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    Miyamoto, Kouen Empty Miyamoto, Kouen

    Post by Dread on Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:40 am

    Account Name: Dread

    Basic Info

    Name: Kouen Miyamoto
    Nickname: N/A
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Marines
    Rank (0): Seaman
    Achievements: N/A
    Profession: Martial Artist(Primary)
    Position: N/A


    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 68 Kg
    Hair: Gray
    Eyes: Gray
    Clothing/Accessories: Kouen in his casual outfit is usually seen wearing a gray hat with occasionally yellow ear defenders hanging on the top of the hat. The upper body is covered by a black, mundane shirt along with a long gray coat that just barely reaches his knees at the lower body, which the legs themselves covered by blue jeans and his footwear consists of black boots.

    In his marine uniform, his apparel isn't that far off as he wears the navy hat with the words "MARINE" on top and he wears the usual navy uniform which is the buttoned up white shirt along with blue jeans and black boots, easily being assumed as the typical marine soldier with how his features are.

    General Appearance: Kouen is a fairly aged young man with gray hair, a faint stubble, sideburns and earrings. A tattoo of a gecko is shown on his left side of the neck around the back. Kouen is mostly seen with a hat on most of the time but if one were to catch the sight of him without his hat, his hair would simply be either spiky or messy most of the time.

    Miyamoto, Kouen P5_portrait_of_Munehisa_Iwai
    Miyamoto, Kouen Withouthat


    Personality: Bitter, Cold, Brash. These are the main traits that can sum up Kouen easily as most people just consider him closed off from most people, and the few times people actually have interactions with him, he shows himself to be angry and in some missions go overboard in some situations as a way to vent. He isn't incapable of being talked to however and when he shows a genuine interest in a person or situation, he can be a bit more rational and reasonable but if talked with or handled with the wrong way, his personality can light up.

    He tends to also be cynical and straightforward, rarely jumping around the bush when it comes to most situations as he believes in dealing with problems as early as possible before they grow into something bigger. He also tends to be adamant and stubborn about his arguments or ideals.

    Hometown: North Blue, Spider Miles
    History: Born to a criminal duo who were previously partners in crimes who fell in love with each other and tried to give up their life of crime to start a normal life, as they've amassed enough treasure and belongings that would last them for a few years until they would start to live an honest life and hopefully by then, make a more honest living of sorts to support themselves, around this time is also when Kouen was conceived. He was born on Spider Miles but when their parents were able to, they managed to escape the island to end any ties they could to their old criminal life.

    Up to the age of five, he grew up normally in Lyneel with having no hint of his parents past, however the parents were naive in believing that their criminal ties were past as in such a world, it was always possible to make long-term enemies and they eventually found the duo many years later through intensive searching, effectively killing them in-front of the boy's eyes and taking him away.

    The remainder of his childhood was growing up with a criminal gang known as the Shiro that had many influences and authority over pirate crews and smaller gangs alike, they took the boy as a slave for the gang at first and treated him in poor conditions, he begged for food or drinks whenever he was dehydrated or hungry but they always passed him off, he got so desperate at one point that he found a weird-looking fruit in the Shiros possession. He didn't care much for it as he immediately ate it just to be met with physical abuse for his ignorance of eating the fruit, since he ate it when they weren't looking and told him that he ate a Devil Fruit.

    Soon, what he ate started to make the gang give him proper treatment and start to remove what little sense of goodness or kindness in him to be snuffed out as they trained him to be a cold-blooded criminal. The gangs had connections to martial artists alike so they spent the time and effort to properly train him to become one of the lieutenants of the gang, at the age of 16, he grew to be a decent martial artist and with a good amount of control over his Devil Fruit, which later revealed to be the Lunar Rabbit Mythical Fruit.

    He served the gang for a solid three years, doing a mixture of murders, thefts, arson, anything that the gang needed, they could depend on him as an individual fighter to get the job done. What they didn't know is that over the span of the three years of being granted more freedom, he kept remembering the murder of his parents and with each evil deed the man did, his conscience only grew until it snapped, pulling the same attempt that his parents did nineteen years prior, and that's to escape his criminal life.

    To atone for his sins, he turned himself into the marines and offered everything that he knew about the gang for protection, as while he became a capable fighter, he didn't want to meet the same fate of his parents, with the marines making a special deal based on his circumstances. He'd be conscripted into the marines and work his way up, offering his abilities and mindset as a criminal for the greater good in exchange for being around marine personnel at all times, since he'll be one himself.

    He reluctantly agreed to it, relations between him and other marines were iffy at first as it didn't take long for them to somehow find out that he used to be a criminal but over years of doing small-time missions and obeying every order that the marines handed out, he also started to grow his own sense of justice that the marines heavily believed in, believing that he'd atone for what he did as a criminal by serving the marines and to get revenge on the gang that murdered his parents.

    Over the span of four years, he has served the marines diligently and now doesn't regret taking the deal, with no moves advanced on him so far by the gang, as he assumed they took a heavy hit from the information that he snitched about to the marines but he had heard reports that they were laying low, meaning they're still around, with this being a clear motivation for Kouen to get stronger to take them on one day.

