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    Water Seven Briefing



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    Water Seven Briefing  Empty Water Seven Briefing

    Post by Dante on Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:35 am

    Water 7 Summary

    General Info: Water 7 is a city in Paradise known for its shipwrights. It is part of the route the former pirate king is said to have taken long ago. Directly after Long Ring Long Land, making it the eighth island in Paradise that they visited. This place notably has A Treasure exchange where people can exchange treasure for Currency so that it can be used elsewhere. One need not look further than here for the most talented ship builders in the grand line. This island once fell prey to a tidal wave called aqua laguna however through the years of advancement and a dream of one of the original mayors of this island famous for his helping with the Sea trains of a legendary shipwrite known as tom whos name is still revered here. the island is a floating island and has raising barriers in place that break the wave at a point making it completely miss the island when it comes.

    Water Seven Briefing  Latest?cb=20160819212754

    Climate: Summer island

    Notable NPC(s): Who are the notable NPCs of the island, country, or archipelago? Example  King Ruffus: King of Ruffle kingdom, Sion: Notorious bandit of the badlands.

    Groups: Galley-la Ship Company, Franky House


    Dock One is considered the best dock of the Galley-La Company, and is the only one shown. Dock One is one of the 7 docks once owned all by different companies. Each of them grouped together to form Galley-La Company. All of them are assumed to be roughly the same size, but Dock One has some of Galley-La's finest. The Mayors mansion is near here.

    Franky House
    The Franky Family lives here and uses it as a base. Like most of Water 7, it is very colorful. The house has big gold letters reading FRANKY HOUSE in front and has large robot-like "arms" hanging off the sides. The Franky Family has become A place for all the wary with nowhere else to go to come and to rebuild their Lives, Facilitated for generations by the Mayor's of water 7 who give them jobs and make sure that they have enough supplies and money to get back to work perhaps for the many ship companies that run the docks. It is said that its founder was part of the Pirate kings crew some 300+ years ago.

    Galley-La Headquarters
    This is where The mayor lives. It is probably the largest home on the island and is generally well protected. The Ship writes of this island are no pushovers and They have their own private security force which double as ship writes of the first docks in shifts. The water 7 Mayor is usually elected out of Galley-La and this is why the mayors house is the headquarters also.

    Rental Bull Shop is the place to rent Bulls. It is located at an entrance to the city from the Rocky Cape. The Bulls are kept in a fish tank with Yagara Bull two seat coaches costing :Beli: 2,000. And is the best way to get around the islands water channels if staying on the island for any length of time it is worth the purchase as it is nearly impossible to get around otherwise.

    Scrap Island
    Made up of the debris of hundreds of wrecked or scrapped ships this man-made island is A place to get cheap parts if you are too poor to go to one of the ship companies and afford new parts. It is typically a place scavenged by the franky house to help pirates as they believe their founder would want them to do so if they judge the pirates to be worthy of their help.

    Tsui Village
    Tsui Village is an anime-only location in Water 7. It is known by the citizens as a place of legends and the final resting place of Yagara Bulls. In reality, the spiritual realm exists and Tsui Village is located in the abandoned undergrounds of Water 7 which is now a hub for underworld activity.

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