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     Inktober Event Empty Inktober Event

    Post by Sen on Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:39 am

    Inktober Event

     Inktober Event ViIAUHY

    Hello, OPNW community. We're finally in the spooky month of October. Since I like this month a lot I'll include a nice set of events for ya'll to participate in.

    Forum Creation Part II

    Island Summaries
    For the first event of Inktober were going to continue with the previous event: Island Summary Topics. As most of you could see. When you click on an island forum some of them don't even have an Island Summary Topic. So as part of this event, I encourage you all to create an island summary for x island that doesn't have any topic. If it is a canon island you are more than welcome to use One Piece Wikia to make your island description much more easier to place in context. Note, not all canon islands have thorough descriptions so get creative and expand on the idea. If the island isn't canon just get creative with it. If you guys need help just look at other island summaries that have already been created as a prime example for instance this one. Like the previous event, I will be using this grading scale (below) to determine your earning amount.

    Grading Scale:
    Low Quality - Vague contribution. Lack of creativity. More detailed information could've been included.  
    Mid Quality - Intermediate contribution. Looks somewhat good in terms of writing and creativity. Contains reference or direct input from One Piece Wikia. With all this said they could be better.
    High Quality - Adept contribution. Well-written and very creative.

    Here is the template for you to copy/paste for the Island Summary Topics:

    [size=24][b](Insert Island Name Here) Summary[/b][/size]

    [b]General Info[/b]: Give a brief description of the island. Wildlife etc etc...


    [b]Appearance[/b]: What is the size of this island or archipelago? What shape does it have? How's the overall view?

    [b]Climate[/b]: What is the climate like?

    [b]Notable NPC(s)[/b]: Who are the notable NPCs of the island, country, or archipelago? Example  King Ruffus: King of Ruffle kingdom, Sion: Notorious bandit of the badlands.

    [b]Groups[/b]: What organizations exist on this island? Be sure you define them. (i.e Revolutionaries: A group of people gathered together to overthrow the World Government per say.)

    [b]Vicinity[/b]: What places exist on the island? Be sure you define them. (i.e Mock Town: A town run by crooks often visited by troublesome pirates and secretly one of the many gateways which mafia from the Underworld make their deals.)

    Note: Island Challenges are up to your own discretion to implement in the summary. It simply makes the island much more fun. Anyway, write away to your heart's content! :Brook:

    Non-Role Playing Characters for OPNW Databook
    I'm sure you guys have taken a glance at our databook here. As you guys can see, it is rather empty we don't have much. Well, basically our aim is to fill it up with NPCs who are going to be part of our OPNW World. In which our Journalist and staff use to orchestrate the events which take place in it. Here are the positions we need NPCs for at the moment.

    In Need Listing:

    • Commander-In-Chief
    • Fleet Admiral (Preferably a male since we have three female admirals)
    • Vice Admirals
    • Shichibukai
    • The Underworld (Crooks)

    Please take in mind that these NPCs are crucial and thus we expect at least a good paragraph with the background of the said NPC. Here is the NPC template below:
    [b]Name[/b]: Name of the NPC
    [b]Nickname[/b]: If they have one. If not but N/A here.
    [b]Position[/b]: Position within their faction.
    [b]Devil Fruit[/b]: What devil fruit do they have? If none simply input N/A here.
    [b]Haki[/b]: What forms of Haki could they use? Place N/A if they can't.
    [b]Information[/b]: Brief information on them. Who are they? What have they done? How did they rise up the ranks?
    Reply with all your submissions on this thread.
    Note: Not all NPCs are going to be approved to be placed on the list. The staff will review them and pick the best ones that fill the slot. All participants will be rewarded however those who got selected will earn that extra umph.

    Make Halloween Memorable

    Give Us A Spook!
    I want you guys to create island summary topic with a strong Halloween theme. It may be huge, small, populated, abandoned, or anything in between. Any cultural approach to the holiday is acceptable. You may make the description as short as you like, but the more detailed you are, the better. Describe the NPC's that reside there as briefly as possible; major NPCs may be afforded a bit more detail. Use the island summary topic template from up above and post your submission for this island here. The winner with the best island summary will be announced on October 31st (Halloween). The island will become a permanent addition to our RP Area.

    In the spirit of the holiday, all Halloween themed storylines be awarded plenty of treats! Meaning some unique items, more SD, and beli. That about sums it up for all the events in Inktober. Let that ink flourish and write away!

    Let Us Be Known!
    As you know our community is small at the moment but were gradually growing in a day by day basis. So, I encourage you all to advertise our forum throughout the web. Look at this topic here to use our advertisement posts. Reply on this thread with the link(s) of the site you advertised us at. Rewards for doing so is strictly based on beli. The more you advertise the merrier.  

    Deadline for all events is on 11/06/18!

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    Post by TOGAtogaTOGA on Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:46 am

    Monopolis Summary

    General Info: A constantly growing island, if you could call it that. Monopolis prides itself on being an urban island, building further and further out with a new layer of concrete and mortar every year the bigger the population gets. On each tier of the island, different levels of economic prosperity can be found, though you may easily find yourself going from the highest tier to the bottom if you do not spend your money right.

    Upon entering the island, one can find the built in infrastructure of a constantly growing populace living in artificial lighting and several mechanical wonders that control the climate. Even within the different layers of the giant island, calling itself one big city, different walls leading in to the center of the island, can be found, where the way of life becomes slightly more comfortable while getting in to the Economic Elevator.

    The island is known for having a host of flora and fauna from several islands across the first half of the Grand Line, using these to make a wide market and different chances for people to work and make products to sell off at exorbitant prices. The people of the island are wary of marines, hoping that there are some good ones out there, fearful of pirates, especially those that have had to end their journey on Monopolis, and entirely reliant on the Kings of Commerce.

    The island is home to roughly ten million people currently. Originally, when the tower was not a thing, Log Poses took three days to get their point for the next island. Now, someone has managed to find a way to disturb the magnetic field of the island and prolong any log pose to take twenty-eight days.

    The most notable part of the island is the hectic culture of economy being a major point for the island. While the Kings of Commerce control the prices of each others' districts, they maintain that no one should ever find the monetary wealth to improve for long. As such, things like a loaf of bread, freshly baked, could sell for ten beli one day. But, three days later, costs as much as three hundred thousand Beli, for one, simple, loaf of bread. Everything is a necessity, no matter the cost.

    Appearance: No one is really sure how big the island is on the inside, its long since been overtaken by the perfect hexagonal monolith of the island's current outer shell. The base of the island is roughly 6,000 square miles, allowing it to stand on top of the small islands buried beneath the concrete surface. The tower itself stands at the very center of the island, and is currently 5,000 square miles from each end of the outer shell of the island. From the tower, several tiers pointing upwards go up higher and higher. The first tier, being 5 thousand square miles, goes up for a mile, before the next tier sticks out from that. The second tier of the island is 4 thousand square miles, going up for one more mile. The third mile high tier stretches for three thousand square miles. The second highest rests another mile high and at two thousand square miles. The highest and most prestigious mile high tier of the island is only one thousand square miles.

    Climate: Half of the year is high wave storms while the other half is calm and placid waters. Inside of the island's exterior the weather is artificial, with different sectors being given different climates based on the effort they put in for the island's economy.

    Notable NPC(s):
    Lily Belle - King of Commerce, Food district. A rather curt and callous woman who would sooner watch those who ask for food for the poor eat poison and give their own meals to the poor than feed them herself.
    Boris Brock- King of Commerce, Security district. A man that believes in the mercenary mindset. Whoever has the most money is in the right, and can afford the services to protect their business, or heavily patrol and search another to put it out of business. He does have some honor though for those that show strength above money.
    Steele Irons - King of Commerce, Building/Port district. Born from a joining of two former rulers of the island, mashing the two forms of economy together, Steele handles oversight of the island's further repairs and construction, while also being the one to oversee the port system and storage of all of the ships that come to stay at the island.
    Xavier Vene - King of Commerce, Pleasure district. A gaunt man with a languid movement, many speculate his lanky appearance is from being the combination of a long-leg and a long-arm in lineage, though he never has revealed with all of the thick suits, robes and kimonos that he wears. He handles the leisure costs of the people, things like casinos, spas, libraries and the like.
    Nikole Staunch - King of Commerce, Banking district. Someone has to handle the money of this place, who better then Nikole, someone who has a majority share in every bank on the island and controls where the money flows. Some believe her to be the head of the five kings, despite their claims that they are all equal to one another and just handling the money as the island needs.

    Marines - the main marine force on the island are in the pocket of the Security District, and self serve themselves a nice post while lending a hand and boosting the bounty of anyone that someone else is happy to pay a bribe to make said bounty for, if only to line the payer's pockets later.

    Kings of Commerce - The five heads of the island who live at the very top of the island communally. They are the ones that hold the majority shares of the islands in their pockets, bidding and taking from another whenever they get the chance. They each run their own specific district of the island, making sure that when one business sector is doing too well financially, to lower their prices to get more business for themselves. The whole island is like a game board to them.

    Food District Elites - The personal militia of highly trained soldiers with a rather unconventional fighting style. The Belle family bank rolls them to give them their allegiances and they protect their leader while serving as assassins that specialize in toxins when the time calls for them. Four Head Chefs, twelve Sous Chefs, as they call their ranks. Roughly eighty strong.

    Security District Detail - Run like a militant police force, these are the main enforcers of the island, working to serve whoever will pay them the most. There is often in fighting with their five hundred thousand strong police force, due to conflict of interests of people paying them to protect one business, while another unit is paid to heavily police and keep it from getting business. They are lead by seven elite enforcers that call themselves The Virtues.

    Building/Port District Workers - At roughly ten percent of the island's population, these people work and defend themselves from roving pirates looking to steal from them to try and save up money to get off the island, they are also trained to keep people from getting away without paying. There are no special forces within this force, but you would be hard pressed to find one among them that would allow themselves to be beaten by a single blow.

    Pleasure District Furies - Every head of a casino, spa, library, hospital, what have you, totaling 300, is trained to defend their place, to keep it from being ransacked from ne'er-do-wells or other enforcers from another Commerce District, in order to keep their income safe.

    Banking District Loansharks - A rather menacing name for people that specialize in no forms of combat, but are more than happy to take some extra money from their pockets and throw it to the crowd with a promise of bonuses for anyone that gets rid of anyone that disturbs them. One hundred Loansharks stalk the island in green suits.

    Port Points - The six angles of the island allow anyone to dock in to them, with canals that lead up to closed off cubbies that hold one ship each. A four level system that allows the ship to be safely stored while the occupants of the ship are taken further in to the island and given the chance to enter in tot he island while their log pose gets the magnetic point for the next island.
    Fifth Tier - The first major tier of the island, with no discernible towns or villages, just one giant series of ten rings that get smaller the closer to the center of the island you get. This tier is known to be the slums on the first eight outer rings, with the other two being lower working class. This tier is home to most of the processing and construction plants. Six banks can be found here, but only as close tot he Economic Elevator as possible.
    Fourth Tier - Farms, delivery services, low class libraries and the first few hospitals can be found anywhere in these eight hexagonal rings. Blue collar workers mostly work here, with six banks here as well, but closer to a quarter of the way out from the Economic Elevator.
    Third Tier - Here you can find the middle class, they travel anywhere from the second to fifth tier to the second tier for their work. Casinos can be found here, challenging anyone to try their luck and win big, or lose it all. Other large businesses such as grocery chains and leisure enjoyments such as spas can be found here.
    Second Tier - The upper class, these people rarely ever go below to the Third Tier, let alone anywhere lower. They enjoy their lives of owning parts of the other businesses below and constantly taking in money to constantly improve their lives of luxury, though, several casinos are on this tier, tempting dozens to waste their fortune on the chance to ever get to the first tier, though no one has been able to yet.
    First Tier - The smallest populated tier out of all, and the smallest in size. Large houses and mansions can be found here, with the better ones being built higher and away from the Economic Elevator. The Kings of Commerce live up here. These people do not work at all. Family, friends, and friends of family can be found here related to the Kings of Commerce. They let everyone believe that they have the chance to make it up to this Tier, no one has ever made it to the highest level of Economic Worth.
    Economic Elevator - Only those approved for work may use these unless someone has a proof of improvement. There are dozens of elevators that run up and down every hour of the day on each tier. There are also express elevators for anyone that does not want to go to a lower tier, only to be 'escorted' by the authorities. Hijacking or using these without permission is a punishable offense by tacking on a multiplier to all of your costs.

