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    Fervon the Ferret Marine


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    Fervon the Ferret Marine Empty Fervon the Ferret Marine

    Post by Outcast_Hero on Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:11 am

    Account Name: Outcast_Hero

    Basic Info

    Name: Fervon
    Nickname: Furball
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Mink
    Affiliation: Marines
    Rank (Commendations): Petty Officer (0)
    Achievements: N/A
    Profession: Martial Artist
    Position: n/a


    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 150
    Hair: Sable fur coat
    Eyes: green
    Casual Clothing: black shirts sleeveless or long-sleeved varies with weather, orange sleeveless-shirts mostly to go over the black shirts, grey shorts, sandals. Sleeveless is mostly used for training/exercising purposes. He really likes the color orange.

    Formal Clothing: Grey slacks, grey vest, black button up shirt, while rolling up sleeves, orange tie. Black socks and slip-on shoes.

    Marine Clothing: Wears a short sleeved black shirt under his white Marine Jacket, white pants with blue trim to match the jacket, black socks and white slip-on shoes due to mandatory dress code.

    General Appearance: brown fur 'mask' , limbs and tail mostly covered with a chocolate brown fur. Chest, back, shoulders and up covered with light brown fur. Cheeks chin covered in white fur with whiskers. Physically tone with some definition from training. Looks like he has a small frame, but really scrappy. Comes off looking like a fisticuffs brawler. Friendly countenance, sometimes a little scary due to being overly excited time to time. Can be very cuddly.

    Fervon the Ferret Marine 1005397_10152163397319470_1118407003_n.jpg?_nc_cat=110&_nc_ht=scontent-sea1-1

    Fervon the Ferret Marine 11695014_10153482279834470_2922035901579721430_n.jpg?_nc_cat=103&_nc_ht=scontent-sea1-1


    Personality: Fervon is a very enthusiastic and mostly motivated young man. If he finds something he deems enjoyable or moderately interesting, even with a little positive encouragement he'll strive towards getting it, whether it be a new jacket, a bike, a new perspective on life, get a newly released gun model to shoot that annoying jackass down the road maybe even something that would make a nice gift for someone else. Despite getting in trouble for not always being focused on his surroundings, he's mostly going out of his way to do something good. He does his best to be optimistic about life lessons and tries to contemplate their meaning and adapt for future reference.

    Whenever he's with his siblings let alone hearing about them, he tends to enter into a hyperactive mode, mostly in good spirits. Most of the time he sees and hears good things about his younger sister and older brothers which makes him feel proud to be their brother and has a hard time comprehending the opinions of other people that don't feel as fond of his siblings, mostly people who don't really have anything nice to say about them, let alone him. You could say he's naive in the sense that he doesn't get what other people see or say and flies into a fit of rage and has to be restrained. He means well, but it gets him in quite a bit of trouble.

    Despite his feelings of his family, he's well-natured and does his best to stay outgoing and willing to help others. Sadly, you can't please everyone and Fervon has a really hard time accepting that, depsite practically everyone telling him that. When it comes to meeting new people he does his best to put on a brave face but is normally timid and unsure of how to greet them. Most of the time people are warned that Fervon is overly excitable and brush it off until it's too late. Fervon, sadly doesn't have a lot of friends, but he's got enough to preoccupy himself as to not constantly be in his siblings' personal space.

    Hometown: Fireworks Island, GL (Path IV)

    History: Fervon was the 3rd child of 4 born into his family. His parents weren't too thrilled about having another boy in their home, but at least he was just as charming as the other boys at birth. He had a hard time adjusting growing up due to his older brothers occasionaly picking on him because he was the youngest. It was a hard fit, especially when his little sister came into the picture. Fervon was the hardest to teach the importance of not picking on his little sister as his brothers did to him, but after a while he eventually stopped picking on her and slowly did his best to stick to himself because he kinda felt out of place.

    It was hard trying to fit in with his siblings, he felt like all the hostility was aimed at him or he was the focus of it all. This hindered his ability to make friends while growing up because he tried to stay quiet and out of trouble or when he got included he came off as timid or hyper-enthusiastic which led to him being outed from the groups activity. Eventually people started to pick on him for it, which led to more troubles as Fervon started to lash out.

    One day, while he was 8 years old, Fervon actually did get in a fight due to being picked on and standing up to the offender. He had the upper hand but other kids joined in to help the other kid. Fervon was outmatched, outclassed and outnumbered. He started to panic and lose himself to despair and frustration. He got knocked down from being distracted by his emotions and got kicked around. The kicking stopped very abruptly as the kids started screaming and trying to run away only to get knocked down very hard and unable to get up. After hearing everyone else groaning and crying he looked around and saw his oldest brother turn around to look at him. He was pissed as all get out, didn't really say much, crouched down to pick up Fervon with a stern look and carried him home.

    Moments later a bunch of angry parents came marching like an angry mob only to face not only Fervon's angry brother, but also his mom who could probably be heard across town from how angry she was when she heard that a bunch of kids, instead of trying to separate two kids fighting each other, all ganged up on one kid, obviously her son. While half the town could hear a verbal fireworks show from a scornful mother that they should be grateful their kids can still stand, Fervon's other brother and their sister were tending to his wounds. Fervon felt ashamed about his behaviour and started to whimper and writhe in pain, but his dad came in to help settle him down. For the first time in quite a while, Fervon felt loved and accepted. Despite the turn of events that caused it, it was really heartwarming. It was the start to him learning to love his family and a slow start on warming up to others.

