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    Senfuru (No Last Name) Empty Senfuru (No Last Name)

    Post by Acrean on Mon Nov 12, 2018 2:09 pm

    Account Name: Acrean

    Basic Info

    Name: Senfuru
    Nickname: Great Dark Overlord, Terrifying One, The Ninja Doctor
    Age: 8
    Gender: Male
    Race: Mink
    Affiliation: Marines
    Rank (Commendations): Master Chief Petty Officer
    Achievements: N/A
    Profession (Primary): Assassin
    Profession (Secondary): Doctor
    Position: Ninja/Doctor
    Crew: Division B-12


    Height: 2'6"
    Weight: 35lbs
    Hair: Yes. He's covered in white bear fur. It normally is pretty sleek and clean, but can get messy and dirty when he starts eating. He sometimes covers it in dark blue or black dye, so as to better hide in the dark.
    Eyes: Senfuru's eyes are a bright electric blue.
    Clothing/Accessories: Wears a full ninja-outfit, all in a dark purple shade that helps blend into the night. In particular, these are: an uwagi (the gi/jacket-like garment), a zukin and fukumen (the hood/mask respectively), the tekoh (gloves that cover most of his paws), the obi (a belt/sash tied around the waist to help keep the uwagi secure), and the kyahan (dark leg wraps). His pants are made of the same fabric as the uwagi. As a ninja, Senfuru's mask covers more than most, on account of needing to hide his white fur and non-human nose.
    On occasion, he wears alternate versions of this clothing. For instance, he might wear white if in a snowy environment, or perhaps an orange or pale beige color in a desert.
    General Appearance: Senfuru is a short, young polar-bear cub mink, dressed in a ninja outfit. Depending on the hood he has chosen to wear, his ears may be poking out of it, or concealed beneath it. He has a black little bear nose, and both sharp bear teeth and claws. He walks around standing upright, however, and his paws are surprisingly dexterous for a bear. He also has a short little floppy tail, almost round, which he keeps concealed within his pants. He typically doesn't wear anything on his foot-paws, relying on the pads to keep his movements quiet. He tends to conceal his weaponry within hidden pockets in his clothing, although his ninjato he keeps strapped to his back.

    Senfuru (No Last Name) IOgX7XT



    You dare defy me!?

    Owing to his young age, Senfuru is selfish, insolent, and childish. Because of his position in the marines, he views himself as an unbelievable prodigy - an unrivaled genius. More and more, he is transforming from a surprisingly powerful cub into an evil and spoiled little tyrant. He is deluded, but with the stubbornness of a spoiled child who can't ever be wrong because they refuse to be. He threatens his subordinates and coworkers with death or torture on a regular basis, all while brewing deadly poisons and practicing his ninjutsu in his spare time.

    Thanks to a series of severe misunderstandings, despite his age, Senfuru has somehow managed to not only join the marines, but rise within their ranks. He thinks it's due to his abilities, which - although impressive for a kid - is really quite far from the truth. It is his reputation amongst his crew and comrades, and the fact that his divisions always seem to get things done, that has caused his meteoric and downright confusing rise. For despite the way he acts and the things he said ... there's something about a little fuzzy white bear cub running around like a ninja and bellowing orders that's just so darn adorable.

    Amongst the marines he works with, most of the time Senfuru is seen as a mild annoyance at his worst, and a delightful distraction at his best. When people ask what he's like as a commander, it is an ongoing joke amongst the crew about how ruthless and evil he is, along with his tremendous power and abilities. Senfuru, of course, overhears this, and takes them seriously. In fact, he is extremely proud of the reputation he has cultivated for himself, and desires to take it to even greater heights. He takes his nicknames seriously, as do the higher-ups of the marines who have never met him but continue to promote him. In reality, they are all part of his subordinates' elaborate joke.

    Senfuru has a zero-tolerance policy for Pirates, believing in Absolute Justice. The rules, for him, are simple. As a member of the marines, their rules are his rules, and his rules should be obeyed without question. It is the same on his ship - even if his crew waits until his back is turned to double-check with his second-in-command on almost every order. There are a few exceptions to this, however - in particular, when the situation becomes dire, Senfuru's word is generally obeyed without question by his subordinates. The crew trusts that their little bear leader doesn't want to see his faithful underlings die, but know that should they disobey him at such a crucial moment, he really would kill them. And as both a ninja and a doctor, they're well aware he could do it.

