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    Account Name: Acrean

    Basic Info

    Name: Eldorne Lock
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Pirate
    Bounty:  Currency 0
    Achievements: N/A
    Profession (Primary): Weapon Specialist [Swords]: A much more general fighter-type profession, a Weapon Specialist is someone who has to a large or small degree devoted his/her life to the mastery of a single weapon or weapon type, such as Swords, Axes or Whips. This profession applies generally to melee weapons. Characters with this profession have access to certain additional traits and may create "Stance" techniques.
    Profession (Secondary): Thief: The Thief is a job closely related to the assassin. They both provide stealth capabilities, though a Thief gains lockpicking skills instead of poison knowledge, can generally know their way around the ways of barter and trade, and pickpocketing. Thieves don't have it hard to find 'underground info' in most cities, either.
    Position: Captain, Swordsman
    Crew: Crimson Sky Pirates


    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown and wavy with a sort of wind-swept look. Fairly long as well, going from just below his ears at the sides to the base of his neck, and then beyond, although the longer hair is usually worn in a ponytail. At the front, it falls just below his eyes at its longest.
    Eyes: Rich but dark violet.
    Clothing/Accessories: Eldorne generally wears a loose, comfortable long-sleeved white shirt with an open collar. He prefers baggy pants with deep pockets, that are light-weight and comfortable, but can hold a lot of stuff. Around the middle he ties a sturdy sheet of fabric with an ornate copper-colored rope that's woven through it. On his feet he wears sturdy leather boots that are good for keeping water out. On his arms are brown leather bracers, secured with black straps. He tends to keep his sword(s) strapped to his back or at his side, depending on the situation. Around his neck he wears a necklace with three white fangs, said to have been taken from the maw of some great ocean beast.
    General Appearance: Although he has a slim build, he does have some muscles beneath all the baggy clothes. When he's enjoying himself he tends to have a pretty cocky grin, but when the smile fades his face is stoic and cold, often frowning when he's in deep thought. He tends to slouch and laze about when relaxing, especially when on his own, but in a duel or a situation where he knows eyes are going to be on him he does his best to stand straight and proud.


    Eldorne Lock PWiRM93



    "You probably aren't scared yet, but that's okay. You see, I'm starting to appreciate the gift of being underestimated."

    As much as he'd like to pretend otherwise, Eldorne cares what people think about him. A lot. And a large part of that comes from how highly he thinks of himself, despite his humble beginnings and some of his less-savory practices. And although he is at least self-aware enough to recognize he has flaws, and to some extent even knows what they are, the truth of the matter is they don't do anything to diminish his ambitions, or the high hopes and expectations he has of his own abilities down the line.

    And in fairness, his opinions may have some merit. Young and athletic, with a knack for the blade and a fierce determination to become the best with it, he never stays down for long even when he falters. Adventurous and cunning, he has a habit of getting into tight spots - and wriggling his way out of them.

    Yet despite his ego it would be hard to call Eldorne an optimist, for in almost all matters he is pragmatic first and foremost. He's always trying to avoid taking undue risks, and prefers to take the smart approach rather than the quick one. Even when it comes to his own abilities, if he faces somebody he doesn't believe he can defeat, Eldorne would rather cut his losses and run if meant living to fight another day. In a word: logical.

    But in another word, perhaps also a coward. If you don't take risks, you won't improve. Eldorne knows this, and so faces a constant struggle where his desires battle against his instincts - to fight, or to flee. And his desperate desire to avoid being seen as weak - both by himself and by others - only makes the issue more pronounced. Yet though conflicted, he does his best to remain calm and level-headed regardless of the danger he may be facing. He prefers to plan for events and his own actions ahead of time, but is rarely left scrambling when the plan falls apart and the chips are down.

    Playing into his cautious nature, Eldorne can be slow to trust others, often coming across as cold or aloof. He prefers solitude, or the company of a small group of close friends, avoiding large crowds wherever possible. This isn't helped by his penchant for sarcasm and wit, usually at the expense of someone else. He doesn't care much for anybody that isn't friend or family, preferring to let the rest of the world do its thing as long as it doesn't bother him. Generally speaking, he prefers animals to people. Yet ultimately, he has as much capacity to trust and care for others as anybody else.

