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    Goat Island Summary

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    Goat Island Summary Empty Goat Island Summary

    Post by Ace Fresca on Thu Sep 13, 2018 2:25 pm

    Goat Island Summary

    General Info: Goat Island is a tiny island that is close to Yotsuba Island in East Blue. Three hundred years ago it was the base for a notorious pirate crew that terrorized East Blue, but has since been rather forgotten. Because of its small size and isolation, this island is now only host to a small forest, insects, and the occasional tired seagull.

    Appearance: Goat Island is a small circular island with a diameter of only one kilometer. The shore across the entire island is rocky and could be difficult for small ships who don't take precautions. The whole island is relatively flat and is covered by a small forest.

    Climate: Goat Island has a pretty breezy and moderate climate, never really leaving the season of Spring. In temperature it hangs around the early teens in degrees celcius, and rains about once or twice a week.

    Notable NPC(s): N/A

    Groups: N/A

    Base Ruins – The remains of an old pirate's base can be found on the southeastern part of the island, with a somehow still serviceable docks. The wooden buildings have long since fallen apart and been taken over by the forest, though there is still one stone building that could serve as a refuge for any unfortunate traveler that needed it.

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