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    Clockwork Island Summary

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    Clockwork Island Summary Empty Clockwork Island Summary

    Post by Ace Fresca on Thu Sep 13, 2018 2:25 pm

    Clockwork Island Summary

    General Info: Clockwork Island is man made island created by a rather technologically advanced group of individuals and a city state independant from the World Government. This is actually the second Clockwork Island, as the first was destroyed by pirates three hundred years ago. Because of this the second iteration of Clockwork Island is much more fortified.

    Appearance: Clockwork Island is a circular island with about a two kilometer diameter that is raised about half a kilometer in the sky by a tall and sturdy rock tower. The actual island is a spiraling mountain that is divided in half by the town and the farmlands that they use as their food source.

    Climate: Clockwork Island has a year round summer climate, with a temperature of about twenty-two to twenty-five degrees celcius on an average day.

    Notable NPC(s):
    Morso – The master inventor and de facto leader of the island. He is rather spry despite being in his early eighties. He spends the majority of his time on his work, though he will semi-frequently step away to make decisions for the sake of the island. He is apparently currently working on a kind of ship that can reliably sustain flight.

    Inventors – The majority of the citizens of Clockwork Island – as well as those in charge – are avid inventors. They are rather a pacifistic bunch and are focused on building things that could further civilization rather than things which could be used as weapons, the exception being the defenses that protect the island. They are generally friendly and studious folk, and would gladly meet with any foreign inventors to exchange ideas.

    Tower – The rock tower that holds up the island is also home to the two conventional methods of reaching the island, an elevator and a staircase. Those who wish to use the elevator must be cleared by the gatekeeper and is not large enough for a ship to pass through. On the other hand, one could attempt to try the stairs to scale to the top. However, the half kilometer spiraling climb is littered with all sorts of dangerous traps to dissuade people who do not know the tricks to climbing the tower safely.

    Clockwork Town – The town proper has every amenity that a traveler would need: restaurants, inns, a hospital, and a marketplace. Because of the pacifistic nature of the majority of people on the island, weapons are not publicly sold on the island. Every building is made out of brick and heavily decorated with gears and clocks.

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