    When all is said and done, Eldorne might make a terrible captain. He's certainly lacking some of the qualities of the greats. But his love of freedom and adventure, and his refusal to see himself as below anybody, would leave him with few other options. Perhaps instead, he just needs the right people at his side.

    Hometown: Lyneel

    Eldorne's History, Part 1 - The Backstory:

    Eldorne was born on Lyneel, where men were men and women were decidedly not. His father was a fisherman, and his mother a tailor. From an early age, he was taught that men have a duty and a responsibility, not only to themselves and those they care about, but to the world and the civilization in which they lived. Eldorne learned that to be a man meant to be tough, strong, ambitious, and determined - but also to respect authority and accept the burden of your responsibilities without complaint.

    Some of these lessons he absorbed, but against others he rebelled. It wasn't long before he began to question the validity of all he was being told. Why must he respect his father's ancient captain, who yelled and cursed at him for the smallest mistake on board the ship, when the man clearly had no respect for him? All Eldorne wanted was to see what lay beyond the horizon, but any time his gaze wasn't focused on a rope or a floor that needed cleaning he was smacked around. Why was it that when they got back to port, he had to shine shoes in the tavern, while his father got to gamble and drink with friends? Why in the mornings did he need to listen to the strict marine, who refused to even entertain the idea that his fighting style could be anything less than perfect? Why did everybody get to decide everything for him, and when would he get to start making choices for himself?

    It wasn't just the adults pushing him around either. He wasn't always tough enough to stand up against the more aggressive kids, especially the larger ones who were being taught trades such as blacksmithing or carpentry, and liked to push the others around as a group. Many a time he came home bruised or battered, wishing he had brought his sword with him on that day - and wishing he had a real sword instead of a wooden one.

    Eventually, there came a day when Eldorne provided the answers for himself. He didn't have to respect somebody just because his father told him to. He didn't have to work just because people expected it. If he had another opinion, he didn't have to compromise on it. He couldn't control what other people thought, but they couldn't control what he thought either.

    And with that change in mindset came a change in attitude. He started avoiding work, making up excuses or just not giving one at all. He began hanging out with people who thought in similar ways - the kind of kids his father wouldn't approve of, who knew how to pick locks and pockets, and took from society instead of giving back to it. Their names were Connie, Rhys, Gil, and Melana. They were the wrong crowd, but they were a free crowd, untamed by the burdens of society - and that was all Eldorne was looking for.

    Whenever they hung out together, one topic of discussion always came up - pirates. Men and women who made their own rules and lived by their own codes, who did as they pleased and were free to roam the seas and adventure. The prospect was enthralling, romantic even, and Eldorne and his friends began saving their money to buy a ship. It was little more than a pipe dream, but the thought of one day being a famous pirate crew was too great a hope to abandon.

    Eldorne also found a new teacher, One-Armed Timber, to show him how to fight - a bounty hunter famous for hating marines as much as he hated pirates, who had retired after the marines of his hometown failed to stop a pirate raid, resulting in the deaths of both his wife and his only son. All it took to convince the man was hearing the name of that marine, and the money for the lessons, and Eldorne had himself a new instructor. One who was not only open to arguing about absolutely everything, but could keep Eldorne's mind occupied with a new tale of adventure and conflict at the drop of a hat.

    Of course, being a teenager at this point, Eldorne thought himself much more sneaky than he actually was. His parents quickly found out about his activities, and although they had some stern talks with him, and did all they could to set him back "on the right track", deep down they were proud of him. They never admitted it, even to each other, but in truth Eldorne was doing what it really meant to "be a man" in his parent's eyes - following his own path. Making his own choices, and dealing with the consequences on his own.

    Unfortunately, none of them predicted the consequences being quite so severe.

