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    Swallow Island Briefing

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    Swallow Island Briefing Empty Swallow Island Briefing

    Post by Ace Fresca on Thu Sep 13, 2018 6:02 am

    Swallow Island Summary

    General Info: A mountainous island named by sailors for its bird-like shape. Because it is unpopulated, it has made for a good place of retreat in the past for those looking to get away from civilization.

    Appearance: Swallow island is about six kilometers from east to west and a little over two kilometers from north to south at its longest point. An enormous, seemingly unnaturally shaped mountainous structure takes up all but the shores of the island. From the southern and northern sides of the island, the mountainous structure looks oddly similar to that of a bird. Coincidentally, from an aerial view the entire shape of the island is also that of a bird.

    Climate: Swallow Island hosts a moderately cool climate with most of the seasons blending together into some sort of perpetually cool spring. The air is a bit humid and it rains relatively frequently on Swallow Island; just about every other day it can be expected to rain. Because of the constant rain and lack of civilization, every area accessible by rain is packed with flora.

    Notable NPC(s): N/A

    Groups: N/A

    Swallow Peak – The top of the bird-shaped mountain is actually a forest populated by some of the most dangerous predators in the Blues, as they have had no one to hunt but themselves. Just reaching the peak is a challenge because of the unnatural shape of the mountain, but the ability to conquer such dangerous beasts could be considered a reward in and of itself. Because there are almost no herbivores on the peak, the vegetation is extremely lush, only kept in check by the large beasts who have beaten paths through the forest by smashing trees and bushes down.

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