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    Post by Dante on Wed Jan 30, 2019 4:50 pm

    Manami got to the dock with his company in tow and couldn't help but feel like he was forgetting something. Well it probably wasn't important, because otherwise why would he have forgotten it right? He turned to look at the Uninvited company once more "Well, if you are still alive when i get back i suppose we will have dinner before you decide what to do for survival tonight." Manami said in a bone chilling tone that said well... he definitely was considering the possibility that they wouldn't survive being up there for the few minutes he planned to be 'fishing' for dinner. Though they probably weren't expecting it to go the way he was planning to do it if he was a different man with a different mind the shock value itself would probably be worth it.

    Manami got to the edge of the dock and stretched out a little bit before Launching off into the water creating massive ripples despite the fact that his dive didn't make so much as a splash and he was now under the water where the ferry had recently broken up the ice around the island which is why he had come this way it was easier to go into the broken part than exert the minuscule amount of effort it would have taken him to just tear it asunder with the butter knife he had on him which was of course for hunting dinner. Once he was in the water he just kind of looked around, the water here was almost crystal clear if not for the ice it would be almost tropical looking. Kind of treading water in place he looked around for something big enough to feed 5 people. Which was honestly weirdly exciting, In his self imposed exile for the company of women only he supposed he did miss the Rowdiness of his prior surroundings being on the ship with his mates they were almost always partying or pillaging it made for exiting times and good comradery. Perhaps he secretly missed those times.. Or perhaps he was just still horny. That girl with them was pretty cute he would love to lose some sleep with her tonight. He thought about it and his cheeks fired up a little for a minute as he envisioned his face pressed against her torso.

    Swimming around a lot of the fish were heading for the hills and hiding from him, well the ones that weren't stunned by his pressure. He looked and looked swimming through the pristine water and looking at school after school of fish either stunned in the water or frantically trying to distance themselves from him. He couldn't help but feel like he was going to be in luck though he never really had trouble finding food around here though worst case scenario he would have to knock the ice off and hunt on land. He started to swim around the island a little bit to see if anything was on the other side and sure enough there he spied it a 'Small' Seaking turtle 'jackpot' he thought to himself as he swung the butter knife under water which aimed to cleave the head right off since there wasn't much meat on it it didn't matter and he would leave it for the other fish as an apology for scaring them so much.

    The cut collided cleanly with the back of the skull and cleaved the head clean off, as a side effect of this slash however a massive blast of water would come out just to the left side of the dock a little ways ((ooc note: remember the whole island is very small maybe 10 miles tops i will estimate from the center point)) and a jet line of water blasted up into the air which promptly froze from the temperatures. "Suppose i really should have brought something to strap this to myself so i didn't have to bother carrying it" Manami thought to himself but shrugged it off The sea king was maybe a few Meters in diameter that should be plenty right? It was Just lucky he had the equipment to cook such a thing otherwise it would go bad. Well, you know. If he couldn't flash freeze it just by setting it outside his place.

    Manami Surfaced to the dock and pulled himself up with the Turtle shell dangling from his free hand some blood still running out of it until he got it up into the air and it cooled nearly instantly. "Holy crap you made it" Manami said as he looked off to the side where he had just been and seen the ice wall. "Oops. Well, whatever i'll knock it down later." Manami said and shrugged as he pulled the massive turtle shell onto the dock probably prompting the others to take a step back. "Well No time to dally, it won't be no good if we don't get it cooked" Manami said and indicated he was going to start walking forward with the massive spiked turtle shell in tow.

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