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    Vigdis "Cold-Feet"


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    Vigdis "Cold-Feet"

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    Basic Info

    Name: Vígdís

    • Skuld (Marine codename)
    • Vígdís Sjávarson/Sjávardottir (Marine alias)
    • Valkyrie 23 (V-23): Vigdis' assigned cyborg designation as part of the Valkyrie project.
    • Valkyrie
    • Queen of Winter
    • The King with Tits
    • King in the North
    • Whore in the North
    • Queen of Winter, Whore of Summer
    • Queen of the South
    • World's Strongest Woman

    Age: Forty-Six | 46.
    Gender: Female.
    Race: Cyborg.
    Affiliation: Marines.

    1. Currency 150,000
    2. Currency 456,000
    3. Currency 810,000
    4. Currency 1,250,000
    5. Currency 1,511,000

    Rank (Commendations): Chore Girl (0).

    • Swordswoman | Weapon Specialist
    • Brawler | Martial Artist

    Position: While she wishes to return to her former glory as a captain of her own crew, Skuld currently fills the role of a
    Crew: N-52 | Marine North Blue 52nd Branch.


    Height: 322 cm (10' 6¾").
    Weight: 374 lbs (69 kg).
    Hair: Straight light blue hair that extends all the way down to her thighs.
    When she isn't in uniform, Vígdís usually

    General Appearance: Even before her cyborg enhancements, Skuld has always been a large woman, standing at just over 7' by time she was ten years old. Following her training regimen, she had a slender, athletic built, compromising of less than 15% body fat.
    Her body is littered with scars that would scare the weak at heart if they were to see them all, including 56 bullet scars & 33 blade scars, the most prominent of these scars of course being her amputated right arm, left leg and missing left eye, all of which have been replaced by cybernetic or prosthetic parts.
    She also bares a number of tattoos which she has been mamdated to hide with her clothing, most pf them are more brandings than anything she would have received from drunken bets.



    Personality: Vigdis is best described as "a hard pill to swallow".

    A former pirate, she retains all the worst attributes of her former career. She is not your goody too shoes brand of pirate unfortunately. She has killed, she has pillaged, she has plundered, she has raped, she has done it all, and even as a Marine, she continues to do so where opportune. And even as a Marine, she spends most of her days in variojs bars around North Blue either drinking until she is passed out drunk, fucking whatever breathes or fighting until she is black and blue. Fortunately, the Marine Captain in charge of her, as well as the crew, are as indulgent as she is and allows her to do so.

    To most, it seems she rarely, if ever, takes anything seriously.
    and can die with a smile at her lips as long as she had her share of fun.

    As a Marine she remains a controversial figure, unnafraid to do whatsoever she pleases. She is a perpetual joker

    While most would see her as a joker, and so think she's stupid, she's anything but. While she maintains s facade of nonchalance, she is in fsct always planning, always scheming, always analyzing. She didn't become a first class pirate through her strength, but rather her brains. She is a genius in her own right, especially when it comes to psychological warfare.

    While her loyalty may

    She is known to at times put a great deal of interest in religion, fate, and even the dreams of men. She strongly worships the germanic gods, regularly praying to them and doing things in their order, which still doesn't stop her from insulting even them, but still her faith is strong. With that, her seemingly reckless behavior can best be attributed to her own belief in fate and destiny.

    She is known to be often times have contradicting views of feminism and misogyny.

    Alas, while the viking woman maintains her dominant personality, it is a little known fact that she is a but a shell of herself. Not just, physically, but psychologically. The World Government may have broke her, but it was her crew

    Hometown: Kattegat
    100 years ago, you were born Skadi Ragnardottir. Your home island, Kattegat, was a winter island known for it's mixed races of wolf minks, giants and, of course, humans. A war like nation, where the segregated races were always in-fighting, however were always United when they would raid south. Your village, which was situated between two wolf and giant tribes was constantly used as the setting for their battles. The giant tribes would swindle your village into a protection fee against the wolves who regularly raided the village on nights of full moon. Your father, although a farmer by trade, was also a warrior. And while it wasn't uncommon for everyone, including the women, to fight, your father had always treated you as a bit of an outcast, no doubt due to the rumors that your mother had an affair around the time of your conception. And so, while your five brothers were all taught how to be fighters, you were raised to be a good daughter. Even though your father contempt towards you was clear, you never minded not fighting. You found the entire thing cruel and terrifying, and you much favored homemaking like you were taught by your mother.