    Over the next few years Fervon would do his best to stick by his siblings while slowly trying to make friends. He was still too scared from the incident to try and socialize on his own. Here and there he'd become acquainted with his older brother's friends, who was more of the calm and outgoing type of person, but the oldest had very very few friends and Fervon wasn't sure why exactly that was and didn't realize it until later that his brother was mostly untrusting and had a very stern personality. They would go explore the island and do stuff together to help each other out while running errands for others trying to earn a little money here and there. It opened up a new perspective for Fervon and he tried to embrace it as well as he could.

    One day both brothers went off to join the Marines.  Fervon remembered that their parents gave them a lecture on needing to eventually learn how to become independent and find their own path in life. They also mentioned something about discipline and refining themselves and offered to see about them going to the G-4 Marine Base for their upcoming recuitment regiment. Fervon was too young to be recruited at the time so he trained hard to try to be able to be recruited one day to not be left behind by his brothers. It was the last time he saw his brothers because they didn't have the chance to really visit their family because they had been neck deep in service after passing the recruitment with flying colors.

    For a time the boys would write back to tell of how they were doing, his older brother moreso than his oldest brother, who was included in the former's letters, but eventually the letters stopped coming. At first their family thought the worst had happened due to the hazards of the sea which prompted Fervon to join to try to find out what happened to his brothers. After joining the new recruitment training regiment, Fervon mailed his parents letting them know he's doing his best and that he heard from the grapevine that his brothers were doing so well they were doing high rank work and couldn't really discuss it and he never saw them there. He made the cut with great progress, not top of the class unlike his brothers, but roughly in the middle of it all. He was a bit angry because other marines claimed he barely made it only because of how well his brothers did. It was salty nonsense, but had a little truth to it, which hard to accept, but Fervon would do his best to strive to become someone who could stand outside of his brothers' shadows and be his own self.

    Inventory and Abilities

    Combat: Hand-to-Hand (training to be a Monk) Fervon's fighting style mostly consists of reading his opponents to either dodge an opponent's oncoming attack and catch them off-guard or to land an effective counter regardless of whether he or his opponent lands a hit or not. He does so fairly well when he isn't focusing on landing a hard hit which is the only offset he endures when sparring. Another flaw in his fighting style is he tries to land the first hit. Not necessarily does that guarantee a victory, but its another lesson he needs to learn. Most of his attacks and movements are hand-focused, yet every now and then he tends to kick it up a notch and use his legs to cut off the opponent's flow.

    Weaponry: Paws/Hands
    Items: n/a
    Beli: 100,000
    SD Earned: 2
    Stat Points: 34
    Advancement Points: 0
    SD Remaining: 0

    1. Used for Stats: 34
    2. Used for Fortune: 0

    • Strength: 9
    • Speed: 9
    • Stamina: 10
    • Accuracy: 6
    • Fortune: 8

    Minkman: Ferret (2 Traits) Character must be in the Grand Line - Minks are humanoids with mammal animal features. Minks gain access to Sulong form and the technique effect Electro. They also gain attributes or natural weapons based on their species.

    Fate of the Whimsical (1 Trait) - By placing traits in Fated, you lock them until the next time you earn a trait. You may put as many traits as you have into fated. Unlike the other Fate traits, these place-holder traits may be cashed-in and replaced with other traits without having to reach the next trait mark.

    Profession Traits:
    Hardened Fighter (1 Trait) – Through excessive training in breaking planks, punching rocks, and all those durability-building exercises, the character’s arms, up to their elbows, and their legs, up to their knees, have gained flesh that is as hard as iron, making them much more resistant to physical damage.

    Devil Fruit wrote:Devil Fruit Name: n/a
    Devil Fruit Type: n/a
    Devil Fruit Ability: n/a


    Regular Technique Points: 16
    Used Regular Technique Points: 04/16
    Special Technique Points:
    Used Special Technique Points:

    Clawsome Punch! (Rank 4)
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Melee
    Power: 4
    Stats: n/a
    Description: User lunges at the target with a cupped hand then clenches upon contact thrusting their knuckles forward for a meaningful knuckle sandwich.

    Development History

    Gains and losses:

    11-28-2018 +2 SD, 50,000 Beli Inktober Event
    Edit Log:
    11-28-2018 Adding 2SD, 50,000 Beli from Inktober Event

    Edit: 12/2/2018 3pm (hopefully done with the WIP progress)
    Edit: 12/2/2018 3:10pm (forgot to remove WIP tag)
    Edit: 12/3/2018 8:45pm (fixing blunder of Threat to Rank)
    Edit: 12/3/2018 11:45pm (edited in Combat style)
    Edit: 12/4/2018 11:43am (fixed rank to appropriate listing) (Sorry for all the edits... ;;>_> )

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    1/2 from me baby bear

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    Funding Justice 10 SD

    Inktober Event Results 20 SD, 500,000 :Beli:


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    2/2, have fun!

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