    Island challenges:
    Dine and Ditch - Are you brave enough to last here and make your way off of the island without paying for it? Give it a try, see how many of the people cheer for you. Sure, they might have hope that you could make it, but, when a large number of the island would be out to keep you from escaping, you would be branded a criminal by the marines on your way out if you weren't already! be ready for a hard fight!

    Stock Crash - Do you want to set some things right with the island? Maybe you want to kill one of the Kings. Maybe you want to overthrow the entire system and Robin Hood the whole island, good luck. This one will turn an entire island against you at first, with many people not knowing what to do, and the gap left by any of the Kings will surely be filled with a family member within two months! Still, you're welcome to upset the economy of the island long enough that the shock could get you a quick escape.

    Pocket Liner - Tempted to be a corrupt marine? Wanting to swindle the money out of a hard worker's chance at a loaf of bread? Manipulate the island your own way and don't get caught. Surely, a Loanshark would catch on to you, and report you to every authority that they can. Earn those Beli fast and legally buy your way off of the island.

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    Post by CondorKing on Tue Oct 30, 2018 8:38 am

    North Blue:
    Notice Summary:
    Notice Summary

    General Info:Notice is an island known for its stability above all other things. Many new families from the Grand Line will flock towards the North Blue in hopes of finding a more peaceful life. Three cities live in harmony with one another, spread out over the wide, plain land mass. To those well versed in the island's history however, it's clear their solace is a flimsy facade.

    Appearance: Notice is a very large island composed mostly of flatlands, but punctuated by a few grassy hills. Though considered a single island, it's actually bisected by a saltwater river running through it.

    Climate: Generally much warmer than most islands in the same vicinity, Notice's pleasant climate is one of its famous calling cards. It follows the typical seasonal patterns in moderation. Its lack of harsh weather has become something of an anomaly for meteorologists.

    Notable NPC(s): Mayor of Scale Town: Wednesday Sticker. The most successful fisherman in Scale Town is given the opportunity to become mayor, and Wednesday has held her title for nearly four years. She runs the smallest city, centered around the middle of the saltwater river, but doesn't have much of a mind for policy.

    Mayor of Patternalia: Raymond Diggs. Named for its booming textile industry, Raymond's campaigns have kept him in Patternalia's office for well over twenty years. He drives much of the island's economic might, and has a bit of a superiority complex compared to his fellow mayors.

    Mayor of Streamside: Patrick Mason. A family man who runs the coastal city of the island. He's been the democratically elected mayor for a few years, and is married to the Marine Captain of the island. He can be very belligerent and ruthless, which is apt, considering his city houses the islands's prison.

    The Gardener; Alistair Cross. Captain of the 122nd Marine Branch. Husband to Mayor Mason, he's probably a bit stronger than the average Blues Captain, but requested the posting for the sake of his son and spouse. He's an incredibly pleasant man, and is the most well-liked figure on Notice.

    Dorothy "Gumball" McQueen: Leader of the Toybox Gang. She has a passion for street art, and much of her gang's complicated graffiti pieces are actually kept by townspeople, because they think the pieces carry so much character, much to Dorothy's chagrin.

    Austin Strand: Librarian housed in Patternalia. He's very reserved and well educated, but certain conspiracies retain that he's the leader of the revolutionary sect, The Whitecaps.

    Groups: 122nd Marine Branch: "The Sunflowers" are a lackadaisical bunch of marines that are largely decentralized from the headquarters on Notice. The marines are known to protect the smiles on their citizens' faces even in times of deep crisis.

    Fisherman Guild: Based in Scale Town, the guild is famous for its unorthodox fishing tactics. Instead of using tools, fisherman are expected to dive into the saltwater and wrestle their catch out of the river and onto dry land. Every other week, there is a competition to see who can pull the greatest catch in a single day.

    Toybox Gang: A long-standing criminal element runs a slum hidden away on the island. The group is mostly made up of angsty teenagers and bored young adults. Their criminal activities mostly consist of graffiti. They're not considered very dangerous, and when caught are normally just given a slap on the wrist.

    Whitecaps: Many consider this band of revolutionaries to be a myth. However, the group is very real and consists of clandestine members from across the island. Their ultimate goal is to convert the entire island into a revolutionary party that ousts the 'overbearing' presence of the World Government on their island.

    Vicinity: Scale Town: A festival city and the least populated of the three. However, its sprawling size makes it perfect to house the regular fishing tournaments, which attract hungry visitors from across the island. Its situated on the center of the island, encompassing both sides of the river. Wooden bridges connect both sides of the town, and are the perfect place for fishermen to jump from.

    Patternalia: The economic powerhouse of Notice. Its textile industry and fashion designing is the envy of the West Blue, and their exports make the town somewhat famous. Patternalia is situated around a large hill, with buildings clinging to the side and built up from the foot of the point.

    Streamside: Housing both the 122nd Marine Branch and the Lighthouse Prison, Streamside is a bit less festive than its counterparts. The Lighthouse Prison is hardly filled, as any serious criminals are picked up by greater marine elements and taken to more serious prisons. Marines can often be found helping out around the town, and hardly ever carry weapons, instead are more likely to be repairing houses and spending time with citizens. This town houses the only official docks on the island, and each entry is greeted by a small squadron of marines.

    Toybox Slums: Hidden away from the three cities, the slums are a series of tents and loose wooden structures in which children can spend time with one another. They're often left food and building materials by marines to ensure no one is actually going hungry. A derelict baseball field stands not too far from the encampment.

    Leather Bound Library: A large stone structure in Patternalia and considered the greatest library on the island. Secretly, its basement is the meeting place for the senior members of the Whitecaps.
    Path I:
    Karakuri Summary:

    Karakuri Island Summary

    General Info: Karakuri Island is a Winter island most famous for housing the Future Land Baldimore and having been the birthplace for many famous scientists. Over the past few decades, it has existed as a mecca for scientists of any field to make a visit before starting their career. However, this dangerous advancement showed signs of disaster recently.

    A robotics designer haphazardly constructed a series of cyborgs meant to replace the natural wildlife of the island, and he succeeded to an extent no one could have predicted. The World Government has now surrounded the island and forbidden any and all egress until the cyborgs can be stopped, though they don't seem to concerned with actually fixing the problem.

    The Future Land of Baldimore had done away with all of their technology, instead resorting to simple weapons and tools in an effort to exterminate the cyborg pest and free their island from its terror. Until they're successfully, the people starve as their natural resources are strangled by the robots and the cold, making for an unbearable period in their lifestyle.

    Appearance: Karakuri Island is a land perpetually blanketed in snow and sleet. Its silhouette is punctuated by a large, frozen structure and a series of hills. Despite its great scientific advancement, the island is relatively small, with a single large metropolis making up the Future Land of Baldimore.

    Climate: Karakuri is an especially harsh Winter Island. Newcomers must come prepared, or face the very deadly reality of the impending chill.

    Notable NPC(s): President Faustine Fabier: Faustine's scientific policies have been largely blamed for the current problems on Kara. In an effort to attract tourists to the island, she permitted radical scientific testing that resulted in the cyborg epidemic. Despite this, she's still begrudgingly treated as the country's leader.

    Ivo Root: The scientist whose experiments caused the cyborg epidemic has gone incognito, but it's believed he hides within the confines of Baldimore somewhere. He's an eccentric and clumsy scientist that rightfully fears persecution for his mistakes.

    Leon Barracka: The Marine captain in charge of the quarantine around Karakuri. He personally mans one of the two ships which encircle Karakuri. They're technically permitted to allow people to enter into the island, but anything trying to leave is to be blown to smithereens on his command, and he won't hesitate.

    Groups: 212th Marine Branch: The marines assigned to halt any attempted exit from the island of Karakuri. Many of them feel conflicted about trapping people on the island, but until they receive orders to take other action, they're stuck just keeping watch.

    Science Guild: Normally revered and well respected, scientists in general don't have the greatest reputation, considering it was one of their own that has led to this calamity. For the most part, they wish to use their technology to help fix the problem, but such suggestions have been shot down at every turn by the President.

    Cyborgs: Not necessarily a cohesive unit, the cyborgs roaming the wilds of Karakuri are ruthless, and will attack anything completely organic that they find. Once incapacitated, they will drag their target to the Automatic Cybernetic Improver (A.C.I.) thus adding them to their rank. Their goal is to improve the island by turning everything into an emotionless cyborg. Their membership includes a wide range of beasts, like wolves, hawks, rabbits, bears, polar gorillas, humans and everything in between.

    Baldimore Volunteer Defense Force: The BVDF is a hastily constructed group of men and women who wield simple weaponry in an effort to stave off the cyborgs at the gates of their city. In the past, defense was handled by high-tech weapons, but now it consists of these untrained individuals under the leadership of the President.

    Vicinity: Future Land Baldimore: A small country made up of a single sprawling city. Much of the architecture is futuristic in design, but has become derelict because of repeated strikes by roaming squadrons of cyborgs. The country holds a couple thousand people, every one of them trapped. Because of the cyborg epidemic, it has become more like a military stronghold than a country, with slapdash walls surrounding its borders, rationed food and rotating guard duties.

    Vegapunk's Lab: Since being completely ransacked for every spare part and unfinished design, the half frozen laboratory has become a shrine for visiting scientists that wish to pay their respects. From the outside, it seems to have been completely pilfered.

    Root's Lab: Housed on the opposite side of the island and in one of its coldest districts, this is where the planning and construction of the A.C.I. took place, and is thus where the cyborgs take their captured prey to be 'improved' by forcing cybernetics upon them. It's heavily fortified by patrols of cyborgs.

    Pincushion Peak: The large frozen tower on Karakuri is its tallest point, also being its coldest. It's a difficult to feat to climb to its peak, but halfway up, there is a delicate ice bridge directly towards the tallest natural peak of the island. At the foot of the tower is Baldimore, and close by the foot of the other mountain is the sector in which many labs are housed.

    Hannabal Summary:
    Hannabal Summary

    General Info: Hannabal is an outwardly pleasant island with a dark underbelly and a central geographic point of interest. Its economy mostly centers around tourism with many hotels and restaurants built to serve any wealthy travelers. Mount Odinson is the island's biggest attraction, featuring an anomalous series of rivers flowing from the town down into a waterfall off the island.

    Appearance: From one side of Hannabal, the island appears to be a sheer cliff face with mammoth waterfall pouring seawater into the Grand Line. On its other side is a glittering city in the basin of the island. On either side of the city are natural partitions of stone, separating the city from the rivers leading up towards the island's waterfall.

    A nest of buildings dot the landscape of Hannabal, each one of many small lights illuminating the civilized side of the island. At the base of of the city is a wide and welcoming port often with docks welcoming large ferries of tourists and travelers. On the outside of the stone partitions are the Underworld docks, which are far more welcome to any criminal elements looking to make a visit, at a much higher price of course.

    The size of the island is relatively small, and mostly enclosed by stone branching off of the mountain at the city's back. On the country is the City-State of Crowstoff, which encompasses the entire island, though is largely centered around the urban area at its center.

    Climate: Hannabal is an Autumn island, complete with a sweet-smelling breeze. On days of high wind, the gale force can pick up the river's waters and sprinkle the town in a saltwater rain.

    Notable NPC(s): Mask Five: Something of a mascot for the town, a small black oval with five white spots is often featured on souvenirs and goods made on the island. His insignia symbolizes legitimate events and celebrations within the town. Playfully, he's referred to as the mayor of the town, and he often welcomes high rollers at the docks.

    Mask Four: Known as Mask Five's little brother. The mark of four white spots against a black oval symbolizes less legitimate events. His presence is one of a troublemaker. He also emcees the Dead End Race as well as the Dead End Clash.

    Blues Suavegoat: Chief Peacekeeper on Hannabal. He and the other peacekeepers maintain the separation between #4 and #5 events, keeping both worlds separate, while also locking up any criminals who don't know how to keep themselves hidden. In actuality, he and his enforcers are Underworld elements.

