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    Let's Try This Again!


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    Let's Try This Again! Empty Let's Try This Again!

    Post by thrdthu on Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:49 am

    Ok. Lesson learned. Don't announce at the front door. Leave the theatrics to letters and preprepared situations where you have already established the win conditions. Otherwise, don't reveal your plot until it is already done. Angelo had a better understanding of what to do this time though. Everything would go perfectly. Angelo would get away clean.


    He smiled at the thought as he used this royal jewel heist as his practice for returning to his previous failure. He was going to destroy the castle of Lyneel, but he needed to practice his craft. He needed to sneak. Pillage. Plunder. Murder. A collection of heinous and villouns actions.

    The villain knew his power would help him enter the castle undetected as long as he was smart. His normal attire was perfect for a night burglary. Black suit. Black mask. Black gloves. Black shoes. Black umbrella. The question was how much black could he get, and the answer is none. None more black.

    The night was his friend as he move along the surfaces of the town. He stayed in shadow, his body blending perfectly in the darkness as not only was he harder to see in the shadows of the night, but no one would see a contrasting figure in the shadows since he moved along the city in his two dimensional form, flat against all surfaces. His body contoured across the world as if he was a part of it.

    There would be no clue as to his existence. It would be as if he was invisible.

    Patiently he waited and moved, sliding under doorways that were locked. Slipping between the smallest cracks in walls only thick enough for a gentle breeze to blow through, but was perfectly thick enough for a perfectly flat man to slide his way through.

    An infiltration so brazen would be impossible had he been in three dimensions, but that was why his tile power gave him the advantage in villainy. And in the darkest part of the night he was there, in the bedroom of the ruling duchess of Rubeck Island. HE had waited to make sure she was silently asleep and that no one was in her room but herself before he made his move, and began his villainy.

    As she slept soundly Angelo seemed to materialize slowly, unfurling himself back into three dimensions. His umbrella at hand as he placed the bladed tip lightly upon her throat in her sleep. The cold steel against her porcelain flesh. A blade to the throat of Duchess Zella Wiebe.

    "Hello madam," He said in a hushed whisper as he tipped his hat to her, a coldness to his voice behind his haunting plague mask. His eyes scanned the room and he breathed a sigh of relief at how immaculate it was. Perfection.

    "My name is Angelo Coyote, but you may call me the villain. I am here to rob you this wonderful evening. I ask you not to make a noise as to cause me to dirty your room with your blood, for my umbrella is very sharp and I would much prefer a nice and clean affair, wouldn't you?" Angelo said to his target. This would be a much different affair than in Lyneel.

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    Let's Try This Again! Empty Re: Let's Try This Again!

    Post by TOGAtogaTOGA on Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:37 pm

    Sneaking through a town in the dead of night, and up to a castle? That was easy. The town was packed with houses and buildings that reached three or two stories. And they needed enough space in between them that the whole town from a bird's eye view looked like a checkerboard with small lines separating all of the squares from one another. The would-be master thief was able to get through the town for lack of light and lack of police out at this hour. Though his clothing did lend some aide in the night.

    As sneaky as he thought he was, his entire getup did stick out in the light of the night. Miraculously, because no one expects the Tile Inquisition, Angelo would be able to sneak in to the castle ground, and the castle itself. Getting up and to the main floor where the queen was said to sleep.

    Dimly lit hallways and a sparse number of guards patrolling in the dead of night lead to an easy to enter bedroom. It looked pretty grand for a bedroom! Not that it was easy to see much in this little place without the lights on. In the bed, under a cover of purple satin and behind a semi-see-through curtain from the canopy of the bed, lay a woman with her hair done up in a small bun, with a light brown color to it.

    When Angelo went to wake her, with his blade no less, she seemed more alert than anything, as if she was pretending to be asleep. She smiled and slowly sat up, one of the straps of her nightgown slipping off her shoulder while she nodded to his words about being silent, and undid her hair bun, letting her hair slip down over her face and shoulders, a puff of air to blow some of it out of her face.

    "Okay Angelo The Villain. Rob me of my innocence. Take all that I have to give." She said with short breath, in a hushed tone that no one would hear. She seemed to be, enjoying this? Something didn't seem quite right. She crawled out from the covers, leaving them ruffled and rumpled while she edged closer to the would be thief.

    "I wouldn't have expected you to be in to such a display Richard, fake names, a costume, and even a real blade to spice things up? You do so know how to inspire me." SHe said with an index finger brought to her lip.

    Wait, Richard? Who the hell was Richard? Who the hell was this? Meanwhile, footsteps were slowly approaching from the outside. Every few steps that they took, it seemed that they were trying to stop and look around if anyone was following them. It was the real Richard, coming here to sneak in for a night of fun with his forbidden love!

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