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    Hector Orsino

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    Hector Orsino Empty Hector Orsino

    Post by Salad Paladin on Mon Nov 05, 2018 6:09 pm

    [Account Name: Salad Paladin

    Basic Info

    Name: Hector Orsino
    Nickname: TBD
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Pirate
    Bounty: 0 beli
    Achievements: TBD
    Profession: Primary - Martial Artist
    Secondary - Thief
    Position: First Mate
    Crew: Crimson Sky Pirates


    Height: 6’ 8’’
    Weight: 255 lbs
    Hair: Sunny Blonde, turned into a shoulder-length ponytail with a couple of bangs at the front. Kind of messy in appearance, but has a silky texture when felt. A short and tidy goatee is present on his chin to complement his appearance.
    Eyes: Bright Blue eyes with a round look, making for a rather expressive appearance.
    Clothing/Accessories: Opting for simplicity with functionality for clothing, Hector wears a purple sleeveless shirt along with a simple pair of brown pants. The clothing is rather tight-fitting and shows off his bulky body. Some basic brown boots complement the ensemble along with a leather belt and a leather shoulder guard, though this shoulder guard is more decorational than functional and does not defend well.
    General Appearance: With a lean, angular face along with a rather chiseled jaw, Hector is a striking man at first appearance. What tends to be more striking to many is his frame and size, as Hector is above average compared to a normal human. Hector’s frame is big and full of bulky muscle rather than lean muscle, with broad shoulders to complement his body. He is by no means fat but rather just full of muscle from years of fighting and training to become a fighter. His feet and hands are slightly larger than normal, which help with his fighting style. There are two distinct scars on his body though, one massive gash that appears to be a claw mark across his chest and a scarred up mark on his back, making it rather indescribable and unclear as to what it originally was.

    Hector Orsino Amun


    Personality: Hector believes in a code of honor and is willing to take on anyone if challenged, though he is also willing to admit defeat if he knows he is outclassed. He is very unforgiving to those who cheat in fights, unless it is a matter of life or death. This honor is part of his creed and shapes how he treats others, in that he will give respect back if it is given or earned. Thus he is friendly and cordial to those he meets, though he does not loosen up around strangers, only those he knows and considers worthy of trust.

    With those he trusts and cares for, Hector is warmer and friendlier, even to the point of willing to joke around about anything. He is not above being ordered around or following commands, though he will always mention that he will speak up if he has an issue about anything told to him. While he is not the brightest person, he is a sensible person and will follow basic common sense in just about every situation, unless necessary.

    He finds the notion of slavery to be abhorrent due to his past, and despises slavers with a passion. Hector desires to live a life of freedom and exploration, and finds the idea of being caged or chained to be both terrifying and appalling. He wishes to find amazing treasure and embark on an adventure where he can both grow stronger and see the world. His hatred of slavery makes him dislike the World Government because to him, it is the main reason the slave trade exists so openly and freely.

    Hector has a fondness for sour-tasting foods, particularly lemons and limes. In his quiet time, he likes to train and meditate along with sitting outside to feel the world around him. He doesn’t really focus a lot on romance, though he likes all genders and does not care about race in general. He is very pragmatic and conscientious about spending beli though, as he never had that much money growing up in a rough, lawless zone.

    Hometown: Sabaody Archipelago, Lawless Zone
    History: Born as the son of a courtesan in the Lawless zone, Hector had no real home life growing up as a child. While his mother cared enough about him to not abandon him entirely despite her profession, she was rarely there for him. He never knew his father, for his mother said it could have been anyone she had met. Once he was able to walk and talk, she would often leave him enough money for him to survive on. Being around the lawless zone of Sabaody was not the greatest or safest place for a young, impressionable child. He quickly learned that it was a feast or famine world, and that he would have to fight to survive some days. Often he would get beaten up or robbed because he was a young child with money, and thus he learned his lesson about being careful with any sort of money.

    As he grew older, he joined a group of bounty hunters both to learn how to fight, but also to earn some money. Eventually his mother stopped coming back home and he had to fend for himself by joining up with the group. He was too young to wield a weapon effectively, so the young boy learned how to use his fists and feet. While he often followed orders from the group and usually lured targets towards them using his childlike looks, sometimes he questioned what he was doing.

    By the time he was a decade into his life, what should have been an easy lure and bait target ended up backfiring as the pirates he tried to lure were caught by slavers instead. These slavers thought that he was with them, and as a result Hector was captured by them and put in chains to be sold. At the slave auction house, Hector learned just how horrifying humanity could truly be - even more so than growing up in the Lawless Zone showed him. Thankfully, his age and at the time, rather plain looks did not catch the eye of the most terrifying slave owners: The World Nobles. Instead, he got purchased by some wealthy merchant from the blues.

