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    Admiral Joshine Empty Admiral Joshine

    Post by Dante on Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:15 pm

    Affiliation: Marines
    Name: Joshine Merfandol
    Nickname: "Shipbane"
    Position: Admiral
    Devil Fruit: N/a
    Haki: Armaments, Observation, Conquerors


    Admiral Joshine 0gwwmSX

    Joshine Was Born and raised on Fishman Island, She was renown for her monstrous strength despite not being a male of their species. Even as a child she could be found upholding 'justice' among the other children. Which usually just amounted to her beating them up for anything they did that she didn't agree with. While the adults would try to curb this type of Interaction if they happened upon it the other children just seemed to accept it as she was the best fighter they should do what she said. Being a Whale shark merfolk it was unusual how her body turned out because of her being female. Some took it as a sign of Divine providence. Others took it as a sign to outcast her, Either or She didn't care about their opinions because they couldn't possibly beat her up.

    Having this attitude of superiority Soon stopped when she left for the surface however, and Started exploring. She ran into All types of people that were just crazy strong. For example. She ran into a Marine While in her journey, being a civilian. . . for the most part. And not a trouble maker . .  For the most part.They could talk normally, Her name Was Luciana. She was A low ranked officer in the marines and they got to know each other fairly well and then. . Over a rather spirited Debate in a bar one night got into a Serious Fight about who was the best. Luckily Luciana had the foresight to at least Take them out of the bar to a wilderness near by and had one of her subordinates keeping eye out for civilians. They clashed violently Destroying the area.

    Impressed with Joshine and Knowing of her sense of justice as she had mentioned it in one of their talks. She Did the only reasonable thing she knew to benefit her organization, She said "Bitch i bet you can't even Become The same rank as me in the marines" As they both stood there In tatters. And from that moment it was on. Boarding Luciana's ship in the morning she went ahead and tried out for the marines and did boot camp. This was short lived of course when she decided the drill Sergent 'disrespected' her and she blasted him through a door.  However, Liking her Moxy instead of instantly having her arrested he decided she could graduate then. After all that fierce power with no real formal training meant they would have a good fighter on their hands to combat the ever fierce rise of pirates.  The two In tandem Did their best to outdo each other until they reached the rank of admiral.

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    Admiral Joshine Empty Re: Admiral Joshine

    Post by Sen on Sun Sep 30, 2018 9:20 pm

    Added as an NPC. Therefore thread is now closed.

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