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    Drum Island Briefing



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    Drum Island Briefing  Empty Drum Island Briefing

    Post by Dante on Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:29 pm

    Drum Island Summary

    Drum Island is a Winter Island in Paradise. It is the location of the Sakura Kingdom, formerly known as the Drum Kingdom. It was the third island on the Grand Line route famously Taken by the pirate king over 300 years ago or so they say.

    General Info:

    The local kingdom of Drum Island was formerly known as the Drum Kingdom, and was ruled by a royal family for many years. The last one in this lineage was a tyrant who nearly destroyed the very way of life for its inhabitants, during a pirate raid he fled to sea and came back only to be decimated by pirates who didn't agree with his ideals. After this occurrence the Sakura kingdom was born on drum island. Which held Democratic elections from then on, and Joined the world as a

    The kingdom is famous for having some the best doctors in the Grand Line, with most of them forming the Isshi-100.

    Appearance: A large circular island with a few towns most notably from the sea has large Drum shaped mountains which is how it got its name.

    Climate: Winter Island

    Notable NPC(s): Democratically elected President Doruman, Wachakan

    Groups: Isshi-100, The peoples army (Basically every ablebodied person on the island),


    The Sakura Kingdom is located here. It is covered in snow and features a series of drum shaped mountains known as the Drum Rockies. The Drum Castle is located at the summit of the largest of the Drum Rockies, at the very center of the island. The Drum Ropeway functions as a way of travel between the Drum Castle and the rest of the kingdom.

    Bighorn, Cocoa Weed, Gyasta and Robelle are some of the villages that form the Sakura Kingdom.

    Drum Rockies the peak plateau of the highest of the Drum Rockies lies more than a staggering 5000 m over sea level.

    Drum Castle Formerly inhabited by the royal family and their servants, the castle is is said to have been taken over by a witch. On the tallest tower there is a flag with An unknown Jolly Roger on it. Ever since then There has been a flourishing Medical academy at what was once known as Drum Castle, long ago it is said that this very academy took part in increasing the Isshi-20 to Isshi-100 in merely two years.

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