    Fortunately, there are some easy ways for his comrades to control Senfuru when he gets out of hand, despite his general temperament. He has a distinct fondness for honey and other sweet treats. Playing games with him is a great way to make him tire himself out and want a nap for a while. The promise of more power or reverence is also a great means of gaining his attention and capturing his interest.

    Hometown: None (Technically Zou since he's a Mink though)


    Senfuru's backstory is a mistake.

    His parents were chefs and explorers originally from Zou. They had no allegiance to pirates or marines. Their dream was simple: explore the world to find the elusive Golden Pepper, a legendary ingredient said to unlock the ability for whoever should eat it to taste new flavors otherwise unknowable to mere mortals.

    Instead, they got pregnant.

    Trapped on a war-torn island, they sought shelter amongst the marines. Although it was too chaotic for them to leave, they found safety within the marine base. With their prodigious cooking skills, they both secured jobs as chefs for the marines. Soon, they had a stable life, in a remarkably unstable place.

    Once Senfuru was old enough, his parents decided it was time to travel. They didn't want to raise him in such a chaotic and dangerous environment after all. With the marines' blessing, they secured a transfer to another base in the Grand Line. The intention was to provide a stable income for a while, until Senfuru was old enough to travel with them even in dangerous environments as they searched for the Golden Pepper.

    But they never got the chance. During the voyage to their new base, the marine ship was attacked by the Coldrose Pirates, a notorious group of criminals. The pirates stormed the ship, pillaging it of all valuables they could find, and killing everybody on board in the process. Everybody that is, except for Senfuru.

    The little bear, old enough to crawl and just learning to talk, had been left unattended for only a moment before the attack. In that time, he had found a loose floor-board in his parents' cabin, and after moving it had fallen down into a space between the decks. Throughout the pirate attack, the little bear crawled around, exploring - blissfully ignorant of what went on elsewhere in the ship. Throughout the attack, his parents searched desperately for him. They died without ever knowing his fate.

    The pirates stripped the ship of its goods, destroyed the sails, and left it to sink into the sea. After a few hours, Senfuru - cold, tired, hungry, lonely, and lost, did the best thing he could do at that moment - he sat down and cried. And it was fortunate that he did, for in that moment, another passer-by heard his wailing and investigated the ship, rescuing the little cub from an untimely end.

    This stranger's name was Corpsacone, a Rear Admiral of the Marines, but he was also known to many as The Doctor of Death. He was thin and spindly, with sunken eyes and thin pale lips despite his dark skin, and his creepy appearance was made even more unsettling by his mannerisms. He had a tendency to mutter to himself constantly, to scratch at his own skin until he drew blood, and a morbid curiosity when it came to concocting poisons. In fact, he had a disturbing habit of testing experimental poisons and antidotes on himself. Yet none could deny his skill, and were it not for his mannerisms and a tendency to go off on his own without waiting for orders, he might have been promoted.

    Corpsacone took the little bear under his wing, intending to bring him to Zou despite the long journey it would be. At first, neither liked the other - Senfuru found the man unsettling and creepy, and Corpsacone found the bear to be an annoying and overly-curious responsibility. But along the way, they stopped off to treat a town that had fallen ill. And here, Senfuru saw Corpsacone at work. And when Senfuru's curiosity was directed towards the man's trade, that was when Corpsacone first felt a connection with him.

    With every stop they made, Corpsacone had Senfuru assist him in his doctorly duties, and the little bear proved to be quite talented at it. Through these many visits and interactions - as well as constantly hearing Corpsacone mutter to himself - Senfuru learned not only to speak, but various aspects of being a doctor. Of course, with Corpsacone as his teacher, a special emphasis was placed on how to cause injuries, poisons, and illnesses - not just how to treat them.

