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    Mary Geoise Summary

    General Info: The Holy Land Mary Geoise (聖地マリージョア Seichi Marījoa) is the capital of the World Government, where its highest rulers, namely Im (from behind the scenes), the Five Elders, the World Nobles, and Commander-in-Chief, reside and govern. It also hosts the Levely, a council of rulers of World Government nations that occurs every four years.

    Mary Geoise is located on the Red Line and serves as the official route for people to cross between the two halves of the Grand Line, although only people acting inside the law are allowed passage; pirates and other criminals must go under the Red Line through Fishman Island to cross.

    Though The Celestial dragons have lost much of their power in the fringes of the world here their rule is still absolute. To defy them, to look at them, to exist in their path. These are all crimes punishable by death. Clinging desperately to their supremacy they are even more volatile than past generations as they do not wish to have to become mortals like the rest of the world though some do realize they are gods in name alone they woudln't admit it lest they be cast out.

    Appearance: The City of Mary Geoise resides at the top of the world on the red line. It has normal seasons and is Nigh unreachable through illegal means due to the sheer size of the red line and the many creatures who live there. across it, of course there is also the fact that it is Surrounded on all sides by World government institutions to keep the Tenrubito safe.

    Mary Geoise resembles a Victorian-architectured city. Since the World Nobles, the world's highest social class, live here, it is kept in pristine condition. It is located very high above sea level, so it is surrounded by clouds and fog. Around the city are artificially planted forests as well as rivers; their source of water is unknown. The city's walkways, called travelators (トラベレーター toraberētā), are moved by slave labor pushing them from below.

    People get to Mary Geoise from the Red Port using bondolas. They arrive at the bottom of long staircases carved into the Red Line that lead right to the city, and on the sides of the staircases are statues of unknown people.

    The city is built around a main intersection connecting both Red Ports, Pangaea Castle, and the Domain of the Gods where the World Nobles live. Each of the four directions has a large gate, considered parts of the castle wall.

    Climate: Normal seasons

    Notable NPC(s): Tenruibito, Commander And Chief of world government forces, the 5 elders.

    Groups: Cp0, World Government, Celestial Dragons, Slaves.


    Pangaea Castle (パンゲア城 Pangea-jō?) is a gigantic castle where the World Government meets and works; it is also where Levely takes place. This castle seems to have at least six floors, plus extra structures on top, including a number of towers. The main entrance of the castle is guarded by a group of soldiers clad in armor. There is also a fortified wall surrounding the castle, with the symbol of the World Government plastered above the front gate.

    The Domain of the Gods (神々の地 Kamigami no Chi?) is where the World Nobles and their slaves reside. It is a fairly regular town, with trees and a fountain decorating the streets. However, it is very large as it constitutes most of the area of Mary Geoise.

    The Celestial Dragon Gate (天竜門 Tenryūmon?) is one of three heavily guarded gates outside of the Pangaea Castle. It is the passageway between the Pangaea Castle and the entrance to the Domain of the Gods. It is guarded by several World Government employees, who prevent the entrance of anyone but the World Nobles. The gate is large and has the "Hoof of the Flying Dragon" mark above its opening.

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