    Years passed before Eldorne learned of and subsequently told his parents about One-Arm's past. As it happened, his father recalled being stationed on that same island as a marine at the time. He had only been an ensign, seeing if the Marines were a good fit for him. Eldorne, thinking nothing of it, told the story to One-Arm the next day in passing.

    A couple days later, his father was arrested and charged with illegal gambling.

    Eldorne knew what had happened immediately. He pounded at his mentor's door for a couple minutes, but when he got no answer, picked the lock instead and forced his way inside. When he found One-Arm laying in bed, still cradling a half-empty bottle of whisky, his fury resolved itself into a fit of screaming rage. He fought the urge to strike at his mentor, even as he argued back in a rage of his own, his speech slurred by a half-awake drunken coma. In his final act of anger, Eldorne unbuckled his blade and threw it at his mentor's feet, before storming back out and running home to rejoin his despondent parents. He resolved never to see his mentor again.

    But fate had other plans. For as a Bounty Hunter, One-Arm had made a fair number of enemies, and not all of them were dead or locked away. A pirate by the name of Captain Kataki had been released from his sentence early, and set his mind to exacting vengeance on One-Arm for capturing his crew. But Kataki, knowing he couldn't take One-Arm on his own, needed a plan to gain leverage. He had heard through a friend that One-Arm had acquired a student, and so he came up with a plan.

    It was Gil who took the bribe, and lead Eldorne to him. Although Eldorne didn't need long to figure out something was amiss, he was too slow to stop Kataki from seizing him by the throat and placing the gun to his head. Unable to do anything faster than the pull of a trigger, Eldorne was helplessly pushed along to One-Arm's house. The two marines they saw along the way dashed off, presumably too afraid of breaking protocol than to take their chances trying to intervene. The door was kicked open, and as they marched in on One-Arm rousing from his slumber, Eldorne felt the tears beginning to pour down his face.

    Kataki offered a choice. One-Arm could kill himself, there and now. Or he could kill Kataki, and watch Eldorne die for it.

    One-Arm didn't hesitate. He plunged the blade through his torso before Kataki had finished talking.

    Maybe it was shock, but for a moment Kataki's gun wavered, and in that instant, One-Arm lunged. His blade, already stained with his own blood, plunged through Kataki's chest and pinned him to the floor. The gun went off as it hit the ground, shattering the window. Eldorne, crying and screaming, stumbled towards the door begging for someone to help. But One-Arm, slumped to his knees, leaned over and grabbed his wrist. And into Eldorne's hand, he shoved the hilt of the blade. Eldorne's blade.

    Then One-Arm fell onto his back, a smile on his face, and whispered his wife's name one last time.

    The funeral had a low turn-out. Eldorne was there, of course, along with a few of One-Arm's friends. Despite One-Arm's actions towards him, Eldorne's father came to pay his respects. Eldorne's mother however did not, as she blamed One-Arm for the hostage situation in the first place. Rhys and Melana showed up to comfort Eldorne, but their group of friends wasn't quite the same. Gil could no longer face them for his part in the ordeal, and alongside him went Connie. With only the three of them left, somehow their little crew seemed sad and broken. And over the next year, they all began to drift apart, looking for some other meaning in their lives.

    And so came the day when Eldorne, ever restless since losing his mentor, finally found his. The day he picked up his sword and swore not to be weak anymore. Not to be pushed around, but to be the one doing the pushing. Not to back down from a challenge, but to rise to meet it.

    He didn't leave the island with some grand party. He didn't leave with a loud farewell, or with a lasting impression. He left quietly, with only his parents to see him off. His heart beating loudly in his chest, filled with hope, and excitement, and determination - but also nervous and scared.

    Nonetheless, he left. And this is where his journey begins.

    Inventory and Abilities

    Combat: Eldorne fights calmly and strategically. He'd like to think of himself as an honorable person, but at the end of the day he doesn't easily pass up an opportunity for a quick and easy victory if there is one - even if it's not the most "honorable" of methods.