    Over time, their course became more haphazard and sporadic, for in truth Corpsacone was loathe to let the little bear go. He had much left to teach him, and the prospect of leaving him on Zou had become quite bothersome. So they took their time, and in this time Senfuru also learned of Corpsacone's values. He learned what had happened to his parents, what terrible beings pirates were, and how important order and justice were meant to be. He learned that doctor's do not treat people because they can, but because they must - for if they do not, nobody will. He learned that a doctor must also be prepared to defend themselves, because life was full of danger. And he learned, from Corpsacone's own unfiltered and unstoppable mutterings, that he was much more talented, intelligent, and capable than any other child the doctor had met.

    At last, there came a time when Corpsacone was called back to Mariejois, to answer for his absence. Hoping the marines would understand, he brought Senfuru along with him. He pleaded his case to the higher-ups, but the matter was settled very quickly - they demanded he relinquish the bear back to his remaining relatives, and get back to his actual job.

    But that night, in a poison-fueled haze, Corpsacone concocted another plan. There was a secret government program he knew of that took in orphans and trained them into assassins. In his poison-drunk state, he stressed the importance to Senfuru of becoming a brutal assassin, a wielder of dark arts both physical and mental. Of the great power and status he achieved. And after filling his head with nonsense, when he received Senfuru's blessing, Corpsacone drew up the paperwork and filled it out.

    Except it was the wrong paperwork, done very sloppily.

    He had applied Senfuru for a regular position within the marines as an Apprentice. The clerk who received it found it barley legible, and so wrote it out again, word for word and number for number. But there were so many smudges and messy dots of ink on the page, that half of what was written wound up being completely wrong. In particular, his age, which was recorded as 71, and his years of experience as an Ansign, which was recorded as 10.

    Corpsacone died soon after, having tested his luck against poisons one too many times, but Senfuru never forgot all his mentor had taught him, and all he had said to him. He took his "assassin" training seriously, searching for the hidden meanings within his cryptic orders. "Mopping the floor", of course, was really training for surveillance and infiltration. Exercise drills were meant to hone his body for his missions, while guard duty was an excuse to train his observation abilities. If the marines who trained him found it odd that they were training a child, then perhaps they simply thought it was a racial thing, for they made no mention of it.

    Eventually, their base was attacked, once again by the Cold Rose Pirates. Senfuru took it upon himself, as an assassin, to infiltrate their ranks and take out their leader. And amazingly, with his knowledge of poison and anatomy bestowed upon him by Corpsacone, he was successful. Unknowingly avenging his parents, the little bear killed the pirate leader in cold blood. The attack was ended before it could even begin, and as he recounted his tales to his superiors, they were sent off to headquarters. Who, in response to this phenomenal feat and his confusing but surprisingly capable written profile, promoted him.

    And thus began a series of promotions, or as Senfuru viewed them, "graduations" as he rose through the ranks to become a marine assassin. Eventually, he was given his own troop to manage, with a reliable right-hand who had a penchant for paperwork. In fact, it was this right-hand who was the cause of Senfuru somehow rising even further through the ranks, always providing peerless support and leadership where Senfuru could not. Their troops adored them, for Senfuru was a confusing but incredibly amusing and easy to manage boss, capable of treating a great many of their ailments, while his right-hand was a reliable yet easy-going leader.

    Despite his personality, and his age, Senfuru had become a marine.

    Inventory and Abilities

    Combat: Senfuru fights using the White Bear Black Arts, a tremendously powerful but dark and deadly style of combat. Or so he believes - really, they're just "moves" he's come up with himself in his delusion that he is a properly trained assassin. His fighting style uses a variety of weapons and movements many of which are inspired by ninjas and assassins, including smoke bombs, poisons, stealth maneuvers, short sword strikes, throwing stars, etc. Ordinarily, it would be a fairly sloppy style without the proper training - but Senfuru's knowledge of anatomy and poison from his doctor training has made him surprisingly effective in combat. Senfuru has a penchant for mis-analyzing his situation and deluding himself as to what's actually happening, in a way that doesn't really have any impact on the actual encounter (for example, he might think he missed because his opponent has been similarly "trained" as an assassin). He tends to behave rather rashly due to his age, often relying on others to reign him in. His short stature and nimble movements make him surprisingly capable despite his age, however.

