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    Everything is Martial Arts Empty Everything is Martial Arts

    Post by Xan The G on Thu Feb 28, 2019 12:47 pm

    Link to SL: http://onepiecenw.forumotion.com/t130p40-everything-is-martial-arts#1583
    Characters/Primary Profession: Casshern Kiru (Hunstman), Axel Grissom (Martial Artist)
    Ship(s): N/A
    Context: Axel and Kiru are young men who reach the shores of Karate Town without a real grasp of etiquette and culture. An attempt to do the right thing shows them the consequences of thinking the land of martial arts will tolerate tourists throwing fist around.
    Notes: N/A

    "Monster Hunter" Cashern Kiru • 26/16/16/16 - 18 • [No Crew Position] • Huntsman • [No Crew] • Bounty: 0 • SD Earned: 0 • Beli: 850,000 • Location: Karate Island
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