    His fighting style, the Reigning Lore Style, revolves around using a single sword, swapping between one and two-handed techniques, while using his free hand for more improvised options such as swinging from a rope, stealing a dropped weapon, pulling somebody else in as a human shield, etc. It focuses on powerful and quick offensive moves, relying more on avoiding attacks than trading blows. There is an emphasis on not wasting movement so as to conserve energy, operating instead in short, quick bursts.


    • Iron Hand-and-a-half Sword
    • Iron Dagger


    • Roped-cloth (a sturdy cloth with a rope running through it. Large enough to potentially be used to catch a weapon, conceal a person's face, or slide down a sloped rope without getting rope-burn).

    Beli: Currency 350,000
    SD Earned: 30
    Stat Points: 74
    Advancement Points: 0
    SD Remaining: 0

    1. Used for Stats: 62
    2. Used for Fortune: 0

    • Strength: 25 (20 + 5)
    • Speed: 20 (16 + 4)
    • Stamina: 14
    • Accuracy: 15 (12 + 3)
    • Fortune: 18.5

    General Traits: 3

    • Mighty Strength (1 Trait) - For every 4 points put into strength (up to a maximum of 150), the score increases by an additional 1.

    • Great Speed (1 Trait) - For every 4 points put into speed (up to a maximum of 150), the score increases by an additional 1.

    • Keen Accuracy (1 Trait) - For every 4 points put into Accuracy (up to a maximum of 150), the score increases by an additional 1.

    Profession Traits: 1

    • Treasure Hunter (1 Trait)– With their knack for discovering hidden items that don’t necessarily belong to them, these thieves are very skilled in looking for treasures. Thus, in their SLs, they will always get an extra little item. It could be something quirky, or it could be something rare.

    Devil Fruit wrote:Devil Fruit Name: N/A
    Devil Fruit Type: N/A
    Devil Fruit Ability: N/A


    Regular Technique Points: 36
    Used Regular Technique Points: 35
    Special Technique Points: 0
    Used Special Technique Points: 0

    Reigning Lore Style - White Tiger Path

    The White Tiger Path focuses on short, but quick and powerful offensive techniques.

    White Tiger Path:
    Western Fang 9
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Melee
    Power: 1
    Stats: N/A
    General Effects: N/A
    Elite Effects: Piercing (-8)
    Description: As part of the movement for this technique, Eldorne flips the blade into a reverse-grip, as one might hold a dagger, before stabbing downwards with it. This grip and movement allows for a more penetrating stab.

    Pounce 8
    Type: Supportive
    Range: Short (-4)
    Power: 4
    Stats: N/A
    General Effects: N/A
    Elite Effects: N/A
    Description: Through this technique Eldorne performs a nimble long jump, covering a surprising distance without losing any vertical height. This allows him to move a short distance much faster than if he were to run there.

    Reigning Lore Style - Vermilion Bird Path

    The Vermilion Bird Path focuses on evasive movements and deceptive strikes.

    Vermilion Bird Path:
    Southern Wing 9
    Type: Defensive
    Range: Melee
    Power: 9
    Stats: N/A
    General Effects: Disorient (8)
    Elite Effects: N/A
    Description: With his free hand, Eldorne unleashes his cloth to obscure his opponent's vision for a moment. This gives him a greater chance of avoiding whatever strike may be coming his way. To utilize this technique in full, the cloth must unfortunately be released.

    Reigning Lore Style - Azure Dragon Path

    The Azure Dragon Path focuses on sweeping and devastating offensive techniques.

    Azure Dragon Path:
    Eastern Claw 9
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Melee
    Power: 9
    Stats: N/A
    General Effects: Displacement (8)
    Elite Effects: N/A
    Description: Eldorne swings his blade in a wide arc that not only cuts into opponents, but pushes them away at the same time.

    Development History

    Gains and losses:

    Rewards for your Service +30 SD, + Currency 300,000

    Edit Log:

    None yet

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    Reserved for Techniques (I intend to make a fair number and I'd like to spread them out. I've had a history of running out of characters in the profile before).


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