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    Rave Falco Empty Rave Falco

    Post by Chomp on Wed Oct 31, 2018 7:41 am

    Account Name: Chomp

    Basic Info

    Name: Rave Falco
    Nickname: TBD
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Pirate
    Bounty: No Threat
    Achievements: N/A
    Profession: Martial Artist
    Position: Crewmate


    Height: 5'0"
    Weight: 107 Lbs
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Orange
    Clothing/Accessories: He is usually in a white T-shirt, it has pink trim on the bottom of the shirt and at the ends of the sleeves, with a blue and yellow leather jacket, only the hood and the ends of the sleeves are yellow, over that. He wears black jean pants, they have 3 pockets going down each leg and 2 pockets in the back, that are just long enough to cover the top of his white sneakers.

    General Appearance: Rave looks to young to be his actual age, most people call him baby face. He has sunshine blonde hair that naturally looks combed back, his bang are long to frame his face. His eyes are also a yellow color but more of a golden yellow. His ears stick out from the side of his head a little. When he smiles he has dimples at the ends of his lips.

    He body seemed to stop growing when he was 11, he still looks like a elementary student. His body is small in proportions, his arms are small and not very muscular so are his legs. He would call himself a lump of clay that needs a master to shape him.

    Rave Falco Mitsukuni_honizuka_by_letitallbleedout


    Personality: Rave has always looked up to pirates since the day that he was saved from a fire by one. Ever since that time he has always wanted to be a pirate and would sneak looks at his fathers, who was a marine, maps which were marked where pirates would go and where some of the most dangerous parts of the sea were. Rave always dreamed that maybe he would get to one of those places and find someone to teach him to be a good pirate.

    Rave was a strange child he could be found off away from every all the other children he would be off reading books about pirates in history, he believed that not all pirates were bad and that some of the stories where mad bad by marines.

    He was always a good student, he was a tough worker and a good listener. He was always quiet because there was no one that he could talk to about his dream, out of fear that someone would tell his father.

    Rave enjoys the outside, he hates being stuck inside. If he is not reading he can be found laying on a roof staring at the sky, be it clouds rolling by or stars shining, with his hands behind his head and a big smile on his face. He also enjoys sweets he loves anything that is sweet, if he is eating something sweet and somebody tries to take it from him he will bite them.

    Hometown: Salty Blues, North Blue
    History: Rave was born on a stormy night which was a good thing because during birth his mother died. So he was raised by his marine father, which was all discipline and no actual love that he remembers. He learned how to sweep and mop the marine way, his father was actually just a chore boy when Rave was little. When Rave turned 10 his father was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, which made life easier for Rave because his father was so busy with his new job.

    One day a ship came into port on board was a group of people, who Rave knew where pirates it was just a feeling he got. It seemed like his father got the same feeling he told his son to say away from that group of people just in case. Well Rave's father had to go out on patrol and left Rave home alone. He got cold so he tried to light the fire place, well it didn't work he accidently lit the rug in front of the fire place. The rug caught other stuff on fire and in a matter of minutes the house was on fire and Rave was stuck inside. He was scared and curled in to a ball in the only corner that was not on fire and began to yell for help. After what seemed like a eternity, it was actually like 2 minutes, a arm busted through the wall to Rave's left and then a huge burly hairy man busted through the wall and saved Rave. The man carried him outside where Rave's father was running up so he was handed to his father.

    The next day Rave followed his dad on his patrol, he was scared and they really did not have anywhere to sleep they had spent the night at a friends house. His father and him heard a bunch of loud yelling so they headed towards the noise. When they got there they saw that there was a Bartender laying on the ground with a broken nose and the man from the night before. Raves father asked the man a few questions and learned that his name was Clark "The Bear" Hathern Captain of the Cave Pirates.

    That day Rave decided that he wanted to become a pirate and travel the sea's having fun and helping people who would not expect him to help them. His father told the pirates to leave the island he was only giving them this chance for saving his son.

    After years of Rave studying about pirates and planning on how to be great like other pirates, even training his body a little bit when no one was looking. He learned that his father was being transfered to A-7 a island in the grand line, where there was a lot of pirates. Rave decided that on the day they got there he would run away from his father and try to find a Pirate to teach him how to be a great pirate.

    Inventory and Abilities

    Combat: Rave's combat tactic is just to punch stuff til it breaks or falls down. He does not really have a combat style as he is still learning to be his own man and has not been in many fights.
    Weaponry: N/A
    Items: N/A
    Beli: 400,000
    SD Earned: 31
    Stat Points: 63
    Advancement Points: 0
    SD Remaining: 0

    1. Used for Stats: 63
    2. Used for Fortune: 0

    • Strength: 20 (16+4)
    • Speed: 16
    • Stamina: 20 (15+5)
    • Accuracy: 16
    • Fortune: 18

    Mighty Strength (1 Trait) - For every 4 points put into strength (up to a maximum of 150), the score increases by an additional 1.

    Mammoth Stamina (2 Traits) - For every 3 points put into stamina (up to a maximum of 150), the score increases by an additional 1.

    Profession Traits:
    Hardened Fighter (1 Trait) – Through excessive training in breaking planks, punching rocks, and all those durability-building exercises, the character’s arms, up to their elbows, and their legs, up to their knees, have gained flesh that is as hard as iron, making them much more resistant to physical damage.

    Devil Fruit wrote:Devil Fruit Name: N/A
    Devil Fruit Type: N/A
    Devil Fruit Ability: N/A


    Regular Technique Points: 36
    Used Regular Technique Points: 0
    Special Technique Points: 0
    Used Special Technique Points: 0
    Max Technique Rank: 9

    TECHNIQUE NAME (Rank number)
    Description: (Effects)

    Development History

    Gains and losses:

    Rewards for your service:
    - 30 SD &  Currency  300,000
    OPNW Event Results:
    - 1 SD &  Currency 50,000
    Edit Log:
    Edit Log goes here

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    Post by Chomp on Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:45 pm

    Ready TO move
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    Post by Dunn on Sun Dec 30, 2018 8:41 pm

    looks good 1/2

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    2/2 don't die :O

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