    Flex Facer: Notoriously known as the fastest captain on Hannabal. He's an overly arrogant man who's won the Dead End Race four times and has never failed to finish. He's also an experienced shipwright, who will work on boats for a great deal of money in the off season.

    Priscilla Suit: The strongest fighter on Hannabal. She has won the Dead End Clash twice in a row. When residents on the island prove to be too much trouble for Blues and his Peacekeepers, she gladly steps in to keep her island quiet.

    Gang Hsu: An older, charismatic businessman who owns a great deal of hotels and restaurants on the island. His connections with the Underworld elements on the island also give him a very detailed information network. Criminals entering into his island will often be recruited into his Underworld 'Dead End' games or be asked to do favors for him.

    Groups: Gang Corporation: A shady corporation known for its predatory loans and its glitzy front. Their hotels and casinos make a tidy profit off Crowstoff's healthy tourism business. They're also known to be able to attract a wide variety of entertainers for their various venues across the island.

    Peacekeepers: Underworld operators under the direction of Blues. Their primary function is to maintain the peaceful facade of the island by keeping separate its light and darkness, while dealing with any criminal forces that reveal themselves too obviously to the general populace.

    Dead Enders: Athletic competitors that have devoted themselves entirely to the Dead End competitions of the island, whether that be the Race or the fighting tournament, the Clash. Not really a cohesive unit, they often run in the same circles, training in preparation for their respective competitions.

    Vicinity: City-State of Crowstoff: A small country that encompasses the entirety of Hannabal. The country is an official oligarchy that is run by the island's most successful business people, with Gang Hsu at the top of that hierarchy.

    Corner Cutters: A native favorite bar, which features a Battle of the Bands nearly every night. When judgments are made closely, the 'Battle' part becomes very literal, as fights break out so often that Peacekeepers have stopped keeping tabs on the location. It's one of the only places free from them and the Gang Corporation.

    Mt. Odinson: The geographic feature which makes Hannabal so outstanding. The tall mountain takes up about half of the island, with rivers that flow towards its peak and conclude in a waterfall out of its back. It's also the setting for the start of the Dead End Race. The Dead End Clash is also held here, with the competition being a king of the hill style fight.

    Spectacle Suites: The most glamorous hotel on Hannabal. In it, the bi-annual registrations for the Dead End events are taken. Its penthouse suite is also perpetually occupied by Gang Hsu and whoever is spending the evening with him.

    Du Hasst Summary:

    Du Hasst Summary

    General Info: Du Hasst is, from the outside, a terrifying island with a menacing feel emanating towards anybody that approaches. It's ringed by rounded hills and dense trees, with only one small port stretching out, occupied by a few small fishing vessels. Its an island with limited outside communication and a strange internal mystery.

    Appearance: Du Hasst is shaped somewhat like a kidney bean, surrounded by a natural barrier of dense trees and grassy hills. It's not very large, and is dotted by a pair of large villages. The dense trees don't extend very far inland, but there are spots of thin forest in which wild animals roam. One such patch of forest stands between the two cities, separating them.

    Its two cities are both very simple, sporting wooden buildings, and nothing much taller than three stories high. Most of the settlements are houses or small businesses, and there is much trade and communication between the towns.

    Climate: Du Hasst is a Spring Island, and it very much looks the part. Wildflowers paint the grasslands and line the dusty roads. Horses are free to graze the land. Small birds and mammals seem to always be living in harmony.

    Notable NPC(s): Madhukar Kaur: A game designer that was born on Du Hasst, but has traveled much of Paradise selling his board games and card games. In his old age, he's returned to Du Hasst to give them his magnum opus, the collectible card game "Tide Spells."

    Wuzhou Song: Democratically elected mayor of Rook Town. Wuzhou is a very serious and economically minded man with a competitive side. He, like just about everyone on the island plays Tide Spells. His deck is a control-type that forces its opponent to waste their spell cards.

    Mateus D'Cruz: Democratically elected mayor of Bishop Town. Mateus is a physically hard working man who loves tending to his farm alongside his family. His deck is an aggressive type meant to summon high-powered monsters early in the game by sacrificing other cards.

    Zhenzhen Zhora: Owner of the only card shop on the island, "Triple Z" she imports the goods to make the cards from other islands. She's willing to give a random starter deck to anyone who's never played the game before. Her deck is beatdown type, meant to defend and wear down an opponent's resources.

    Eason Church: The lone military presence on the island. He defends the city with a pair of hatchets and surprisingly capable fighting skill. He also enforces all agreements made on the island. His deck is a zone-type that undermines opponent forces and empowers his own monster cards.

    Groups: Bishop Town Card Cabal: The group of the five finest duelists in Bishop Town. Spots on the squad are highly coveted, and the five members are widely respected. Among them is Mateus, Zhenzhen and Eason. They regularly field matches from those looking to be on the team. Once every week, they also duel Rook Town's representatives once every week for possession of the Apex Cup.

    Rook Town Duelist Den: The group of five duelists that represent Rook Town. Wuzhou and Madhukar are both members of the group. Like Bishop Town, the spots are very competitive. The Apex Cup regularly switches possession between the two, and no town has ever held it for more than a month at a time.

    The Fairy Clan: A party of dwarf refugees that have hidden on the island. Their presence is a myth, but they do in fact hide among the trees and nature of the town, seeking safety from the World Government for having escaped the possession of a Celestial Dragon. They're quite combat proficient, but the only people to have seen them are Eason and some adventurous children.

    Vicinity: Pastelaria: The state made up of two cities. The only law in Pastelaria is that one's word is their bond, and all agreements are final. This includes tacit agreements, often when entering stores or restaurants mentioning the terms of agreement for someone being present in that business, outlining its rules. It also has no formal military, save for its position of "The Sentry," a lone guardian meant to enforce agreements and defend the state's sovereignty. Currently, Eason Church holds that position.

    Rook Town: One of the two towns that make up the small State of Pastelaria. Most of the island's fishermen live in Rook Town and travel for their catch regularly. Every two years, the town elects their mayor. It only sports a thousand or so people, with a few small businesses.

    Bishop Town: The other of the two towns that make up the small State of Pastelaria. Most of its economy is made up of large plantations made up of textiles and produce. It also holds the island's only inn. Its population is nearly twice that of Rook Town's, but effectively isn't much different.

    Triple Z: The only card shop on the island. The store is on the outskirts of Bishop Town and often sports small tournaments. Within the store is also an island-wide ranking system, placing players into different tiers that range from Minnow, Dolphin, Shark, Whale, Sea King, to Town Representative. One's tier can make for some level of status within the island. While it's not the only place to play matches or to hold tournaments, it is the most popular, and is the only place one's rank can be changed.

    The Church: Eason's family dojo. Because it's one of the only places that houses a variety of dangerous weapons, it's kept away from the two towns, though is technically a part of Bishop Town. There Eason practices his skills, and its nearby that he discovered the Fairy Clan. Some children will also visit to marvel at the cool weapons and play each other in cards or convince Eason to let them practice fighting with him.

    Borntubewa Archipelago Summary:
    Borntubewa Archipelago Summary

    General Info: Borntubewa is an archipelago made of five small islands shaped in a long wall that runs perpendicular to the Grand Line. Each small island juts out against the ocean and is lifted higher than most other coast lines. The largest of these land masses is the only one with an official port, housed in caverns that run underneath that island.

    Appearance: The archipelago is an uneven line of spotted islands, with each one's surface high above the sea. The average distance between the five islands is three hundred meters, and cobblestone and steel bridges have been constructed to connect one island to its neighbors, of which there are two sets. On the ground level, there are bridges connecting the islands, but high above that, there are bridges connecting the tops of each building.

    All of the islands are rather small, large enough to hold a single massive building and not much else. Those buildings all share a similar style of architecture, being very vertically minded and constructed with red brick and mortar. Under the biggest of the five islands, and coincidentally, its center, there is a cavern illuminated by torches in which a number of transport ships are docked.

    Despite its small size, the Borntubewa Archipelago is very busy, and holds more than ten thousand people, most of which are students. Indeed, the layout and interiors of each building very much resemble a university.

    Climate: Borntubewa is a Summer Archipelago, with even the evenings being very humid and warm. As the archipelago is so geographically tight, the five islands end up sharing much of the weather.

    Notable NPC(s): Dean Diana Free: A practiced meteorologist and cartographer who was invited to run Cerulean Belt University. In his days, his exploration was capable of concretely mapping out some of Paradise, but he's since given up on that ambition and is content ushering forth a new generation of seafaring scholars.

    Meteorology Department Chair, Riviera Manos: A Skypiean native who was, at one time, considered to be the terror of the White Sea. His Sky Combat experience continues to make him a formidable fighter at sea level.

    Cartography Department Chair, Marienala Trout: A woman whose cartography skills are second only to that of the Dean, and their competition is tested just about every day. She was the captain of an exploratory vessel, and still is an accomplished swordswoman, who became a teacher after a harrowing encounter with a shichibukai.

    World History Department Chair, Spruce Dodger: The youngest member of the Department Chairs, Spruce is arrogant and preachy, often citing examples from history to get his point across. He was an Underworld Information Broker before the former man in his position convinced him to join the university's faculty.

    Naval Engineering Department Chair, Claus Hardy: Claus has traveled with several pirate crews as their shipwright, and even when their ship and he survived, his crews have been obliterated twice and defeated several times over. He now tries to turn his luck around at the University.

    Pamphara Sila: Student Body President of Cerulean Belt University. She's nearly completed with her studies, having dedicated her life to learning about World History and Cartography. Pamphara is also part of the Welcoming Committee and often leads visitors around the campus.

    Nicombero Suji: President of the Double Alpha Fraternity, a student organization dedicated to a straight edge life of no partying and bent on becoming marines after their graduation date. Nicombero is an overly serious person who looks down on the rampant moral degradation of the rest of the campus. He also has a direct line to Marine Base G-3, for whenever serious criminals arrive on the island.

    Araceli Holgun: Chief of campus police and general groundskeeper. Her job is to prevent students from breaking rules and eject visitors that would do harm to the island. However, she usually enjoys the partying a bit too much to do either job seriously.

    Groups: Cerulean Belt University Student Body: During their long days, the population of over ten thousand students diligently studies in the various fields made available to them. During the evenings, however, every building and inch of land on the island is converted into partying territory, with students usually wearing simple masks so they can't be readily identified, though it's more for fun than more protection.

    Students at the university attend from all over the world in order to advance a variety of careers, all of which are readily accepted by the university. If one wants to be a pirate, a marine, an explorer or a teacher themselves, the university will gladly educate and house them for the cost of tuition. Some of the students will even try to join the pirate crews and marine ships that arrive at the archipelago.

    Double Alpha Fraternity: The all-male student body organization with well over two hundred members to its name. Each member takes a vow not to party or stray from their diligent path on becoming a hardened marine. When pirates arrive on the island, they will sometimes try to organize and attack while they call on marines to help.

    Campus Police Force: A fairly weak collection of adults and student volunteers that enforce the laws around campus. Most of them simply took the job so they could join in on the partying.

    Cerulean Belt University Faculty: The teachers at this college are esteemed and accomplished individuals in four primary fields, Meteorology, Cartography, World History and Naval Engineering. Some of the faculty even consists of former pirates and Underworld members. The Department Chairs of these colleges are the true defenders of the archipelago and are each powerful fighters.

    Vicinity: Cavern Port: The underground port underneath the central island. The ships underneath are used for educational excursions.

    Cerulean Administration Building: The tallest building on the archipelago, it houses many of the students as well as the Dean's office. The other four buildings each house classrooms and lecture halls focused on the four areas of study.

    Banaro Island Summary:
    Banaro Island Summary

    General Info: Banaro Island was the site of a historic pirate duel mostly lost to the annals of history. Since then it has become a wasteland that has housed several failed states over the course of two and a half centuries. No entity has officially laid claim to the space due to an "air of betrayal" that stinks the entire island.

    Appearance: Banaro Island is a moderately sized, mostly level island with pillars of gray rock buried randomly in the dirt and weeds. There are no official ports or docks on the island, but it's not uncommon to find a few unsavory ships parked there all the same. There are no outstanding natural features that can be seen from a distance, but a couple of buildings spot the geography.

