral.

    At the age of thirty she was ambushed while heading back to Marine Headquarters, she ended up living, but the rest of her crew was dead. Taking this as a sign that she wasn't quite Capable of A promotion in her current state she turned to well.. She couldn't call him a man but the Dr. Vega Punk. His Pasafista program that he had preserved himself in as data created the opportunity for her to become something more. Upon completing the transition to Pasafista And Gaining what he called "Spider Legs" her promotion to admiral was all but assured.

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    Admiral Automata  Empty Re: Admiral Automata

    Post by Sen on Sun Sep 30, 2018 9:20 pm

    Added as an NPC. Therefore thread is now closed.

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