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    Liè Rén, Dú Yào  Empty Liè Rén, Dú Yào

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    Basic Info

    Name: Liè Rén, Dú Yào
    Nickname: Ren/Yao
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Fishman - Mantaray
    Affiliation: Bounty Hunter
    Threat: 0
    Achievements: N/A
    Profession: Martial Artist
    Position: N/A


    General Appearance:

    Liè Rén, Dú Yào  URL of image if there is one


    Yao is a very bland person. His way of speaking is very simple, and it’s hard sometimes to see if he is excited or having a good time. It doesn’t mean he never has a good time, but a majority of the time it just hard for people to tell from who he is as a person. He is also a very blunt person; he doesn’t think to lie to someone about their mistakes is something that someone should do. It should be something that is told to them. He has no filter when speaking his mind as he doesn’t believe someone should even to him. Yao is also a hostile person; he gets easily irritated and he doesn’t like when people try to act stronger than him or try to argue with him. He only lets this slide if you are a friend as he expects you to be blunt with him.

    Yao is also a secretive person as he is good at keeping his secrets and the secrets of others. He doesn’t feel like his whole life should be told to just anybody, so he keeps quiet on that subject unless he can trust you as a person. In terms of being hostile, Yao is a very courageous person; he doesn’t mind jumping into the field of battle or helping people out when there isn’t anybody to help. It is a thrill to him, and he enjoys the excitement of the unknown. He is loyal to those he calls friends, and he will never betray them. If he looks like he betraying you, then it’s probably because he has a plan in mind. If you consider important to him though you won’t have to question his loyalty towards you.

    Yao is a protective person; he can’t help, but help out those that are considered friends or family to him. It just doesn’t branch to that as he will help out the helpless from those who are trying to harass them. He just doesn’t smile upon that act due to his lifestyle in his home island. Lastly, Yao is an observant person; he is able to pick on details that are out of the ordinary, and he could tell when someone is lying about something. He is also good at telling when something is going on around him, which lets him get out of certain troubles that he tries not to involve himself in.

    History: Yao was born ln Fishman Island and he was one of the people who lived enough to pass through the day. His family worked hard, but their profession didn’t bring enough income to the household. Still, it was enough for them, but it didn’t mean they didn’t want more. Yao was one of eight kids that were born into the Liè Rén family. Yao was the middle child along with his twin brother. The two of them were inseparable growing up and they would play tricks people, but it was easy to tell who was who. Yao’s twin had the personality and the charisma while Yao himself was just a very straight arrow boy. Still, they were always together in school out of school and in their own home. As they got older their personality was the thing that had set them apart. Yao would get into fights because he felt like it, or because they tried to bother one of his little siblings.

    His twin brother would do the same thing, but his twin brother would help anybody that needed help. Yao didn’t like that growing up because he felt like one day it would bite them on the ass. They couldn’t just help anybody because that would mean one day it could be a trap. Yao had thoughts for the worse possible case scenarios. Yao’s tongue was also a reason why he had gotten into many fights as they got older. He was very rude, and direct with people; he could never play nice or hide the truth from someone. This causes him to get into fights with other kids in school. Yao and his brother had also done martial arts together; they had gotten themselves into this through a situation with a fight. The twins were walking around their hometown afterschool and while they were walking they had seen a few kids bullying two kids.

    Yao and his brother had looked at each other, and while Yao didn’t want to get involved in this situation he knew his brother would. He could see it in his brother’s eyes and he nodded to show his brother he was in it. The two would go help the two kids, and when the fighting was over a man had separated the children from fighting. When that happened he looked at the two kids who were being bullied and the two who came to the rescue. He took them all in and decided to train them. These four would become good friends and train under this man as he would become their sensei. Yao and his brother were talented enough to get the hang of things, and that was because of their lifestyle. These two were always fighting, but that was mainly Yao’s fault.

    The other two worked hard and made sure that they would stay close to the twins. They were admired by their friends and it was because of their sense of duty. If it weren’t for Yao’s attitude and such, everyone would expect these two to become Marines in the future. As they got older things like jealousy, anger, and irritation became more of a problem. The four would compete with each other to see who was better at their fighting style than the other. It wasn’t a problem and their sensei figured it was just friendly competition. It was for Yao and his brother, but with the other two, it wasn’t like that. They didn’t like Yao’s attitude and they didn’t like how he spoke out to them or anybody for that matter. The brothers were one thing at this point and it was oblivious to how the other two felt. They thought it was harmless and it would pass by, but that wasn’t the case.