    You were only eight when your village had been ravaged by the wolves while your father, along with the villlages strongest warriors were out raiding. You watched in utter terror as they killed your entire village, sparing only you. They would take you back to their own village, where the alpha wolf raised you like a daughter. They intestines in you the power of solidarity, taught you how to survive. At the time, you didn't get none of what they were teaching you, but it would stick with you subconsciously.A year later when you had finally worked up the courage to ask why the alpha wolf why they had spared you, you were told it was because you were weak—that of a village full of babies and animals, you were the only one they were certain lacked the courage and willpower to try taking revenge on them. You smiled, but only because you knew it was true. What he didn't tell you though is that he was your real father. When you were nine, Kattegat, which was usually the one doing the raiding, had been raided for the first time. By the world government, no less. They had sent in the Cipher Pol, who's elite forces had completely decimated the island's greatest fighters. Their true mission however was one of capture however. Capture promising children that is. As dainty as you were, you were chosen, and for the second time in your life, you watched as your family was killed before your eyes.

    You were taken back to a discreet government facility along with several other children from other islands. There, they trained you to be a perfect weapon. Subjected to a number of painful experiments and enhancements that would augment your natural capabilities, your reproductive systems and made you obedient. You were branded V-23, a branding you still bare on your tongue to this day. The final process was rewriting your brain. You were far too soft, even among your peers, and so your innate personality was completely rewritten. You were smarter, relentless and fearless. While the intent was to make you indifferent, the conflicting sides of your personality made you especially provocative. You were all assigned to Cipher Pol units, for your strength, you were designated to CP9.

    For over ten years, you served as a government agent, killing and manipulating as you were asked. You had your fun as though, being in the government's pocket provided you with your fair enough of your two favorite things: fighting and fucking. Still, such a life as a glorified weapon was no life for anyone to live, and with rumors of how the government were developing new units, you knew it was before long you would be rendered obsolete. You had met Captain Ragnar then, captain of the then Ragnarok pirates. You had bonded with him and his crew over a night of drunken debauchery. The next morning you had cried for the first time in years as you asked them to save you from yourself. A half lie.

    At twenty-four you had joined the Ragnarok pirates, drinking, raping and pillaging as you sailed the North Blue. As you sailed along, you were slowly amassing your own followship on the side, which made Ragnar feel threatened, which you had been counting on. You would challenge him to a battle for captaincy, a battle which you ultimately won. As you were about to deliver the finishing blow, you revealed that you were his daughter, something he had suspected, before you killed him. You drank that night more than you ever had, and your new found feeling of independence had unlocked your full genetic capabilities, allowing you to reproduce. And some weeks later you found out you and the other women you had bedded that night was pregnant. At twenty-six, you had nine children of your own and a crew of twenty.

    Soon after, you would begin your first campaign: conquering the North Blue. You had lost as many battles as you had won, but you had accomplished it, earning the title of "Conqueror in the North". With that done, you had plans of conquering all the blues. In your second campaign, you would conquer three islands in West Blue, in your second campaign in South Blue, you had lose your leg fighting the "Green Scorpion" Gant, and in your third campaign in West Blue, you would conquer three islands before rumors had started spreading that you were afraid of playing in the big leagues; the Grand Line. And so, at thirty, with a bounty of 176 million and a crew just. Over 200, content with having conquered most of all four blues, you would set your next voyage for the Grand Line.

    You would conquer three islands successfully before you had been handed your first truly staggering defeat that made you realize the depth of power that lied ahead. Accepting that brute Force alone was an innefficient means of approaching the sea of horrors, you had devised a number of plans. Using the pull you once had as a CP agent, you manipulated the Marines into annihilating your major competition. All the while, you had managed to make your way onto the sky island, Skypiea, where you resided in peace. You would spend five years on Skypiea in relative peace while your involved in the Grand Line spread to the point you were considered to rule the line. Being on Skypiea, you practically became a myth and legebd as few actually saw you, much less couldn't believe someone who stayed on an island in the sky could be anything but. At 35 you had conquered one section of the Grand Line, and amassed a bounty of 450 million and a grand fleet of over 800.

