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    Character Template


    Account Name: Chomp

    Basic Character Information

    Name: Benton Kane
    Nickname: To Be Earned
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Pirate
    Bounty: 0
    Achievements: None
    Profession: Martial Arts
    Position: Crewman

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 173 Lbs
    Hair: Platinum Grey
    Eyes: Light Pink
    Clothing/Accessories: Benton does not wear to much clothing, he feels like it will hinder his ability to take care of business at a moments notice. He does not wear a shirt normally, but would probably wear one in colder weather if needed. His normal clothing is a maroon work out suit he got from his master, it consists of a jacket with a broken zipper so it is never zipped up and a pair of pants that are loose on him to allow for easy movement. His shoes are a pair of jet black tennis shoes, everything about these shoes are black from the laces to the soles.

    On especially hot days he will wear a pair of loose fitted maroon shorts with a white tank top, with the same shoes. The tank top has a maroon turtle on the front of it

    No matter what he is wearing or where he is there are two things he is always wearing. Those are white boxing tape wrapped around his hands and a pair of silver arm guards on his forearms.

    General Appearance:
    Benton's body does not stand out with a glance, he does look muscular but it is nothing special. Although his arms are quite built due to being a boxer he has trained them for strong punches. His arms are also usually bruised from all the stress he put them through during training. His caramel skin is not his natural color it is a tan due to all the training he has done outside, though underneath his shorts his skin is more of a milky white color due to no sun getting there. His smile has been know to drive the women crazy but at the same time his angry face has made grown men wish they were never born.

    His hair is a platinum grey that is cut short so that even if he does not brush it or anything it will still not get in his eyes. His eyes are the only thing that can be seen as odd at a glance, his eyes are a light pink which was not passed on from his family,

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    The Character

    Personality: Benton Kane could be described as a fun loving man. He is never one to turn down a adventure he loves to smile with friends and make those around him smile. His love for fun can get him into trouble, he sometimes goes looking for fun if he is super bored. This fun can be anything from going to a bar and getting a drink all the way to burning down a building because the owner looked at him wrong, it really all depends on his mood at the time.

    Benton enjoys the company of people that think differently then he does, it is boring to have all the same type of people in a group. He enjoys to see other peoples perspective which will change his plans and make him do something different.

    One thing that he hates is the oppression of someone elses ideas he thinks all input is good input. The world is always changing so why not change with it.

    He has also been know to start fights just for the fun in watching how those around him will handle themselves, which has gotten him beaten a few times. He has never been with a group of people for very long his personality drives most people away from him after a short time, he really wants to find a group of people that stick with him.

    So basically to sum up Benton is a fun loving, chaos seeking, debator that can handle his rum and has been searching for people that will actually stick with him.

    Hometown: Two Step Town, North Blue

    History: Benton was born in the north blue on a island called Two Step, pretty much a island full of dancing. His parents were addicted to dancing and dancing competion, he use to be told he was made on the dance floor during a rather dirty dancing session. Due to his parents going out every night to dance he was left alone a lot, his parents stayed home to raise him until he was old enough to make food for himself. So at the age of 5 he was left alone in the house a lot there was always food and stuff to drink so that was not to be worried about.

    During the day he would go to school then dance classes after that then walk home make some food then go to bed. He saw his parents three times a day and that was all, once when they dropped him off at school once during dance classes they teached and once when they came home to get dressed to go clubbing.

    He began to hate dancing as he got older but there really was not much else he could do on the island. That was until on his 15th birthday he mother pulled him aside during dance class to talk to him. She said she could see how unhappy he was with dancing and was wondering if he would like to take boxing classes instead. He jumped on the idea it was something different and it was something that he could even do while at home.

    He began training under Hurc Figgens he was a golden glove boxer on the north blue league. Benton fell in love with boxing and would even spend his free time training in his backyard. After some time all of the other students in the class dropped out and it was only Hurc and Benton. He learned a lot about the basics on boxing those years and learned even more about Hurc. He learned he use to be a pirate and it was the most fun he had until he got a bounty to high and could not take on the marines that came after him. He was given a pardon with a promise not to go back to that life.

    The storys made Benton want to have a adventure like that. When he told Hurc this he was kicked out of the school, Hurc could not have contact with pirates or he would be sent prison. Benton understood and told him thank you for all that he had learned, Hurc gave his student two last things.

    Those were the Arm Guards that Benton still wears and the maroon work out suit they use to train in. Benton wanted to begin his adventure quickly so he told his parents goodbye and took some money he had been saving to charter a ship somewhere. He left Two Step that day looking back knowing he would be back when he was strong to show them all the man he had became.

    Abilities and Possessions

    Combat: Benton prefers to get in close to his enemies and use his fists to knock some sense into them. He finds the most people are really not ready for someone to get in that close and it sometimes gives him the advantage of surprise
    Weaponry: N/A
    Beli: 500,000
    SD Earned: 0
    Stat Points: 32
    Advancement Points: 0
    SD Remaining: 0

    • Used for Stats: 32
    • Used for Fortune: 0

      • Strength:
      • Speed:
      • Stamina:
      • Accuracy:
      • Fortune:


    Random Devil Fruit (2 Traits)
    By selecting the option of receiving a Random Devil Fruit (RDF) the character automatically use up two of their general traits towards the random devil fruit they receive.

    Devil Fruit wrote:Devil Fruit Name:
    Devil Fruit Type:
    Devil Fruit Ability:


    Regular Technique Points:
    Used Regular Technique Points:
    Special Technique Points:
    Used Special Technique Points:

    TECHNIQUE NAME (Rank number)
    Description: (Effects)

    Development History

    Edit Log:
    Edit Log:
    Edit Log goes here
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    rdf request

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    The member 'dunn' has done the following action : Dices roll

    'RDF' : 96

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