    Climate: Banaro Island is a harsh Summer island. The muggy weather makes for an unpleasant smell perpetually clouding it.

    Notable NPC(s): Panel Lemire: A talkative young bartender who owns the "Stink Pile." He is one of the few permanent fixtures of the island. For the right price, he's got a wealth of information he can sell. Panel is secretly an underworld information broker and WEJ photographer who goes by the codename "Skunk." If you visit him, your whereabouts will soon become underground knowledge.

    Nihkila Nessa: A bounty hunter who calls Banaro her solitary home. While she treats Banaro as a resting place, her unremarkable crew will patrol the island and warn her of any criminal elements that approach. She also claims to be a descendant of former residents of the island, and knows it very well.

    Connie Strut: An entrepreneurial woman looking to start a state on the island of Banaro and break the three century curse. Already, she has a small community of a hundred or so houses constructed on one side of the island. She's a very upbeat and ambitious person, looking to invite anybody to join her burgeoning country and grant them asylum.

    Timoteo Onochs: "Tim" is a traveling historian that has joined with the state of Strutagonia. He hopes to discover what conflict cursed the island so many years ago and incessantly wanders the island to that end. He hopes to fill in the blank slots in his exceedingly popular history books. His personal fortune also makes him a large investor in Connie's country.

    Click Onochs: Timoteo's younger brother. Click is a comic artist whose comedic strip, "Unlucky News Coo," has become wildly popular, and is regularly featured in the WEJ. His submissions are sent through Panel, whom he knows as an Underworld member. Though less successful than his brother, Click is a very popular figure in Strutagonia.

    Groups: Tin Star Guild: A group of bounty hunters led by Nihkila Nessa. They're not very well known, but are very loyal to their Captain Nessa. Most of the guild are trained marksmen, including Nihkila herself.

    Strutagonians: The new citizens of Strutagonia. Many of the people are eccentric investors or particularly adventurous families. As a result, their primary means of defense lays in a militia led by Connie Strut. They hail from all across the Blues and Paradise, and are generally excited about the chance to break the three century curse of "Betrayal" on the island.

    Vicinity: Strutagonia: A burgeoning country that has yet to be officially recognized by the World Government. Their population is only that of a few thousand, but many of the people possess an adventurous spirit. The town is adorned by tens of thousands of flowers, all meant to fight against the stink of the island. Just a year into their presence, already rumors about the curse of "Betrayal" have begun to circulate, and some people are violently turning against each other. Unfortunately, Connie Strut doesn't seem to be a leader equipped to properly quell such a rumor.

    Dead Zone: A mysterious spot on the island where nothing natural can grow. The stink of the island is strongest there. Nihkila often spends her free time there. While there was once a town centered there, nothing has been built near it for reasons no one can quite explain.

    Stink Pile: A small saloon stuck like a sore thumb on the flat plains of the island which isn't affiliated with Strutagonia. Its most common customers are visiting criminals and members of the Tin Star Guild. Miniature Den-Den Mushis take pictures of all who enter into the bar, while surreptitious audio Mushis record conversations from most spots inside the saloon.

    Marine Base G-3 Summary:
    Marine Base G-3 Summary

    General Info: G-3 was built around a naturally small island and is constructed like a network of domed towers, some of which are lighthouses and turrets. Twin battleships patrol the surrounding waters. It is sometimes referred to as "Guess Three" as one of the base's primary functions is doling out bounties and epithets for new criminals.

    Appearance: G-3 is naturally a quite small island, but all of the artificial construction built around it has expanded its reach and size. Some trees and natural flora outlines these buildings and their paths, but very few animals still reside on the island. Three main towers rise above the lower buildings.

    Climate: G-3 is built upon an Autumn Island. Wind patterns surrounding the island can sometimes force smaller ships, especially those without a motor to pass near head towards the island.

    Notable NPC(s): Vice Admiral Feng Capp: The young base commander of G-3 is the outwardly playful, but is actually one of the finest marines to have been produced on the Grand Line. He's said to have the best eye for talent at his rank, and can ascertain the threats of others with unnerving accuracy. He's filled his base with untested raw potential he hopes to push into growing stronger.

    Captain Strum Lace: An accomplished swordsman who wields a very uncommon sword with brutish rage. He's much less playful and upbeat than his G-3 contemporaries, and rarely takes his prey alive.

    Captain Anne Marie Collar: At one time, Anne Marie was on track to join the Cipher Pol, until she was plucked from the program by Feng and recruited into his unit. Since then, she's served diligently as a soldier, and is thankful for Feng's actions.

    Captain Jeremiah Heel: The youngest Captain on the base, Jeremiah is quick to make a joke, but his combat abilities are nothing to laugh at. He comes up for many of the names for new pirates in the Blues.

    Groups: 301st Marine Division: The small army of marines that runs G-3. Within the upper ranks of the marines are discussions around assigning bounties and epithets to criminals in the Blues and early stages of Paradise. As such, they often receive challenges from criminals who want to change their epithets or to have their bounties lowered or raised, all of which are soundly trounced by the young, playful party of law enforcers.

    The Trident: The three notable captains of the island that make up Feng Capp's closest advisers. Each of the marines are on meteoric tracks towards higher ranks. Most bases are occupied by marines of much higher ranks, but the sheer power of the Trident has proved such deployment unnecessary.

    Vicinity: Lighthouse Tower: One of the tallest towers on G-3, responsible for spotting incoming ships that the natural winds may be pushing towards the marine base. Near its top are a few large scale cannons. Jeremiah Heel is in charge of this Tower.

    Cell Tower: Captured criminals delivered by bounty hunters, by G-3 deployments, or captured invaders are held in this prison tower. Routinely, the tower is emptied by ships from Impel Down picking up new prisoners. Strum Lace is in charge of this Tower.

    Barracks Tower: Small bedrooms for the majority of the marines are built into the interior of this tower. At its peak is an aviary and a Den-Den Mushi station, where outgoing and incoming communications are managed. Anne Marie Collar is in charge of this Tower.

    Path II:
    Cactus Island Summary:
    Cactus Island Summary

    General Info: Cactus Island is best known for its unorthodox, bulbous mountain ranges. At one time, these were covered in headstones, giving the mountains the appearance of large cacti, but since its industrialization, the island has gotten rid of such markers.

    Appearance: Cactus Island is a relatively small island in the shape of a long oval. Its prominent feature are the bulbous mountains adorning its geography. There is a large port on one end of the island, often stuffed with great gray ships. Much of the terrain is like that of a desert, dotted with succulents and rare pools of fresh water.

    Climate: Cactus Island is a moderate Summer island. There's only a small window out of the year in which it may actually rain, requiring that its inhabitants import some fresh water.

    Notable NPC(s): Shin Sei: The owner of the Copper Cracker mine. He's been acknowledge by the World Government as the owner of the island, and thus is in charge of all its goings on.

    Alyssa Kord: Former bounty hunter turned miner. Alyssa, like many other residents of the island was a rookie bounty hunter that became roped into mining as a result of Shin Sei's domineering control. She was once in charge of the Iron Beetle Guild of bounty hunters. Though she was once a wild fighter, her spirit has been shattered.

    Guy Graysill: Former first mate and navigator of the Red Bat Pirates. His captain was killed in an attempted revolution against the marines. Since then, he's worked hard to keep the remnants of his crew safe. Compared to his former captain, Guy is overly cautious and timid.

    Lieutenant Ben Jefferson: A gruff marine presence meant to be the extension of Shin Sei's will. He's in charge of the day to day affairs of the mine, and for securing any assets discovered. He's mostly apathetic towards the miners, whom he simply views as unlucky victims of fate.

    Lieutenant George Adams: An eccentric marine with a great love of his position. He greatly enjoys the position of power he's been given both within the marines and on Cactus Island.

    Cassadonia Libra: A former musician who maintains resistance against the Copper Cracker company. She leads a small band in sabotaging their efforts. They've since given up on freeing the prisoners, as even when they're unchained, the prisoners don't make an attempt to escape.

    Loop Foxx: A dour, yet young, Underworld information broker by the codename "Wire Can." He also writes for the WEJ and has been covering the story of Cactus Island. In return for something he considers valuable, he has the skills to help a small people escape from the island, and often offers this skill towards newcomers.

    Groups: Copper Cracker Company: Run by executive Shin Sei, this company discovered that there are great copper veins inside the bulbous mountains of the island. With permission from the World Government, they established dominion over the island and any who dock at its port.

    Marine 141st Division: This detachment was originally led by a marine captain, but he left after seeing the unsavory job they'd be performing regularly. The unambitious band of law enforcement is now led by a pair of Lieutenants, but they take their orders from Shin Sei.

    The Strangers: A group of people who have escaped servitude for the CCC, and instead of trying to escape they've dedicated themselves wholly to breaking the control that the CCC maintains over its people.

    Vicinity: Dusk Docks: The only official port on the island. It's named as such because landing one's ship there marks the sunset of a ship's adventure, as they'll be swiftly accosted and inducted into servitude.

    Whiskey Peak Encampment: Where this once stood a rousing city are its razed remnants. In its place are efficient and uncomfortable wool tents in which the slaves of the CCC are meant to serve.

    Mine #1: The interlocking mess of tunnels made by the CCC's directive inside just one of the bulbous mountains. It's the primary center of work being done for the copper.

    Nanimonai Island Summary:
    Nanimonai Island Summary

    General Info: Nanimonai is a very small island where very little plant life can actually grow. This is because the island actually began as the fecal matter of a gigantic goldfish. It often goes unnoticed and unknown by even veterans of the Grand Line. Any great heat on the island causes a terrible stink to begin emanating from the island. Luckily, that smell keeps most sea creatures and birds away from the small island.

    Appearance: Nanimonai is shaped in a very smooth oval, with a very dark material making up the island's land mass. It has no large structures or port to speak of.

    Climate: Nanimonai is a Winter Island that is often at the victim of chilly rains and harsh winds, especially in the night.

    Notable NPC(s): Tulip Puffeler: A captain of a fishing boat which was caught up in a waterspout and slammed onto Nanimonai Island. She's quite hopeful about their situation, waiting patiently for somebody to come to the island that will rescue her crew and bring them back to Alabasta.

    Booker Stall: An Underworld loan collector who was traveling towards Cactus Island when his crew staged a mutiny against him. He's secretly carrying a wealth of beli, which he's trying to keep for himself and deliver to the Copper Cracker Company.

    Groups: Crew of the Crawler: About a dozen or so fishermen who survived the shipwreck with Tulip. They all want to return to Alabasta, but have been surviving on Nanimonai as best they can for a number of weeks.

    Coral Spiders: These creatures are large, insectoid arthropods which burrow into the inside of Nanimonai during the day. At night, they reveal themselves, either under the water to catch creatures that swim near, or above the island to try their luck at feasting on the people.

    Vicinity: Remains of the Crawler: The scattered debris of the ship has been scattered around the small island. Some of the tools onboard have been used to help the survivors stay alive until help arrives.

    Sandy Island Summary:
    Sandy Island Summary

    General Info: Sandy Island is a massive landmass with a sprawling history and a rich culture that has become to many different legends. Among the islands in Paradise, it is one of the largest, and houses the Alabasta Kingdom, a civilization that wields political power, especially in Paradise.

    Appearance: Alabasta is an island that closely resembles a large desert, populated by great cities and split by a grand river. The population is almost 15 million people. With the great size of this island, there come a great deal of ports, both legal and covert, as well as tall structures that can be identified even from far off its shore.

    Climate: Alabasta is a harsh Summer island that can become so hot, even its rainfall is treated as something sacred.

    Notable NPC(s): Studiya Nefertari: Queen of the Alabasta Kingdom, the civilization which officially encompasses the entirety of Sandy Island. She can struggle in her position as leader, and doesn't associate much with the outside world after the death of her husband. She usually spends time in either the Tomb of Kings or the Royal Palace.

    Anaconda Nefertari: Late King of the Alabasta Kingdom. Well liked by the people and his family, his rule was respected widely. It's rumored his death came from trying to save a young common boy from an exceptionally dangerous scorpion. His funeral was visited even by rulers from the New World. He's been buried in the Tomb of Kings. He was once known as one of the Four Blades of Alabasta.