    Entering the New World, you had smartly allied yourself with another super rookie. He was young, albeit strong enough that he had supposedly once fought on equal fitting with one of the so called "Emperor's of the Sea", who were known as the Sankō at the time. His name was Roger. Like most did, his charisma pulled you in, and before long you were rooting for him. As one of his commanders, you took pride in doing the things he himself wouldn't otherwise do out of moral, taking the fall for him many times. Alas, while Roger shared your ideal of conquering the seas, you both had different views on what that entailed. While he sought to conquer it in the overlying sense, you knew that it went deeper than that, and so, you had begun putting pieces into place to get your feet into the underworld. A night of passion with a particularly lecherous noble, and some months later you had given birth to your twenty-first son. Convincing everyone he had noble blood, you had sold him off to the highest bidder in the underworld, and used that small little opening to get engrossed into the life style. Your modified genes was highly desirable for possible soldiers, and so you became known in the underworld as a trafficker of enhanced children.

    Still, you were nothing more than another supplier, when you truly wanted to be a kingpin. And so, you would willfully get yourself arrested, and before long you were sentenced to level six of Impel Down. For it was there, you knew you would find the most powerful man in the underworld. While your were incarcerated however, the moment the government had found out of their former experiments was there, they had sent for you. You knew the Marines wouldn't allow even the world government to overstep so many levels of red tape, and you also knew the world government would go to whatever extents to get you. Over the course of seven years, you had managed to get close enough to the king of the underworld as you both used each other to carry on their trades from the outside. Years of the world governments and Marines playing politics over who had rights over you, had finally culminated and spilled over into a major infiltration from the government, all according to your plan, and you would use the chaos that ensued to escape, your crew waiting for you at your assigned rendezvous.

    By the time of your release Roger had already garnered a reputation as the King of Pirates, taking many of the lands that once belong to you. You were envious, a fact you didn't hide from him as you told him you would take his head someday and against your better judgement, you had told Roger of your dealings, which, as you expected, he did not support. Knowing you had a fleet almost three times his at the time, you would wage war with him. He had singlehandedly defeated you and your entire crew, and, while humiliated, having lost your arm in the battle, you were ecstatic at his strength. Your crew didn't share your sentiment, and you could feel what are men you had left losing fate in your leadership. You had never quite recovered from losing to defeat, and as more pirates rose to prominence, challenging Roger, you were slowly pushed down the ladder as you lost to rookie after rookie.

    When you were forty, you had gotten captured by the Marines. Unfortunately, this time it wasn't according to your plan. You were surrendered to the world government, who were more than happy to have their former favorite guinea pig back. For here years, you were once more subjected to a number of enhancements from the new advancements they had made in the lineage factor, going as far as to have one of your eyes replaced with a cybernetic. You were actually happy. The new enhancements promised to make you even more powerful than before, and with you were certain you could match the new generation of pirates. And in the final process, you were branded with the celestial hood across your mark.

    Two years later, the hidden scientific base you were situated in had been attacked. You had taught it was your crew, but you couldn't be more wrong to learn it was the revolutionary army. One of their commanders was more than familiar with your work in an island in the Grand Line where you had turned the place into a pure anarchy, and had bare witness to you and you crew raping his mother and sisters. You laughed in his face as he promised to make you pay, but he did. He made you pay. For a year, you were tortured. It didn't break you, in fact you laughed through the whole thing, but you hadn't counted on was them breaking you at the core. That scared little girl you once was still lingered inside, and bringing that to the surface, they had broken you. And ever so often, in times of stress, that side of you would show her face.

    Your crew had never stopped looking for you, and would eventually track down the Marines and rescue you. Your 6th son had taken up as captain and had managed to restore some of the prestige the crew once had. He would step aside for you to take over once more, in spite of the crew being against it. And while you stilled talked a big game, you would always freeze up and breakdown once in the field. Your son would eventually give up on you, and you would find yourself being daggered by him and the rest of the crew. You would run for your life as they chased you to finish the deed, and as they caught up to you, as a last resort you had unleashed the full extent of your powers, freezing everything within several kilometers, including yourself.

