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    OPNW Update: Uno

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    OPNW Update: Uno Empty OPNW Update: Uno

    Post by Sen on Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:28 pm

    OPNW Update: Uno

    Hello, community. I have a surprise for you all. For those of you on our discord server, you know what I'm talking about. The Random Devil Fruit System. Yeah, it is finally here. See below for the details:

    • Added RDF Roll in our Devil Fruit topic in Decree.
    • Added RDF Trait in our Traits and Advancements topic.

    RDF Roll:
    Random Devil Fruit Roll

    A random devil fruit (RDF) roll is something unique to OPNW. Upon creation of a character, members are allowed to ask our staff to conduct a random devil fruit roll for their character. We will roll a die of 100 sides. Why 100? Cause our RDF List consists of 1-100 devil fruits.

    RDF has its pros and cons alike many other things:
    • You are only allowed 1 RDF per account. In any case, you are found with multiple accounts action will be taken against you.
    • Didn't like what you got as a result of a roll? Well, you are only allowed to do a re-roll once. Which you can do a month afterward only if you have role played x character for about a month.
    • Tier 1 Devil Fruits are excluded from the list.

    RDF Roll:

    Random Devil Fruit (2 Traits)
    By selecting the option of receiving a Random Devil Fruit (RDF) the character automatically use up two of their general traits towards the random devil fruit they receive.

    Note: RDF is based on pure luck. Tier levels/cost of devil fruits are ignored and will only consume 2 traits in this one instance.

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