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    Account Name:

    Basic Info

    Name: Harlequin Ward
    Nickname: Ward
    Age: 27
    Gender:  M
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Pirate
    Profession: Doctor: A Doctor, on a ship or otherwise, gains large medical knowledge. Suturing and cleaning wounds, making bandages out of various materials and preparing drugs, is all part of a Doctor's job. Doctors are the only ones capable of healing serious injuries on the crew. Doctors have the ability to create drugs and toxins that can buff allies or debuff enemies.



    Height: 6’4
    Weight: 174
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Amber
    Clothing/Accessories: He wears a black leather jacket over top a tight white tank top. Dark blue pants with an elastic cuff that that stops at the ankle. Black boots with a gold buckle that stop mid calf, pants are tucked into boots.  He wears a black leather belt with a silver belt buckle that reads FATE in gold lettering. Silver aviator sunglasses and hand rolled cigarettes.
    General Appearance:

    RDF ThisGuy Maxresdefault
    Quinn’s is pretty tall, muscular with broad shoulders and naturally tanned skin. His squarish face and jaw line are stand out feature his. Quin’s hair is messy somewhat spiky hair of medium length a five a clock shadow and general disposition of being unkempt/disheveled. His chest hair is also towards the hairier side.


    Personality:  Fate is bullshit and people make their own luck. If you want more than what you have then you simply have to grab it. Quinn looks out for his self first. If he doesn’t see a benefit to himself he probably won’t participate. He could easily be mistaken for a bully as he is hard on everyone. He does it because he expects people to push themselves to be better.
    He is a simple man and isn’t interested in clothes or fine foods. He enjoys the peaceful sounds of nature, soft music and open spaces. Although not materialistic he does have an eye for antiques and certain kinds of treasures.
    In battle nothing is off limits his tactics are what some might say “unbefitting of a swordsman.” From tit and crotch shots to throwing dirt in people’s faces by any means necessary he will engage. Troubling thing is he doesn’t always fight to win. He can be perfectly fine with quitting, claiming that he wasn’t interested to begin with. This can be of great frustration to others. That however isn’t Quinn’s problem.
    Quinn has a soft spot for children but he isn’t one to “spare the rod.” He believes heavily in the guidance of children to be better citizens and looking out for each other.
    Harlequin calls himself Quinn but he mostly referred to as Ward.
    Hometown: South Blue
    History: Grew up on an island that was too poor to pay the Heavenly Tribute. Life was rough and crime was rampant. On this island the gangs were the law, with this those tasked as peacekeepers working under them. Quinn's family was in debt to the gangs his dad was away a lot working for them. Most of the time it was just Quinn and his sister. It was her first called him because he couldn't pronounce his name, when he was younger. She was tough on him but would do anything for him.

    Despite their environment she was well respected and had pull in the community. She often served as a mediary for the gangs other socialtel members. Had she had a few more years she would have likely turned the country around. However caught as bystander in the islands violence she would die tragically setting the islands progress back. This would also pave the way for a new face to lead the island.

    Having a capitalized on a plant that could be made into recreational drug the island became a hub of structured illicit activity. Ward would do work for them often never until he would leave the island. Even in death his sister would be remembered and that respect they had for her would carry on with him, protecting him the islands violence.

    Inventory and Abilities

    Beli: 500,000
    SD Earned:
    Stat Points:
    Advancement Points:
    SD Remaining:

    1. Used for Stats:
    2. Used for Fortune:

    • Strength:
    • Speed:
    • Stamina:
    • Accuracy:
    • Fortune:

    Random Devil Fruit (2 Traits)
    By selecting the option of receiving a Random Devil Fruit (RDF) the character automatically use up two of their general traits towards the random devil fruit they receive.

    Profession Traits:

    Devil Fruit wrote:Devil Fruit Name: Nuke Nuke (Phase Phase Fruit
    Devil Fruit Type: paramecia
    Devil Fruit Ability: ) Turns the consumer into a phase-man and allows them to phase through non living things, not living beings. This ability extends to others and objects, allowing the user to phase those they are touching, or to create "holes" in walls, floors, and ceilings they remain in contact with. If contact is lost, the thing being phased will pop out the nearest side of an object unharmed.


    Regular Technique Points:
    Used Regular Technique Points:
    Special Technique Points:
    Used Special Technique Points:

    TECHNIQUE NAME (Rank number)
    Description: (Effects)

    Development History

    Edit Log:
    Edit Log goes here

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    Nuke Nuke (Phase Phase Fruit)
    Turns the consumer into a phase-man and allows them to phase through solid, inorganic matter. This ability extends to others and inorganic objects, allowing the user to phase those they are touching, or to create "holes" in walls, floors, and ceilings they remain in contact with. If contact is lost, the thing being phased will pop out the nearest side of an object unharmed.

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