    Taipan Nefertari: First prince of the Alabasta Kingdom. While he is of age to take the throne, he abstains from doing so out of sorrow for his father and because of feelings of inadequacy. He is an accomplished archer, and has fought with the Royal Guard on a number of occasions.

    Lala Nefertari: First princess of the Alabasta Kingdom. As she's the younger sibling, she cares less about political matters than him, and will often disguise herself to sneak among the kingdom's people, associating with them and learning about them through surreptitious means.

    Loathing Quarto: Entrepreneur based in Rainbase. Outside of the Royal Family, he is the richest man on Sandy Island, and he's the owner of the historic casino, Rain Dinners. He feels its high time that the royal family concede the throne to people, creating a democracy.

    Fattail Dropp: The captain of the Dune Pirates, the strongest crew of Sand Pirates that sail across the desert to raid towns where the Royal Guard is less prevalent. He vehemently hates the Royal Family for exposing the corruption of his ancestors. Considered one of the Four Blades of Alabasta.

    Salma N'eryere: Captain of the Royal Guard. When princes travels are made known to her, she'll always accompany them. She nurses a secret crush on the first princess, and is often on missions to uncover her whereabouts. Considered one of the Four Blades of Alabasta.

    Zera Petero: A retired Bounty Hunter, who gave up a life of adventuring to instead rule over Erumalu, her hometown. With her wealth and strict leadership, she became the most beloved ruler west of the Sandora River. If the country was to fall into democracy, it's largely rumored she would be elected prime minister, but Zera is impartial on such matters. Considered one of the Four Blades of Alabasta.

    Growzha Pistore: Governor of Yuba City and descendant of the city's founders. He spent several years traveling the country as a pirate before being granted asylum by the Royal Family. As a result, he's a fervent supporter of the monarchical rule. He greatly desires the First Princess' hand in marriage, as well as the newly vacated position among the Four Blades of Alabasta.

    Lysa M'Waru: Governor of Katorea. She is a perfume designer that rose to political power after earning Alabasta a great deal of wealth with her exclusive products. Many famous celebrities and diplomats will visit her personally to buy her product. She's not very well liked among the rest of Alabasta, to some degree because of her strong support for the royal family.

    Takumi Herring: Governor of Ido. A marine who used to be stationed at Alabasta for an extended period and fell in love with a woman of Ido. When he was deployed elsewhere, he dropped out of the marines and became a soldier for Ido, and slowly became its appointed governor. He still keeps afloat of current events and supports the democratic ideals of Loathing.

    Catherine Ring: Governor of Tamarisk. She opens her city's docks to any ship willing to pay enough beli to her personally. The wealth she distributes to the people keeps her well liked. She supports the idea of a democracy, thinking it'll earn her greater power. She also wants to join the Four Blades of Alabasta, and turn the balance of power in the kingdom towards her faction.

    Nyakusa Heller: Governor of Nanohana. He is a very strict ruler that restricts the use of his city's ports to only legitimate travelers. Nyakusa is a supporter of the Royal Family's rule. He very much likes to keep to himself and doesn't interact much with commoners.

    Groups: Alabasta Royal Family: Acknowledged by the World Government as the rightful rulers of Sandy Island. They recently lost their patriarch and have been grieving, but because of weak rule by the Queen, they've lost a lot of good faith from the people and often face small scale revolutions.

    Four Blades of Alabasta: The four greatest warriors of the kingdom, though they don't necessarily have to be swordsmen or supporters of the kingdom. They also represent a power balance within the country. Currently, two members support democratic rule, while one supports the Royal Family, and the fourth has been unfilled. The position isn't official, and is mostly decided by the country's consensus.

    Royal Guard: The small army of elite soldiers which are meant to protect the Royal Family and the capital in equal measures. They're also called upon to deal with internal conflicts, like protecting cities from Sand Pirates and quelling revolutions, meaning they're very busy.

    Dune Pirates: The strongest crew of Sand Pirates in Alabasta. They base their operations out of Tamarisk and often accost any pirates that come through the city. In skirmishes between revolutionary forces and Alabasta, they'll sometimes intervene to fight the Royal Guard.

    The Governors of Alabasta: Each of the governors are appointed by the Royal Family. However, unseating one is impossible without popular support from that city's population. They're currently divided between supporting democracy and monarchy.

    289th Marine Division: A mostly unremarkable band of marines that have been summoned by the Queen to help in dealing with the revolution. Their presence has only further incited rage from the people, who feel they're being silenced by the World Government.

    Vicinity: Alubarna: The capital city of the kingdom. It is heavily patrolled for revolutionary elements, yet retains a great deal of culture and wealth. It's also the largest city on the island, considering both physical size and population.

    Tomb of the Kings: The sacred burial ground which represents the legacy of the Nefertari family, and where its regents have all been laid to rest. Hidden within its labyrinthine design is a Poneglyph chamber, but its unknown what is held there now.

    Royal Palace: The spectacular building from which the royal family rules. Rarely, demonstrations are held against the monarchy, but are swiftly quelled by marines or the royal guard. It's also here where the monthly 'Governor's Ball' is hosted, a large party that's followed by an official summit between the kingdom's governors and its royal family.

    Rainbase: The economic capital of the city, Rainbase is also the unofficial home of the revolution. Its casinos and expensive resorts make it a popular stay for less legitimate visitors to the island, especially Underworld elements.

    Erumala: Also known as the "Green City," the place is one of an oasis within the sprawling Sandora desert. It's naturally protected by valiant bounty hunters seeking the tutelage of the city's governor.

    Yuba City: Though relatively small in population, Yuba possesses many destination stores and specialized artisans that deal in weaponcraft, shipbuilding and other specific traditions. Fighters from across the kingdom have been invited in recent weeks to duel its governor, who seeks to prove he's among the four strongest warriors in Alabasta.

    Katorea: The city that has experienced the most turbulence through the times of this political shift. Despite its ruler's support for the ruling family, its people desire change, and the city is barreling towards a flash point representative of the rest of the country's political scales.

    Ido: A town historically full of the arts and the artistically inclined. Many famous performers have spread Alabastan culture after first studying within the town. The romance tale of their current governor is a musical that's almost perpetually played on their biggest stage.

    Tamarisk: Bogged by criminality and poverty, Tamarisk is also known as "Risky Town" by those that have been burned by its merciless populace. Criminals are invited and granted temporary amnesty for the sake of training its governor to become a better fighting so that she may join the Four Blades.

    Nanohana: The pinnacle of cleanliness. Many of the deployed marines choose to stay at Nanohana so as to limit the amount of work they have to do. It's well known that even small crimes go severely punished within city limits.

    Jaya Summary:
    Jaya Summary

    General Info: Jaya is a relatively small island mostly covered in forest, and formerly part of a much larger landmass. It has become a general meeting place for pirates that is generally avoided by many people so as to go untouched by its residents. Rare beasts roam one half of the island, while pirates run rampant on its other side.

    Appearance: The island is a horseshoe with a deep inlet and a rough shoreline lined with ports and docks filled by the ships of pirates and bounty hunters. One length of the island is covered in dense forest that's full of beasts, and on the other stands a series of wooden structures.

    Climate: Jaya is a Spring Island. It often blows pleasant breezes and maintains a very pleasant heat.

    Notable NPC(s): Awilda "Dart" Allday: "King of the Jungle" on Jaya. Awilda is Captain of the Dart Pirates, and as her crew holds the strongest collective bounty on the island, she is its unofficial ruler, meaning her decrees are often followed by others on the island for as long as she stays on the island as a sign of respect. She's considered taking Jaya as part of her crew's territory. Her navigation skills have given her an epithet that represents her ship's unbelievable speed across the Grand Line.

    Heyreddin Herring: First mate of the Dart Pirates, and its helmsman. He enjoys the ability to wield so much power on an island, and will sometimes conscript other pirate crews to fight the bounty hunters and marines that visit the island. He very much wants the Dart Pirates to establish permanent residency on the island.

    Pantos D'Koin: A marine captain that has gone undercover as a pirate captain with the rest of his marine division posing as the Black Flag pirates. Though Pantos is their leader, he masquerades as a simple pirate underling. His position allows them to transmit the comings and goings of pirates to their superiors. Only in specific situations will they engage in combat with another pirate crew. He often wants to break rank and attack pirates anyways.

    Spackitorre Chartreuse: A marine lieutenant that prioritizes their caution in all situations. He poses as the Captain of the Black Flag Pirates under the false name, 'Pierre Moreau.'

    Janna Blauvelt: An Underworld Broker who poses as an innkeeper on Jaya. She runs the "Sheep Shed Hotel," a rundown place for visiting pirates. She also keeps the Dart Pirates on retainer to protect her from any attacks made against the inn. In a secret room within the hotel, she sells advanced weapons and specialized Den-Den Mushis by the contact name "Shelly."

    Dwayne Ketch: A rookie bounty hunter who traveled to Jaya in the hopes of thwarting the pirates that run without rule. He despises the worthless marines that let things exist as they do, and wield's his mother's twin swords in order to enact night raids against the pirate groups, destroying their ships and kidnapping their members. He lives in the treetops of the island's jungle along with other weak bounty hunters.  

    Groups: Dart Pirates: The most powerful pirate crew among several on Jaya. Their captain possesses the title 'King of the Jungle,' meaning they're rules are respected by the pirates and citizens of the island.

    Black Flag Pirates: A pirate crew that rose to prominence after their overwhelming destruction of the 141st Marine Division. In reality, the crew is populated by the members of the 141st Marine Division, and their job is to report the goings on of the island to their superiors.

    Night Riders: A band of Bounty Hunters loosely organized by Dwayne Ketch that attack the pirates of the island in the night. They hide in South Grave during the day, along with their hostages and stolen goods.

    Vicinity: South Grave: The dense forest spread across one side of Mouth Bay. Therein lay a great deal of deadly animals and beasts. It's a popular training ground for warriors from across Paradise because of its many natural challenges.

    Mock Town: A dangerous small city full of a few tens of thousands of natural residents. The bulk of its population comes from its many visiting ships. Many of those residents leave on the visiting ships, joining them to become bounty hunters or pirates. There is hardly any government or rule of law within the city, and it's truly survival of the fittest.

    Mouth Bay: The deep inlet that stands between the two sides of the island. Many docks outline the seawater leading into the center of the island. All manner of ships are allowed into the docks, though some have dangerous cons or unstable docks waiting for rookie visitors.

    Long Ring Long Land Summary:
    Long Ring Long Land Summary

    General Info: Long Ring Long Land is technically an archipelago, connected by a sliver of land usually submerged in water. Once every year, the water recedes to the point where its possible to travel between the islands on foot. Its unique geography prompts its flora and fauna to grow to extraordinarily lengths, in a very literal sense of the word.

    Appearance: Most often, Long Ring Long Land appears as a loose ring of ten separate plains that rise just above sea level. Each island in the archipelago looks very similar from a distance, featuring grassy plains that're invariably spotted by small clusters of distinctive plant and animal life.

    Climate: Long Ring Long Land is a Spring Island, characterized by its growth. Plants and animals seem to exist in perpetual bloom.

    Notable NPC(s): Chiyaaasun Tooon: The chief of the Hong-Mong tribe, a group of nomads that travel between the ten islands of the archipelago. He is an amateur zoologist that categorizes the many unique animals of the archipelago by drawing them in a great sketchbook that has existed for four generations.

    Warden of the Waters: A sea king said to stretch so long that he can be cut on one part of his body and not feel the pain for an entire day. He holds great affection for the archipelago and will prevent ships from landing on its shoreline.

    Gri Patt: A beast tamer that has taken a shining to the strange animals of Long Ring Long Land. He and his Bite Tribe hunt down the Hong-Mong tribe, seeking to exploit their zoological knowledge. He then wishes to build longships that will expand their influence to other islands of the Grand Line.

    Groups: Hong-Mong Tribe: A nomadic tribe that has existed for centuries on Long Ring Long Land. They have no written history, but know a few hundred stories. They live in coexistence with their magical island and enjoy the freedom it supports.

    Bite Tribe: A nomadic tribe which split off from the Hong-Mong Tribe several generations in the past. They've come to want to expand their influence and assimilate the Hong-Mong Tribe into their ranks.

