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    Crimson Sky Pirates


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    Crimson Sky Pirates Empty Crimson Sky Pirates

    Post by Acrean on Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:01 pm

    Crimson Sky Pirates

    Crimson Sky Pirates RHazSrG

    Account Name: Acrean

    Basic Crew Information

    Name: Crimson Sky Pirates
    Leader: Eldorne Lock
    Number of members: 2
    Flag Design: A skull over waves, with crimson bones to represent a crimson sky. The skull has a red star-like symbol on it.

    Crew Members

    Put all your crew members here. Remember to include the captain as well.
    Name: Eldorne Lock
    Account name: Acrean
    Position: Captain, Swordsman, Thief
    Name: Hector Orsino
    Account name: Salad Paladin
    Position: First Mate, Martial Artist, Thief

    About the Crew

    Just going to leave this here in case somebody reading this page is thinking about joining us.

    The idea behind this crew is a small group of powerful individuals who share close bonds and put each other (and themselves) before everyone else. Everyone in the crew is expected to have a goal of some sort, although they don't need to have the same goal as everybody else in the group. This is not a group of "good" pirates like Luffy's crew, nor is it a group of "bad" pirates like Doflamingo's. This group is meant to be neutral - placing themselves AND each other above all else. Yet when they have to, it's expected that your character is willing to go to certain ends and extremes that the "good guys" would balk at. Whether that's sacrificing a stranger to save yourself, stealing from the poor, or just cold-blooded murder. At the same time, there needs to be a purpose behind the actions, and your character needs a certain code or ethics (even if they don't always abide by it).

    If your character isn't a PERFECT fit, then don't worry about that - conflicts can be good, and make things interesting. We don't want a group of completely 100% like-minded individuals, after all. But as long as you think your character could fit in here, then that's okay.

    In summary, we are looking for people who:

    • Place themselves and their crewmates above most other things
    • Don't care about being perceived as "good" or "evil"
    • Are ambitious (whether its just wanting to be strong, or some other grand goal)
    • When left with no other options, will cross lines that others would not

    We are not looking for people who:

    • Would place themselves entirely above the crew, and there is 0 question they would sacrifice their allies for their own self-gain (nobody wants to rely on this person, and this will just lead to characters resenting one another)
    • Would want to leave a crew where sometimes terrible things must be done (for the good of the crew, to preserve their life, etc.)
    • Do terrible things on a whim or simply because they feel like it/derive pleasure from it (ie please be a genuine person and not a complete sociopath/Chaotic Evil mess)

    If you're interested in joining, PM me on the site or message me on discord.

    Currently Active Topics

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