    Frozen in an iceberg, it would sink to the bottom of the sea. With your powers over ice, you had remained in preservation for over a hundred, until six months ago when a Marine submarine had come across it. Taking the iceberg back to their base, they would thaw you out, quickly learning you were in fact alive. Recognizing who you were, they would beginning experimentations. Their intent? Make you subservient once again. Implanting a chip into your brain, they would create three devices which kept you subservient to those who held it, while also temporarily bypassing the damage done to you at the hands of the revolutionary army. Your prosthetic leg, arm and eye were all replaced with cybernetics. With that, they would hand the reigns over to the Marine branch, G-13, with your captain and 2 of your lieutenant commanders given the devices of your submission.

    Inventory and Abilities


    Weapon Name: Right Cybernetic Arm
    Weapon Class: Iron.
    Weapon Description: Skuld's arm is equipped with a
    Weapon Price: Currency 150,000

    Weapon Name: Left Prosthetic Leg
    Weapon Class: Iron.
    Weapon Description: Skuld's arm is equipped with a
    Weapon Price: Currency 0

    Weapon Name: Left Cybernetic Eye
    Weapon Class: Iron.
    Weapon Description: Skuld's eye has the capacity for X-Ray vision.
    Weapon Price: Currency 150,000

    Weapon Name: Flintlock Pistol.
    Weapon Class: Iron.
    Weapon Description A standard issue Marine flintlock pistol which can fire a single shot per round.
    Weapon Price: Free

    Weapon Name: Winter's Song.
    Weapon Class: Iron.
    Weapon Description: An 9' 9" long iron rapier.
    Weapon Price: Free.


    • Compass: No real sailor would be caught dead without one.
    • Goldfish Class Ship: When she isn't travelling with her Captain Laxus aboard one of the branches commissioned salmon class or tuna class ships, Skuld can be found travelling in her own commissioned small dingy.
    • Fuel Containers: Vigdis usually carries 3-6 containers on her belt for storing her needed cybernetic fuel.
    • Marine ID: Vigdis can... sometimes be found with her Marine identification card, which has crucial information, including her name, alias, age, birthday, blood type, crew, rank, commendations
    • Handcuffs: Vigdis always carries with her a pair of standard issue Marine handcuffs.

    Beli: Currency 350,000
    SD Earned: 30
    Stat Points: 62
    Advancement Points: 0
    SD Remaining: 0

    1. Used for Stats: 68 ( 62 + 6 )
    2. Used for Fortune: 0

    • Strength: 10
    • Speed: 10
    • Stamina: 38 ( 32 + 6 )
    • Accuracy: 10
    • Fortune: 17


    • Basic Cyborg (1 Trait) - This is the most basic level of cyborg, and the most commonly encountered type in the blues. A Basic Cyborg begins with up to 300,000 Beli worth of modifications. Their bodies are made out of Iron and do not vary from their original size. They may have one concealed weapon per arm or leg, and one basic system per other appendage. Note that these weapons or systems are very basic.
    • Fate of the Mighty (2 Traits) - By placing traits in Fated, you lock them until the next time you earn a trait. You may put as many traits as you have into fated. In the meantime, you get a temporary boost of (# of traits in fated, multiplied by 3) to your stamina stat.

    Profession Traits:

    • Critical Hit (1 Trait) – Through training in pressure points and learning how to hit vital points in the body, the character can use up to a quarter of their Technique Points in techniques which hit vital points in the body. Striking vital points allows characters to do damage and cause a stat debuff related to the area struck.

    Devil Fruit wrote:Devil Fruit Name:
    Devil Fruit Type:
    Devil Fruit Ability:


    Regular Technique Points: 34
    Used Regular Technique Points:
    Special Technique Points: 0
    Used Special Technique Points: 0

    Hildr (8)
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Melee
    Power: 8
    Description: Vigdis' cybernetic arm naturally allows her to strike with superior force. Whatever she strikes is sent flying. (-8 displacement)

    Development History

    Gains and losses:

    Reward for your service | +30SD & Currency 300,000
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