    Vicinity: Ten Islands of Long Ring Long Land: No permanent structures exist on the island. Rather, the cycle of movement, growth and death are respected. Some of its islands will possess evidence of past settlement by the nomadic tribes, or will be currently settled before the water rises. Because of the islands statuses as appearing on Log Poses, most people also accept the duty of housing traveling adventurers at the price of good stories.

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    Peach (Momorio) Island
    General info This island is frequently confused with Amazon Lilly un-expecting men often end up Peach (Momorio) Island and end up accosted or converted by the inhabitance. This Island if full of men dressed as women and whose mannerism this includes that animals. Nearly every citizen is a force to reckoned with thanks to a diet of the island’s specialty Attack Cuisineand Bridal Training. Do to the strength of inhabitance and the 99 Masters (each who protects one of the island’s secret recipes) they are comfortable practicing an open door policy, welcoming all.

    Appearance: Before arriving at Peach Island you can pink waters and clouds that surrounds its’ atmosphere. There are five very distinct rock formations each of which are shaped as massive hearts. From a distance one might assume that the rock tops of the rock are colored pink however it’s the plant life that gives this look. The grass and flowers are all one the pink, purple spectrum. The buildings are well crafted stone constructs with domed roof tops

    Climate: Spring climate normally warm weather with little to now humidity. However  major thunder storm do occur.

    Notable NPC(s): 99 Masters of Okama Kenpo one of whom is the island Queen Alex (male).

    Maxy (Maximilian Dubois) A former king of an island affiliated with the World Goverment. Abandoned his position to live a more free life. Although he is more one of the masculine converts he is highly respected and serves as the countries Ambassador.

    Peg (Peter Musa) ran away from home 30+ years ago fleeing abuse and sexual slavery. He body is covered in scars he shows them off dressing as scantly as possible. These marks aren't easily viewed by those with weak stomachs.

    Coneg Defluer master 5th generation resident family created the recipe he protects (A drink). Coneg is the CEO of global brand Defleur Brew, the recipe he guards isn't purchasable on open market. He dresses in expensive suit tops and kilts of bright colors. He travels a lot and is affectionately referred to as Conney

    Groups:Not affiliated with the World Government

    Vicinity: Kamabakka Kingdom, decorated in the most feminine décor this is home to reigning Queen Alex.

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    Part 2 cause the other post got too long to support this much stuff.

    Path III:

    Kenzan Island Summary:
    Kenzan Island Summary

    General Info: Kenzan Island is most well known for being home to the Longarm Tribe, a race of humans who've evolved to have very long limbs. It's also home to the Tehna Gehna Kingdom, a country which has recently come out of isolation.

    Appearance: Even from far off, the tall mountains of Kenzan can be made out very clearly. Many structures are built on the sides of these natural spires, and connect to one another via artificial bridges. Much of the island is well above sea level, making docking at the island its own unique challenge.

    Climate: Kenzan is a Summer island, perpetually bombarded by a warm sunlight that's easily escaped by the island's mountain's shadows.

    Notable NPC(s): Gososhin Qiu: The King of Tehna Gehna. He is a harsh ruler that looks to connect Tehna Gehna to the World Government. He aspires to be a world leader on par with the attendees of the Reverie and extend the Longarm's status as people beyond being a sideshow attraction.

    Gabriel Barwen: Representative of the World Government. It's his job to verify the strength and cultural worth of Tehna Gehna and judge whether or not the country is worth acceptance into the World Government. As a normal human, he's already quite biased against the strange Longarms.

    Domitille "Timber" Durand: Rear Admiral of the Marines. She has been personally assigned to the defense of Gabriel Barwen during his tenure in Tehna Gehna. Her skill with her great axe is feared across Paradise. She has great loyalty towards the World Government, and won't maintain any slight against her retainer's honor or position.

    Huifang "Wolf Spider" Lau: Leader of the Pilfer Bandits. In her youth, she was exalted as a gifted mountain climber, but she's decided to use these gifts for criminal exploits across the kingdom. Despite that, her skills continue to enchant many citizens. She believes Tehna Gehna should stay as an isolationist country, as she believes they won't be accepted by the world at large, and thus, there's no use trying to do so.

    Ah Lam Qiu: First princess of the Royal Family. Ah Lam is also a bounty hunter that has opened many channels through the marines by delivering them valuable pirates that have encroached into Tehna Gehna's sovereignty. She doesn't care much for connecting to the World Government, but won't go against her father.

    Lanying Li: Underworld Supplier that kidnaps members of his own Longarm Tribe for sale on the underground market. His code name is "Mix-Up" and his business is very much unknown to the world at large, and blamed on the Pilfer Bandits. He hates that he was born a Longarm Tribe member, and wishes she could have been born like a 'normal' human.

    Groups: Marine 113th Division: The marine branch lead by Domitille Durand, and in charge of overseeing the judgment of Tehna Gehna and protecting Gabriel Barwen. The crew regularly leverages their position by taking advantage of the Longarms.

    Pilfer Bandits: A small band of criminals that steal from the marines and Royal Family for their own gain. They're all exceptional rock climbers, and use specialized tools in conjunction with their long arms to scale the island's mountain ranges at a blistering pace.

    Qiu Royal Family: The ruling family of Tehna Gehna for a few centuries. It was under their first monarch that the warring states of Kenzan Island were united under the Tehna Gehna banner. Now, their patriarch pursues membership among the World Government, despite the people's general resentment towards marines and the world government as a whole.

    Vicinity: Horse Step Docks: The only official docks that are accessible to incoming ships. As the natural shore line of Kenzan Island is rather large, it's difficult for ships to normally dock at the harbor, but by digging out much of the rock, this spot has become the acceptable port for visitors.

    Royal Palace: A grand building built of red and gold that wraps around the island's tallest mountain peak. As there are no cities or states in Tehna Gehna, buildings merely exists on the sides and the base of mountains, connected winding staircases and bridges.

    Pilfer HQ: An alcove hidden within a small mountain that leads to a subterranean network of tunnels. A great deal of treasure is hidden there, and it's also where the Bandits spend their days.

    Hideaway Port: An Underworld Port obscured by a formation of rocks in the water. It was discovered by Lanying Li, who uses the small hideaway to smuggle Longarms to eccentric buyers.

    Avarice Island Summary:
    Avarice Island Summary

    General Info: A very large island with many stone structures and a few forests. Its population makes Avarice Island competitive for one of the biggest islands in Paradise. Its particular geography makes it naturally difficult to invade in conjunction with its great power.

    Appearance: Avarice Island is a large central landmass with several extensions that spread off of that land like earthen tentacles sloping towards sea level. Its very green, and its shoreline is dotted with star-shaped castles and high walls. The country's population is beyond 17 million people strong.

    Climate: Avarice Island is a Winter Island characterized by frequent rainstorms, sometimes turning its dense forests into boggy marshes.

    Notable NPC(s): Gallery Hado: King of Britton. Gallery is a Warrior-King, like all those rulers of Britton before him. His personal quest is to accumulate as much power as he can under the banners of his kingdom. To that end, he's accumulated a powerful military force which is meant to rout Paradise to his whims. He also feels he competes against every one of his descendants and ancestors in his quest.

    Lannis Hado: First Prince of Britton. Sir Lannis is a Knight with great sway over the Britton army. He often fights at the front line in battles meant to fight off invading countries, pirates and marines. He's also known as the finest horse rider in the kingdom.

    Arthan "Salt Sword" Hado: Second Prince of Britton. Sir Arthan is the leader of a group of privateers that work for Britton under the name of the "Broadsword Pirates." His crew has amnesty from Britton, and they steal from commerce ships on the Grand Line. Less often, they'll attack other countries and islands.

    Guina "Dragonslayer" Hado: First princess of Britton. The first mate for the Broadsword Pirates. Guina has the greatest hunger for power out of all their siblings, and wishes to extend Britton's majesty across the Grand Line, rather than containing it to a single island.

    Merello Hado: Third prince of Britton. He primarily works as a diplomat between the castles of Britton and its royal palace. Since being captured by a man with the power to transform into something resembling a dragon, and subsequently rescued by his older sister, he's lost the taste for fighting.

    Bedivienna Bright: Lady Bedivienna is the Great General of Britton's military. Her word is absolute, and in times of invasion and defense, it's up to her to lead the kingdom's troops.

    Percy Valzess: Sir Percy is the captain of the Sagittarius Pirates, a group of privateers that retain a friendly rivalry with the Broadsword Pirates. Percy holds some distaste for attacking innocents, and would rather lead his crew against other pirates to steal their treasure.

    Boors Mackennessay: Sir Boors is the captain of the Leo Pirates, a party of Britton privateers that will attack anything indiscriminately for the sake of bringing glory to Britton. He's a fierce nationalist, and dreams of kicking his father and all his codger friends to the curb once he's assigned to Taurus Castle.

    Ehoha Mackennessay: Lord Ehoha is the ruler of Taurus Castle, a star-shaped castled near the main port of Britton. He was the captain of the Taurus Pirates before retiring to enjoy his wealth. Ehoha has many relations with the previous generation of pirates, and houses a great population of them in his castle, meaning it also contains a great deal of history.

    Agakyah Smith: Lady Agakyah is the ruler of Edrake Castle. Her estate raises the fastest horses in Britton, and Agakyah personally trained the four youths of the Royal Family in horse riding. It's also in Edrake that many tournaments of swordsmanship, marksmanship and jousting take place.

    Treeveen Flain: Lord Treeveen is the ruler of Olive Castle. His domain is over much of a forest land that stands close to shore. Its natural surroundings mean the castle is quite secluded, and thus, is where most organized crime is located. Treeveen is a practically ancient man, that lacks the ability to properly rule.

    Tristana Tagonlar: Lady Tristana is the ruler of Leo Castle, a star-shaped castle near the center of Avarice Island. She was once the captain of a privateer crew named the Leo Pirates. She is also the king's younger sister. It's often her duty to receive foreign dignitaries and make visits.

    Garrett Hayich: Lord Garrett is the ruler of Dara-Shana Castle. His dominion is known for its extraordinary cuisine, exhibiting the best of Britton. Garrett himself is a gluttonous man, that pays the kingdom's privateers huge sums of money to kidnap talented chefs from across the world.

    Palamedes: The ringmaster of the Bandit Carnival. Palamedes is a charismatic young man with fantastical acrobatic skills. His dream is to earn him and his band a castle purely through their hard work, and dreams of a place called "Outer Safe," a dominion in Britton that would be a haven to artists of all types.

    Groups: Hado Royal Family: The ruling party of Britton. The individual power each member wields, as well as the fierce loyalty felt by the country's military keeps a tight grip on the reigns of Britton. Their goal is to expand the influence of Britton. Traditionally, the successor to the crown is decided by a war between the children of the past ruler.

    Bandit Carnival: A traveling company of entertainers sure to steal the hearts of all that watch them. They follow their leader's idealistic dream of carving out their own place in Britton where artists, instead of warriors, are treated with respect.

    Britton Kingdom Army: One of the most powerful military forces in Paradise. The sheer population of the army is enough to dissuade most countries from attacking. Combined with the militaristic design of the kingdom's castles, Britton was meant to be a very difficult place to conquer.

    Broadsword Pirates: Led by two heirs to the royal crown, this group of privateers is ignored by the World Government, so long as the two don't come into direct contact with each other, as are all of the kingdom's privateers.

    Leo Pirates: Though not the most powerful, this group is definitely the most volatile, willing to attack and decimate any ships they come across.

    Sagittarius Pirates: A crew mostly dedicated to fighting actual pirates and stealing from them. It's not their policy to attack unguarded commerce ships or to strike other countries without provocation.

    Vicinity: Britton Kingdom: The definition of greed and avarice. Everything about this kingdom is centered on accumulating power and wealth through forceful means. Visitors of all kinds are welcome into the country so long as they pay the steep docking tax. Even after doing so, this does not mean those visitors will be protected from the myriad factions looking to expand their reputation and wealth.

    Royal Palace, Camelot: The strongest castle on the island, Camelot is supposedly impregnable by any incoming force, due to its intricate design and small army of elite royal guardians. The King often spends much of his time within the castle halls, summoning those with whom he wishes to speak.