    One day when they were all around the age of eighteen, the two guys that were friends with the twins had hatched a plan. They were going to leave Fishman Island, but they wanted to do something before their departure. They wanted to take out Yao and frame it one someone so they could get his brother to join them in this false hunt. Their plan would have succeeded if they weren’t twins. That day they had attacked Yao’s twin brother; they aim to kill, but sadly they didn’t have the will to go through with it fully and things didn’t go as plan. Yao would see his brother being attacked by the two of them and angered flowed through him. He wanted to fight, but he wanted to save his brother. He had to choose and of course, he chose the latter.

    The two men fled the scene as they were upset that they attacked the wrong brother. The reason they attacked Yao’s brother was that they had known of Yao’s route; they were correct with the route, but Yao’s brother was always ahead of him. They left at different times and Yao would usually catch up to his brother along the way. They left their mark in their hometown in a distasteful way. Their sensei was upset that two of his students would do something like this, and Yao was pissed about this. He and his brother had been betrayed and now his brother was in recovery. Yao wanted to go after them, but he wanted to make sure that his brother was fine. It would take several months and when the storm was over Yao’s brother was in a wheelchair.

    They told the family that he might not be able to walk or swim again, which caused Yao to go on a rampage. He would end up in fighting pits and taking out stress on other people in the fighting pits. He would earn his money this way, but he noticed that he was not getting better with his way of fighting. His sensei would approach him and after being scolded by his sensei he would start teaching him more of the martial arts that he had been teaching the four. He would give out some information on the techniques and skills that he wanted Yao to learn, practice and hopefully one day master. Of course, he didn’t teach his pupil everything as he hoped that one day he would come back for the final part of the training.

    When he was taught as much as he could, he decided that it was time to head out to the sea above. He was sure that those two were probably running around and doing whatever they pleased. His plan was going to find them on his own terms and take care of them as he pleased. Yao knew that no amount of laws would stop him, but he didn’t think he wanted to be a pirate either. He decided to be the type of person who wanted to get paid for going after men who attacked the innocent and hopeless like his brother would have done. He would hope to find his friends to take them out and hope his brother would be back to normal when he came back home.

    Inventory and Abilities

    Combat: Dú Yào is a very calm and collective when he is fighting. He knows what he is doing when he is rushing in, and does his best to analyze the situation at hand. He keeps his focus as best as possible, but make sure that he doesn’t lose sight of things. He doesn’t black out on fights, and if it ever happens due to muscle memory he wouldn’t be left with many openings. His combat style is different from different Fishman, his master taught his pupils a different type of Fishman Karate, which is known as Fishman Muay Thai. They are technically the same thing in the aspect of using water and the such, but they use their elbows and knees as a form of attack. They used these as an extra limb in their way of fighting making them deadlier other forms of fighting style.  
    Beli: 800,000
    SD Earned: 30
    Stat Points: 62
    Advancement Points: 0
    SD Remaining:  0
    Stats: 65

    1. Used for Stats: 30
    2. Used for Fortune: 0

    • Strength: 19 (16+3)
    • Speed: 16
    • Stamina: 14
    • Accuracy: 16
    • Fortune: 15


    Fishman (2 Traits) - Fishmen gain the benefits of the Mighty Strength trait, and may breath underwater. Their movements in water are not hampered as greatly as normal humans, and they may swim at great speeds. They also gain attributes or natural weapons based on their species. The number of traits needed depends on the species.

    Fate of the Strong (1 Traits) - By placing traits in Fated, you lock them until the next time you earn a trait. You may put as many traits as you have into fated. In the meantime, you get a temporary boost of (# of traits in fated, multiplied by 3) to your strength stat.

    Profession Traits

    Critical Hit (1 Trait) – Through training in pressure points and learning how to hit vital points in the body, the character can use up to a quarter of their Technique Points in techniques which hit vital points in the body. Striking vital points allows characters to do damage and cause a stat debuff related to the area struck.

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    Regular Technique Points: 30
    Used Regular Technique Points: 0
    Special Technique Points: 7
    Used Special Technique Points: 0

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    Description: (Effects)

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