    • Claws
    • Teeth
    • Iron Ninjato (a shortsword)
    • Iron Shuriken x10
    • Vial of Nerve-wrattle Poison


    • Compass
    • Hand-drawn Map (mostly done in crayon, and wildly inaccurate)

    Beli:  Currency 50,000
    SD Earned: 0
    Stat Points: 32
    Advancement Points: 0
    SD Remaining: 0

    1. Used for Stats: 32
    2. Used for Fortune: 0

    • Strength: 6
    • Speed: 10
    • Stamina: 6
    • Accuracy: 10
    • Fortune: 8

    General Traits:

    • Minkman [Polar Bear] (2 Traits): Character must be in the Grand Line - Minks are humanoids with mammal animal features. Minks gain access to Sulong form and the technique effect Electro. They also gain attributes or natural weapons based on their species. Natural weapons: claws and teeth.
    • Fate of the Whimsical (1 Trait): By placing traits in Fated, you lock them until the next time you earn a trait. You may put as many traits as you have into fated. Unlike the other Fate traits, these place-holder traits may be cashed-in and replaced with other traits without having to reach the next trait mark.

    Profession Traits:

    • Quickstrike (1 Trait): Because of their training in making stealth attacks and hitting vital organs, the character can use up to a quarter of their Technique Points in techniques which hit vital points in the body. Striking vital points allows characters to do damage and cause a stat debuff related to the area struck.

    Devil Fruit wrote:Devil Fruit Name:
    Devil Fruit Type:
    Devil Fruit Ability:


    Regular Technique Points: 16
    Used Regular Technique Points: 16
    Special Technique Points: 4
    Used Special Technique Points: 4

    White Bear Dark Arts

    A forbidden and forgotten ancient series of deadly techniques ... otherwise known as the imagination of a small bear child.

    White Bear Dark Arts:

    Forbidden Five-Fanged Black Magic Ultimate Star Technique Rank 4
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Short
    Power: 0 (Range -4)
    Stats: N/A
    Description: Senfuru throws a shuriken at the opponent.
    That's it.
    That's all it is.

    Step of the Soft Paw Rank 4
    Type: Support (Stealth)
    Range: Self
    Power: 4
    Stats: N/A
    Description: By activating this technique, Senfuru focuses his steps on moving quietly using the soft pads of his paws. Unfortunately, it is not yet at a level where it's properly silent.

    Nerve-Wrattle Poison Rank 4
    Type: Support
    Range: Varies (Self, technically)
    Power: 4
    Stats: -4 Accuracy
    Description: By activating this technique, Senfuru applies a dose of Nerve-Wrattle poison to a weapon or piece of ammunition. His next successful attack with that weapon will apply the poison and its debuff.

    Hamstring Rank 4 [4 Bonus - Quickstrike]
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Melee
    Power: 4
    Stats: -4 Speed
    Description: By slashing the opponent's hamstring, Senfuru cripples their ability to move.

    Development History

    Gains and losses:

    [url=Link to topic]Name of topic[/url] Gains and losses here
    [url=Link to topic]Name of topic[/url] Gains and losses here
    [url=Link to topic]Name of topic[/url] Gains and losses here
    [url=Link to topic]Name of topic[/url] Gains and losses here

    Edit Log:

    [url=Link to mod]Reason for edit Ie. Adding, removing, Changing[/url] Date of edit, Thing Edited, +/- Currency, +/- SD, +/- Str|stm|spd|acc, +/- Weapon, ect...

    [url=Link to mod]Reason for edit Ie. Adding, removing, Changing[/url] Date of edit, Thing Edited, +/- Currency, +/- SD, +/- Str|stm|spd|acc, +/- Weapon, ect...

    [url=Link to mod]Reason for edit Ie. Adding, removing, Changing[/url] Date of edit, Thing Edited, +/- Currency, +/- SD, +/- Str|stm|spd|acc, +/- Weapon, ect...

    [url=Link to mod]Reason for edit Ie. Adding, removing, Changing[/url] Date of edit, Thing Edited, +/- Currency, +/- SD, +/- Str|stm|spd|acc, +/- Weapon, ect...

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    you actually don't quite have enough special tech points for hamstring yet, 1/4 of 8 is 2 sorry bro.

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    Updated after discussing in discord - removed the backwards roll tech, but the Special Tech Points and Hamstring remains, as 1/4 of 16 is 4.

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