    Taurus Castle: A star-shaped castle near the main port of Britton. Its halls are filled with pirates of the past generation, content to live out their golden days as vassals to the castle's lord.

    Edrake Castle: Characterized by its long dirty pathways between high stone walls, Edrake is famous for its blisteringly fast horses. The castle is a destination for promising knights that which to make a name for themselves in competitions of archery, swordsmanship and jousting, which are open to anyone willing to participate.

    Olive Castle: The closest to lawlessness in Britton. Its weak military presence and location within the swampy forests of the kingdom make it a natural hideaway for criminals, and thus, the place has a bad reputation. Incoming criminals are often advised to spend their time there.

    Leo Castle: Built near the center of Avarice Island, Leo Castle is a star-shaped structure with subterranean chambers that are widely considered ripe for exploring. Foriegn dignitaries and representatives of the marines and World Government are often invited to stay at the luxurious estate.

    Dara-Shana Castle: Though not the best equipped for military situations, Dara-Shana has the reputation as the culinary capital of the country. Many of its chefs have been kidnapped from passing ships and foreign lands for the sake of producing the finest kitchens on the Grand Line.

    Zaigou Archipelago Summary:
    Zaigou Archipelago Summary

    General Info: Also known as the "Islands without names" the Zaigou Archipelago is the territory of the Reign Pirates who wield absolute power over its hundreds of thousands of citizens. Zaigou is characterized by its complete anarchy and disorganization.

    Appearance: Zaigou is an archipelago made out of seven islands that form into the shape of a fish hook.

    Climate: Zaigou is an Autumn archipelago in a spirit of perpetual decay, many of its trees are constantly a reddish-golden color.

    Notable NPC(s): Van "The Heir" Ballard: Captain of the Reign Pirates. Though he isn't often spending time on Zaigou, he does consider the seven islands to be his territory. He's a savage and belligerent superpower who can strike fears into even experienced marine veterans.

    Gardner "Tender" Halstead: A senior member of the Reign Pirates, Gardner has taken it upon himself to defend the archipelago when his crew is off enjoying themselves. In reality, he rides off the security offered by Van's name and takes it easy.

    Ozza Kord: Former politician turned bounty hunter. She dreams of liberating Zaigou from the grip of the Reign Pirates. Her agents occupy parts of most of the archipelago, but she still feels they lack the power to completely overtake the Reign Pirates.

    Groups: Reign Pirates: A shichibukai crew that is feared as one of the most savage criminal groups in Paradise. Their work is fierce, and they're aren't terribly interested in territory with the exception of their precious, lawless archipelago. Because of the nature of their interests, they don't often spend extended periods of time at Zaigou.

    Gospel Gang: A collective of citizens turned bounty hunters that conspire with one another to turn against the Reign Pirates and liberate the general population of Zaigou.

    Vicinity: Island of the Sin of Mercy: The central of the seven islands. It's widely known that this, the largest of the seven islands is the main headquarters of the Reign Pirates. Those that are caught there are essentially volunteering to possibly die at the hands of the Reign Pirates.

    Island of the Sin of Generosity: One of the inner islands. It has many underground businesses, selling illicit goods like people and mercenary services. Many wooden shacks dot the island, through which these services are sold.

    Island of the Sin of Courage: The grassy fields of this inner island are littered with golden leaves falling from the myriad trees trapped in an everlasting Autumn. Small bandit crews that leech off the protection of the Reign Pirates occupy the island.

    Island of the Sin of Truth: The most civilized of the archipelago. This island also holds the highest proportion of bounty hunters, and Reign Pirates that wander off alone can find themselves in troublesome situations. However, crime still runs to an absurd degree.

    Island of the Sin of Compassion: Nearly a dozen docks encircle this wide island, which contains the highest population of people. Many of these structures are traps or tricks meant to damage incoming ships and trap them on the archipelago.

    Island of the Sin of Grace: A ravaged island depleted of natural resources and decorated with the evidence of powerful battles. Some derelict and non-confrontational families escape to this outer island hoping to avoid any fighting, but find themselves lacking for sustenance.

    Island of the Sin of Honor: A sort of prison or asylum wherein a class of people are branded as enemies to the Reign Pirates. Those trapped there are put through frightening circuits of torture and pain in an effort to dissuade others from going against the power of the crew. Its operations are overseen by several Reign Pirates, including Gardner Halstead.

    Los Terribles Summary:
    Los Terribles Summary

    General Info: Los Terribles is an historic island now full of vagrants and criminal refuse. Because of the gaping power vacuum on the island, different factions constantly vie for control and dominance while swallowing everything they confront.

    Appearance: Los Terribles is an uneven, rocky island full of mountain ranges and canyons with a few sparse grasslands mixed into the landscape.

    Climate: Los Terribles is a mild Spring Island. The island is known for having very swift seasons, wherein the general climate can completely change with a gust of the winds.

    Notable NPC(s): Aboiya Remanan: Queen of the State of Saquanda. Aboiya's vision for Los Terribles is an island that is a haven for the adventurous spirit that lays within all people. She wishes to keep it out of the World Government's hands and foster that which has made the Age of Pirates so remarkable. To that end, she's conquered roughly a quarter of the island, establishing permanent settlements and building out from their capital left in plain sight on the grasslands.

    Shitsu-Hapyu Echo: Prime Minister of the State of Temerisan. Shitsu-Hapyu is a bounty hunter that found extraordinary wealth hunting down the criminal elements on Los Terribles. With that money, he's decided to start his own country, beginning from the state of Shitsu-Hapyu in the canyons. His state is also unofficially supported by the World Government, who's filled his ranks with marines and cipher pol agents.

    Yhum Zoo: Chief of the Tribe of Latsaria. Yhum is a mercenary hired by the Underworld to ensure that Los Terribles stays the Underworld trading post that it has become over several decades. Yhum is more worried about earning his wealth from the Underworld than actually taking over the island. He attracts people to his ranks with false speeches about revolutions against the governments of the Grand Line.

    Groups: Sasquanda: A burgeoning state constantly vying for dominance on Los Terribles. They're mostly made up of pirates, historians and adventurers, looking to establish the island as a safe refuge for all those with an adventurous soul. They very commonly stage attacks and invasions into the territories of the other states.

    Temerisan: A burgeoning state covertly backed by the World Government. They look to establish order on the island and turn it into a member of the government by folding it under their power. They usually make sneak attacks and raids from their canyon outposts. Its state leader possesses the ability to use a Buster Call on the island should one of the other states come into the position of total domination as a way to wipe the board clean and start again.

    Latsaria: A burgeoning state covertly backed by the Underworld. Publicly, they preach a gospel of revolution and societal upheaval. Many of its higher ranking members actually use the territory as a place to stash goods and operatives. Though they're criminals, because they technically are a state government, they remain untouched by direct efforts from marines.

    Vicinity: Backhand Docks: The secret port through which Underworld deals are made with the state of Latsaria acting as the middle man. Only those with Underworld connections are made aware of its use.

    Salt Range: A mountain range that divides the warring states in a natural way. The mountains aren't terribly tall or impregnable. However, the obscuring of vision does make it difficult to conduct warfare in their vicinity.

    Path IV:
    Fireworks Island:
    Fireworks Island Summary

    General Info: Fireworks Island is a minor Grand Line feature that possesses a deep history revolving around their Fireworks Festival. Many of its citizens bear red facial tattoos. The general smell of burning and ash is a constant tenet of the island.

    Appearance: Fireworks is a hilly island blanketed by green forest. Its three small towns are made of a special, reddish wood that grows on the island, and is even more flame resistant than stone.

    Climate: Fireworks is a Summer island that commonly experiences a humid heat wave. The peak of this heat is punctuated by the Fireworks Festival. Of course, this annual celebration is not the only time when fireworks shows occur, and plenty of Summer Festivals take place all year long. At night, many wild beasts begin to roam the island, but are kept at bay by bright lights and noises, which fireworks often provide.

    Notable NPC(s): Ameyyali Shift: Chief of Bear Village and a successful fisherman. He is considered one of the strongest warriors on the island, but in the grand terms of Grand Line, he's not very strong. Ameyyali loves producing great feasts for the island's people, and welcomes visitors openly.

    Muscowequan Clutch: Chief of Hawk Village and a lumberjack. Muscowequan enjoys takes great pride in the great fireworks developers that live in his island. He himself has tried a few times at making his own, but is hopelessly inept at the task. He's since resigned himself to procuring the wood which keeps the island safe from these fireworks.

    Rayen Brake: Chief of Wolf Village. Her intelligent council is often sought after by many on the island. She's one of the few people on the island that stays afloat of current events with News Coos. She secretly pays for the island to stay a secret by selling explosives to the Underworld as the Broker "Southpaw."

    Jodama Hood: The most talented fireworks designer on the island. He is responsible for designing much of the fireworks that are launched on the eve of their famous Fireworks Festival. Jodama has also been approached Rayen many times for producing weapons, but refuses to use his artistry to create tools of destruction. However, he does keep her secret for her. In doing so, he's come to live in isolation from the three villages.

    Adsila Handle: A second-rate fireworks designer in Wolf Village. She's the main designer of the weapons sold to the Underworld. She uses the plants and minerals on the island to create chemical weapons and compact explosives under the Underworld Producer code name "Fry Pan."

    Groups: Fireworks Designers: Artisans spread throughout the three villages. Their work is sought out to create beautiful exhibits with useful purposes. By hosting regular fireworks shows, the villagers are able to keep the wild beasts at bay.

    Fireworks Island Militia: A collection of untrained young men and women who are called upon using a special emergency firework. When that particular pyrotechnic is detonated, it means one of the villages is under threat, whether from wild beasts or from invading pirates.

    Vicinity: Bear Village: A coastal town that manages to reel in enough fish for the island. Their work is responsible for supplying food for the regular Summer Festivals. It's also a very welcoming town, on the condition that their visitors don't speak too much of the island to the outside world.

    Hawk Village: A town situated deep into the island's forests. It houses many lumberjacks and builders. They known the most about the Slick Wood, which can resist flames better than stone can.

    Wolf Village: A town situated in a wide clearing at the base of a deep mountain on the island. Most of the people in the town work as miners or designers. It's from a secret tunnel towards the shoreline that Underworld deals are made.

    Partition Island Summary:
    Partition Island Summary

    General Info: Partition Island is a mostly rural landmass divided by an uncommonly narrow ridge of mountains. Its known for its exotic beasts and its historic castle, the latter of which is the royal palace for the Lulusia Kingdom. Its civilized side contains nearly nine million people living in its large cities.

    Appearance: Partition Island is a long island, shaped like a drawn out diamond. One half of the island consists of towns built along its rolling hills. The other is a dangerous forest that's yet to be explored deeply. On maps of the island, instead of being drawn in any detail, the wild side is merely marked with the phrase, "Here be Dragons."

    Climate: Partition Island is an Autumn island, with winds blowing from its narrow mountain range towards the coastline.

    Notable NPC(s): Impala Ulrich: The King of the Lulusia Kingdom. Impala is a loyal servant of the World Government, and trusts its ability as a great dragon to keep order over the world. Impala has great personal relations with the marines of G-2.

    Suika Ulrich: The Queen of the Lulusia Kingdom. Suika is a clever queen who's much more partial to the people of her kingdom. She often travels to different parts of the kingdom to improve the family's relationships with the population.

    Fillor Ulrich: First Prince of the Lulusia Kingdom. Fillor is a timid adventurer, who wishes to map out the 'Mythlands,' the side of his kingdom ruled by beasts, He feels if he is to be king, he must understand every inch and heartbeat of his kingdom.

    Norma Ulrich: First Princess of the Lulusia Kingdom. Norma has long since admired his older brother's ambition, much like many of the people. To support him, she has trained with the bow and arrow, hoping to defend him to her last breath.

    Ardent Ulrich: Second Prince of the Lulusia Kingdom. Ardent supports his older brother's dream, and wants to defend that desire to his last breath, wielding a heavy shield, which even three grown men couldn't lift on their own.

    Sisa Ulrich: Second Princess of the Lulusia Kingdom. Sisa thinks the quests of her siblings is completely ridiculous. She spends much of her time learning of how to be a better ruler at her father's side, expecting the next three heirs to die in the Mythlands.