    Inventory and Abilities

    Combat: He uses his fists as a brawler in combination with his Devil Fruit, taking advantage of the hardness of jade in conjunction with his brawler techniques.
    Weaponry: N/A
    Items: N/A
    Beli: 350,000
    SD Earned: 30
    Stat Points: 62
    Advancement Points:
    SD Remaining: 2

    1. Used for Stats: 60
    2. Used for Fortune: 0

    • Strength: 15
    • Speed: 15
    • Stamina: 15
    • Accuracy: 15
    • Fortune: 15

    Random Devil Fruit (2 General Traits)
    By selecting the option of receiving a Random Devil Fruit (RDF) the character automatically use up two of their general traits towards the random devil fruit they receive.

    Hardened Fighter (1 General Trait) – Through excessive training in breaking planks, punching rocks, and all those durability-building exercises, the character’s arms, up to their elbows, and their legs, up to their knees, have gained flesh that is as hard as iron, making them much more resistant to physical damage.

    Profession Traits:
    Living Stone (1 Professional Trait) Requires Hardened Fighter
    Through excessive training of their bodies they have gained a great deal of natural durability, these character's entire bodies can stand up to frightening amounts of abuse. As a result, they have gained flesh that is as hard as iron, making them much more resistant to physical damage.

    Devil Fruit wrote:Devil Fruit Name: Usagi Usagi no Mi, Moderu: Lunar Rabbit (Rabbit Rabbit Fruit,  Model: Lunar Rabbit)
    Devil Fruit Type: Mythical Zoan
    Devil Fruit Ability: The user gains the ability to transform into the mythical lunar rabbit, a large rabbit with a body and fur that appears to be made of solid jade. The user is able to undo the effects of gravity on their own bodies at will, becoming weightless, though they still retain their mass and other physical properties. In addition, the user is able to kneed and mangle inanimate objects as if they were made of mochi, allowing them to manipulate solid materials and turn them into a sticky, paste-like substance.
    Power Summary
    - Can become weightless
    - Able to manipulate solids and turn them into sticky paste.


    Regular Technique Points: 24(30)
    Used Regular Technique Points: 6
    Special Technique Points: 0
    Used Special Technique Points: 0

    Usagi Usagi no Mi, Moderu: Lunar Rabbit - Hybrid Form (7) (Zoan Signature)
    Type: Passive
    Range: Self
    Stats: +2 Strength, +2 Stamina, +2 Speed, +1 Accuracy
    Description: By accessing his Zoan Devil Fruit's Hybrid form, the user finds that the muscles along their arms increase, changing into a form that would be optimal for throwing objects. Along with that, their legs and body become slimmer, allowing for more aero-dynamic movement and increasing their overall speed. Following this, the user also gains a change in hair colour, their usual hair turning a jade green, as does their eyes. Their nails also develop into claws, which also feature the jade look. Two small antlers form from their forehead, which act as natural weapons. Completing the transformation, they grow a pair of prehensile rabbit ears along with a tail.
    (Zoan Buff)(Lunar Kneed)(Weightless)

    Usagi Usagi no Mi, Moderu: Lunar Rabbit - Full Form (4, +3 TP) (7)
    Type: Passive
    Range: Self
    Stats: +3 Stamina, +3 Strength, +1 Accuracy
    Description: The consumer of the Usagi Usagi no Mi Model: Lunar Rabbit transforms into an eight inch tall with a body and fur that appear to be made of solid jade. The user gains the passive ability to undo the restraints of gravity and become weightless along with being able to kneed and mangle inanimate objects that the user physically comes into contact with, turning them into sticky, paste-like substances.
    (Zoan Buff)(Lunar Kneed)(Weightless)

    Usagi Usagi no Mi, Moderu: Lunar Rabbit - Lunar Kneed (4, +3 TP)(7)
    Type: Supportive/Defensive
    Range: Melee
    Power: 0
    Stats: -4 Speed
    Description: The user, while in their Hybrid or Full Form can knead together inanimate objects like mochi, turning it into sticky paste and with the right technical thinking can either use it for allies to trap enemies for support, or defensively to delay enemy movements. If an enemy steps on this Lunar Kneed, their speed is decreased by -4 Speed for 3 posts.

    Usagi Usagi no Mi, Moderu: Lunar Rabbit - Weightless (4, Free)
    Type: Supportive
    Range: Self
    Power: 0
    Stats: N/A
    Description: The user, while in their Hybrid or Full Form can turn their bodies weightless at will while maintaining their mass and physical properties.

    Development History

    Event: Rewards For Your Service – 30 SD, 300,000 beli
    Edit Log:
    22/10/18 - Added gains from the "rewards for your service" event, and changed Devil Fruit from Spark Fruit to Lunar Rabbit Fruit. Also made a name change in the history for the devil fruit.

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    The member 'Katakuri' has done the following action : Dices roll

    'RDF' : 27

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    27. Hibana Hibana no Mi (Spark Spark Fruit)
    This devil fruit grants the consumer the ability to set any part of their body ablaze like a match. To do this the user must cause enough friction by striking their body part like a common match. This ability also grants complete immunity to any form of heat.

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    1/2Miyamoto, Kouen KNLBw24

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    looks good
    2/2 dont get deaded

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