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    Island of Rare Animals


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    Island of Rare Animals Empty Island of Rare Animals

    Post by Kaitos10 on Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:20 am

    Rare animals Island Summary

    General Info: A strange island where rare animals live. The animals here are combinations of two different types like a lion and a tiger. It is unknown how these animals came to be.

    Appearance: The island is 100 miles long and is oval shaped. It is filled with tons of trees and other plants, similar to a jungle. It looks like one of Frankies fore arms if you see whole shape from above.

    Climate: This island has many varying climates to suit its many animal combinations though one of the main climates it has is rain forest weather, the highs reaching 33 degrees Celsius at the hotest point in the day. Though at nights it gets cold reaching 5 to 10 Celsius. Because its a jungle the area here is prone to rain to give the plants lots of water. Though because of the strange wind currents, the climate in other places on the island can be quite temperate from around 20 to 25 Celsius.

    Groups: n/a No known human or otherwise, settlements exist on this Island.

    Wildlife: The wildlife on this island consists of strange animals that combine the traits of two different animals. Because these combo animals, such as cocox and bear tiger exist only here, the island is known for its rare animals and rightly called the island of rare animals. No one knows how these animals came to be like this.
    The many animals that stay here are the
    Rooster fox  As the name implies he is a combination of roostet and fox, he has whiteish grey fur that is light brown around the eyes. He also has a rooster's crown and wattle. He also has feathers on his backside, and red ears.
    His habbitat is the jungest jungle so normally stays there but sometimes moves to pleach to meet rare visitors.
    Snake rabbit As the name suggests this animal is a cross between a snake and a rabbit, with a white and pink snake body. With the white sections being fur and the pink being scales snake rabbit also has rabbit ears.
    It has never been tested to see if hes venomous. His habbitat is the jungest jungle so normally stays there but sometimes moves to pleach to meet rare visitors.
    Lion pig The lion pig is as the name says a cross between a lion and pig. He has a pink pig body mixed with the lions mane. The odd thing is unlike other animals who share multiple traits with there combo, the only lion part of lion pig is the mane, everything else appears to be pig parts. His habbitat is the jungest jungle so normally stays there but sometimes moves to pleach to meet rare visitors.
    Giraffe dog Is as the name says a combo of giraffe and dog, because of this it is dog shaped and has yellow fur with orange dots on its back, with little horns like a giraffe on its head. It is however unknown why it stands on two feet like a human since neither giraffe or dogs are capable of that, this leads people to believe these animals may have traits that aren’t in either of there individual species that make up them. His habbitat is the jungest jungle so normally stays there but sometimes moves to pleach to meet rare visitors.
    Duck poodle The duck poodle is a strange creature that is covered in dog like fur, yet can still fly somehow. Its entire body is pink and fluffy like a poodle though its head is the fluffiest and has a sort of mushroom cloud type hair do on top, with a pink puff ball for a tail. As is obvious from its name like others its a combination of a duck and a poodle.  This creature waddles and stands on two feet like a duck. Its habitat is the lawmp lake and usually stays there most of the time.
    Zebra ostrich This animal is a cross between a zebra and an ostrich. Because of this it is fast, the head and neck of this animal is a zebra then below where the zebra neck pops out is a oval like ostrich body, covered in orange fuzzy feathers. Below that extends two ostrich legs that are completely bare and seem pretty thin. He likes to spend all his time on the plains section of pleach beach.
    Bear tiger This animal is a cross between a tiger and a bear, he looks mostly the size of a bear. This animal also takes on the pudgy roundish shape common for bears but his fur seems to be that of a tiger. He likes to spend all his time wandering around both sections of jungest jungle.

    Lawmp lake This lake has parts that are lake and parts that are swamps, this is where the amphibious and clear water animals live. Somehow the lake and swamp parts don’t interfere with each other and manage to co exist, Duck poodles are most common around here.

    Jungest jungle This jungle makes up the the majority of the island and is where the majority of its animals stay such as the cocox. This jungle can accommodate nearly all of the strange creatures and has some temperate forest areas fixed in for the animals illsuited for the jungle.

    Pleach beach This beach is host to most aquatic creatures as well as the casual plains grazing animals. It starts as a beach in the beginning then quickly changes into a casual plain where animals such as the zebra ox can run wild and happily eat there fill.

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