    Barclay Sharp: Barclay is a zoologist who has signed up to join the first prince when he leaves for his mission. Barclay is a very inquisitive older man, who also works to recruit more people, from visitors to citizens to join in on the expedition. He spends much of his time at the ports looking for such brave souls.

    Neu Straw: Neu is the democratically elected mayor of Gem Port. Despite his political position, he works as a shipwright in the docks. He is a retired marine that still keeps afloat with many current law enforcement.

    Jada Plimsoll: Jada is the democratically elected mayor of Rangeress, a large city between Gem Port and the Castle. Jada is a financially prudent woman who often advises the Royal Family on matters of finance. She used to be a soldier until experiencing defeat at sea.

    Theobold Aff: Theobold is the democratically elected mayor of Trollen, a small city built against the Partition Mountain Range. He's a cautious man who spreads many horror stories about the terrors that exist in the Mythlands. He's repeatedly tried to talk the first prince out of his plans.

    Corvette Yorke: Corvette is the democratically elected mayor of Spire City. Corvette is an esteemed blacksmith, who personally creates the armors and weapons for the royal family. He's considered one of the finest weapon makers on the Grand Line.

    Juke Maki: Chief of the Smoky Leaf Bandits. Juke is the descendant of a wild people that have lived their lives in the treetops of the Mythlands. With the Sky King taking so many resources, it was his decree that some of their people must become criminals until the Lulusia Kingdom decides to help fix the problem. He's accumulated a respectable bounty through his rampant thievery.

    Sky King: As the ocean has its Sea Kings, so too does the sky have its flying predators, feared in the Sky Islands. This particular creature has had its wings irreparably pierced by hunters, and landed in the Mythlands upon his fall. Now he rules over that half of the continent, and has been doing so for centuries, forcing the other creatures of the island to become powerful beasts in their own right.

    Groups: Lulusia Kingdom: A country with a large population, but very few cities. There are some fears within the city of overpopulation, and the need for more resources. They occupy one side of Partition Island, and generally fear the Mythlands. This is why many of the people admire the first prince to such a degree, and several small heroes have agreed to join him on his venture.

    Lulusian Military: The armed forces of the kingdom are mainly used to quell civil conflicts and fight against internal crime. For the most part, piracy is dealt with by the nearby marines, which are also used to supplement the country's lackluster navy.

    Smoky Leaf Bandits: A band descended from Wano ninja refugees. They possess strange skills and tools which they use to steal from the cities of the Lulusia Kingdom. It's rumored that the bandits are part of the beasts that make up the Mythlands.

    Vicinity: Lulusia Castle: The tall castle meant to stand even higher than the Partition Mountains. It also houses the royal family when they're not out performing any duties. Much of the military is stationed around the castle.

    Gem Port: A coastal city meant to receive and send out trading ships. Discovered pirates that dock there are immediately beset by the Lulusian military, while its politicians call for help from the G-2 Base. The city also has its shady sides, where criminal elements can go undetected.

    Rangeress: The large city full of farmlands and natural beauties. Rangeress isn't very receptive to visitors, and instead consists of houses, orchards and grazing animals. A great deal of travel comes through this city, considered the crossroads of the kingdom because it collects to the two other cities and the capital.

    Trollen: Small in size but great in population, Trollen is built at the base of the Partition Mountains. In the center of the city is the only artificial tunnel through the mountains. Its normally heavily barricaded and well guarded to prevent creatures and bandits from getting through, but the first prince hopes to change that.

    Mythlands: Home to the Fallen Sky King and the Smoky Leaf Bandits, the Mythlands is a dense expanse of forest, home to many different dangers. Because nobody has returned in recent memory, its hard to tell what stories about the region are truth and what is fantasy.

    Little Ceeza Summary:
    Little Ceeza Summary

    General Info: Little Ceeza is one of the most popular islands in Paradise, and is a destination even for travelers from the four Blues. Every other building on the island is a restaurant, and it houses the "Platinum Crash," a cooking competition open to all, which awards world-renowned fame to its grand winner. Little Ceeza is so sacred that it's considered a neutral territory between all world elements, in which marines and pirates can share a table.

    Appearance: Little Ceeza is a relatively small island full of multicolored plants and gardens. Rare creatures scurry through its forests, and beautiful fish traverse a ring of a river that goes through the island. On the heart of the island, there lays a stone temple, tall and topped by an orange fire. Flashy buildings and dozens of different architectures indicate the different cultures that contribute to its wide array of eateries.

    Climate: Little Ceeza is a Spring Island with a very specific and pleasant climate. It's rumored that almost any plant could grow in the soil and temperate of Little Ceeza.

    Notable NPC(s): Head Chef: The lead cook of 'All Blue' a Ten-Star restaurant that's existed for well over two centuries. He's been running its kitchen for so long that he's forgotten his own name, in place of 'Head Chef' which he is more commonly called. It's his dream to maintain his status as the finest chef on Little Ceeza until he dies.

    Scuff Bourbon: The owner and head chef of 'Paper Lantern,' a nine-star restaurant which has been seeking to dethrone All Blue for several years. He takes pride in having served everyone from shichibukai to marine admirals.

    Balleria Whiskey: The head chef of 'Le Quiet,' a nine-star restaurant which has shot through the ranks in no small part due to Balleria's leadership. She's willing to cook with any ingredients, and invites traveling adventurers to bring her interesting ingredients to use in her cooking.

    Toon Fray: The organizer and emcee of Platinum Crash, a cooking competition which is open to anybody who can visit Little Ceeza. The winner is awarded valuable prizes, but Toon's competitions have been known to carry insane conditions. Restaurants that enter a representative chef can use the event as an opportunity to achieve more stars for their restaurant.

    Groups: Chef Guild of Little Ceeza: Half a year following the annual Platinum Crash, all of the head chefs of the island congregate for the sake of meeting socially and deciding the future of the island. Because the World Government doesn't have any sway over the island, and there is no government, the Chef Guild is the leadership.

    Population of Little Ceeza: Those that don't work as cooks, chefs or waitstaff in the island's restaurants usually work in businesses that center around tourism. They sell chef's tools, unique ingredients, own inns or run culinary schools. Because Little Ceeza is known not be laid claim to, the island is casually full of marines, pirates and Underworld elements.

    Vicinity: Marble Temple: The holy ground wherein the finals of the Platinum Crash are held. Wherein the first round's food can be prepared anywhere, the final round's must be held within the tower. Submissions from the first round are delivered to the tower, where they are judged. The four dishes are then declared, and the chefs are invited to participate in the final competition.

    All Blue: A wildly expensive restaurant that fields a small group of people every evening. As its head chef is the latest winner of the Platinum Crash, it's the only restaurant to have ten stars. It was said to have been opened by a chef of chivalry and infamy.

    Paper Lantern: A riotous restaurant wherein Underworld brokers and Marine Captains can share the same table. Because of its status as neutral territory, secret deals are often discussed over its tables. As its head chef was of the Last Four, it's one of three restaurants to have nine stars.

    Le Quiet: For its status, the restaurant is quite inexpensive, and usually has lines extending out the door. People make camp in its queue and will sleep there overnight just for a meal there. As its head chef was of the Last Four, it's one of three restaurants to have nine stars.
    Heartbreak Island Summary:

    Heartbreak Island Summary

    General Info: Heartbreak Island is one historically of tragedy, that has grown to possess a strange mystery in recent years. Its often a last stop for ambitious pirates that plan to travel to the New World. It possesses a small population and very few natural resources.

    Appearance: Heartbreak Island is commonly covered in a veil of rain and storm clouds, making it difficult to read from far off. The island is rather small, and not much grows there except some plant life near a lake at the heart of the island.

    Climate: Heartbreak Island is a Winter Island often covered by a rainstorm, turning its terrain into a muddy mess. Despite the perpetual storming, lightning rarely strikes.

    Notable NPC(s): Alaric Marsh: The mayor of Summerland. He's a very somber man despite the island's recent upturn. Many of the island's people have left, making his city the last established settlement on Heartbreak Island. He's decided to stay because if the sun ever does encompass the entire island, he wants to see it.

    Ebony "Surprise" Wiseman: A bounty hunter that was raised on Heartbreak Island. Her community left in a Washout, but she stayed behind, refusing to leave behind the graves of her parents. She trained with a sword, and became a mediocre defense for the island. However, when she ate a weird fruit growing by the desert, she became a "Party Human" by eating the Confetti-Confetti Logia Devil Fruit. Since then, she has become the heartbreaker of the island, defeating entire crews of pirates and bringing wealth to the island through their defeat. She's resolute in preventing anybody from taking advantage of the island.

    Maud Barker: A marine lieutenant that was sent to Heartbreak Island in order to recruit Ebony to the World Government. She has been unsuccessful for months, but has taken a shining to the island and the silent strength of its people. Her cooking skills are often invited to cook for the few hundred people on the island.

    Groups: Washouts: A term given to those who've left the island, going into service of marines or pirates in order to get away from the depressing atmosphere of the island.

    Citizens of Heartbreak Island: Over the years, their population has deteriorated because of people who have left. Most of them wear wide brimmed hats in an effort to keep the rain out of their eyes. No matter what they build or do, much of it is wiped away by the constant rain, and so the people don't do much of anything, and desperately seek something to take their minds of their bad luck. Most of them have decided to stay out of sentimentality or tradition. One of the few things its people can do is read the newspapers that come to the island. Because so many people stay adrift of events, its people are very well spoken and well reasoned in their ascertaining of current events. Children also enjoy making boats and hats out of the paper afterwards.

    Vicinity: Summerland: A name invented to give its people a sunny disposition. Unfortunately, it's failed to do that much. Instead, its wooden structures house all the people on the island. Much of their money comes from bounties earned by Ebony, used to buy foods from foreign islands.

    Washout Towns: Derelict and abandoned villages that are void of any population. After being left without maintenance in the rain, they often fall into muddy piles of drenched wood.

    The Lake Without an End: A body of fresh water which is constantly overfilled by the rain. Several downward streams carry excess water to the shoreline. Some plant life grows around the lake, and bodies are often buried to one side of its shore.

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    Cozia, East Blue:

    Cozia Summary

    General Info: Cozia, located in East Blue,

    Appearance: Cozia is a fairly big sized island that is home to a big city where, within the center is a monastery, a famous landmark in which also seems to be the island's namesake. In the capital, the back of the monestary is surrounded by water, which might be useful for transporting needs. The area surrounding capital of Cozia contains dotted with palm trees, as well as a mountain range behind it. The mountain range is an extraordinary place for people who like to hike and go on adventures. Up on the top of the mountains, one can see more mountains, trees all around and a lush, wide river extending throughout the island. One could make a decent earning as a lumberjack outside of the main forestry area as it is a well reserved national park.  Around the island, a wide assortment of nice flowers and forestry edibles such as berries and mushrooms can be found.


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    Climate: The climate isn't too hot, but gets a decent amount of snow, especially in the mountains.  Cozia has a temperate-continental climate with moderate features which is characteristic for Central Europe. with hot summers, long, cold winters and very distinct seasons.  Abundant snowfalls may occur throughout the country from December to mid-March, especially if you are in the mountainous areas. Owing to its distance from the open sea, Cozia has a continental climate. Summers are generally very warm to hot, with average maxima being around 29 °C (84.2 °F), with temperatures over 35 °C (95 °F) not unknown in the lower-lying areas of the country.

    Notable NPC(s): N/A

    Groups:  Marines, City Council

    Monestary: Where the people go to discuss political business with a few representives serving for the Marines and a selected candidate to represent them to the World Government. Nice comfy rugs and tapestries decorate the off-white colored walls and tiled floors. Furnished with polished would from the oak trees from the vast forest outside of town. The main room for governing political aspects in regards to the island has a cobblestone fireplace which helps keep the room warm and lighted at all times of the day and houses up to two dozen seats with a capacity limit of fifty people, mostly accomodating breathing space. In the back is a loading dock to help transport any goods from the river and into the market outside the Monestary's walls.

    Marine Base: It's got a dock for multiple ships in cases of an emergency. The base is a good standard size, smaller than the Monestary, in terms of building size, but the walls have enough area covered to give plenty of room for training. The inside of the base is also met with the same interior designs as the Monestary, outside walls are made of granite as well.


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