    Hector ended up being a slave for eight years of his life, and hated every year of it. While he had better luck than most to get a master who wanted him mostly to train him up as a prize fighter in underground rings, he did not like the yoke of servitude. However, he absorbed all the training he got even if he had usually been brutally beaten while training to become an underground fighter. He was fed well, and eventually grew muscular and his size jumped as he aged. His trainer was an aged underground fighter by the name of Orsino, and while Hector hated being a slave, he admired his trainer. Orsino taught him how to box, and utilize his caestus as tools to make sure he won fights. Though the older fighter died before Hector won his freedom, Hector took his name as a last name in honor of the man and in order to feel like he had a full name to identify him from his old slave past.

    By the time he was sixteen years of age, Hector was nearly at his current size and became a full-fledged pit fighter. The young man became known locally for his endurance, and unwillingness to cheat in a fight. Over time, he honed his technique and his arms and legs became very sturdy from all the fights he was a part of. Eventually, the young man was able to purchase his freedom from the merchant who had profited from his fights. From that day forward, he vowed to never serve anyone ever again.

    The next five years after that, Hector joined a mercenary company and honed his fighting skills even further. While it was not the best pay or service, Hector relished the freedom compared to his previous life. Eventually though, there became little use for the company in the blues, and thus they disbanded. Thus Hector, a now decently skilled fighter, decided to make his way into the world to find an ally to work with and potentially look for rare treasure or enjoy his freedom...

    Inventory and Abilities

    Combat: Hector uses a more patient style with fighting, preferring to wear out his opponents rather than go for anything flashy or quick. There are three distinct styles he uses: The Nova style, which is a Southpaw stance for fighting, The Bang style which is more for pure power and has a more Orthodox stance, and the Hardening style which is his defense/counter style. If he suspects foul play or underhanded tactics on his opponents behalf, Hector goes on the offensive and becomes more brutal with his blows, willing to permanently cripple or kill if angry enough. Favors grappling against quicker opponents and weapon users to prevent them from having the advantage. He uses his Caestus when he wants to fight seriously, and with intent to draw blood and do damage.
    Weaponry: Spiked Iron Caestus (Basically leather gloves with iron spikes around the knuckles)
    Items: Leather shoulder guard, though this is not very good for protection and more for appearance.
    Beli: 350,000
    SD Earned: 30
    Stat Points: 70
    Advancement Points: 0
    SD Remaining: 0/30

    1. Used for Stats: 30
    2. Used for Fortune: 0

    • Strength: 20 (16+4)
    • Speed: 14
    • Stamina: 22 (18+4)
    • Accuracy: 14
    • Fortune: 17

    Bear Stamina (1 Trait) - For every 4 points put into stamina (up to a maximum of 150), the score increases by an additional 1.

    Mighty Strength (1 Trait) - For every 4 points put into strength (up to a maximum of 150), the score increases by an additional 1.

    Hardened Fighter (1 Trait) – Through excessive training in breaking planks, punching rocks, and all those durability-building exercises, the character’s arms, up to their elbows, and their legs, up to their knees, have gained flesh that is as hard as iron, making them much more resistant to physical damage.

    Profession Traits:
    Treasure Hunter (1 Trait) – With their knack for discovering hidden items that don’t necessarily belong to them, these thieves are very skilled in looking for treasures. Thus, in their SLs, they will always get an extra little item. It could be something quirky, or it could be something rare.

    Devil Fruit wrote:Devil Fruit Name: N/A
    Devil Fruit Type: N/A
    Devil Fruit Ability: N/A


    Regular Technique Points: 34
    Used Regular Technique Points: 16
    Special Technique Points: 0
    Used Special Technique Points: 0

    Nova Shine (4)
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Melee
    Power: 4
    Stats: N/A
    Description: Nova Shine is the most basic move of the Nova style, and it is just a simple boxing jab. While a little faster than a standard punch, it is nothing too special.

    Nova Gattling (8)
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Melee
    Power: 8
    Stats: N/A
    Description: [Branched off Nova Shine +4] Hector starts sending out multiple jabs in a frenzied motion at his opponent in order to try to catch them off guard or deal as much damage as possible in a short span of time. (8 Gatling)

    Bang: Force (8)
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Melee
    Power: 8
    Stats: N/A
    Description: Bang:Force is the main attack of the Orthodox stance of the Bang style, and this is a very powerful straight punch with Hector’s full body thrown into it. This attack is intended to send the target flying due to the force from the body and through the punch. (8 Displacement)

    Development History

    Gains and losses:

    Rewards for your Service 30 SD and 300,000 beli

    Edit Log:

    Edit Log goes here!

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    Alright despite his questionable jaunt from BH to Pirate in the history I'll give this a classic


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    2/2 Don't die

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