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    A Guide to Meanwhile, topics

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    A Guide to Meanwhile, topics Empty A Guide to Meanwhile, topics

    Post by Sen on Thu Sep 13, 2018 3:21 pm

    Welcome to the "Meanwhile, something-something" subforum of the Role Play Novelty.

    Why is this here?
    It's my belief that people want their crews to have an impact on the site. The goal of this forum is to give people the opportunity to participate in important SLs that shape the world of OPNW. And to accomplish that, we give you a listing of available, site-important SLs, which are staff narrated, for your crew to embark on. It has always been said that the Grand Line was the place where important stuff happened, and the plan is, through this system, to make that statement a reality.

    What is this place?
    In this subforum, mods and novelists will post offers to narrate a specific SL. These SLs:
    • Can only be claimed if you are in the Grand Line.
    • Should almost always have significance to the site's plot or an island's plot.
    • May take place on a specific island only, or anywhere in the Grand Line, depending on what the novelist has planned.
    • Should, if completed successfully, offer a sizable reward in fame. Though will not necessarily offer any other reward.
    • Are not necessarily challenge SLs.
    • Can only be narrated by a staff member.

    How do I join an SL?
    Once a novelist has posted a topic for an SL, simply post inside of the topic stating your desire to join the SL and who all would be joining. Do not claim an SL if you cannot begin the SL soon (within 3 days). These will be first-come-first-serve. However, if two (or more) crews who can both begin the SL 'soon' want to join, the narrator may decide to let both crews join. But that is entirely their decision.

    Once you have joined an SL and it has begun, try to keep to a posting schedule of at least one round of posts per week. Naturally, this goes for the novelist as well. Of course, if you have a crew of four, five or six people, or if life happens, then one week may not be feasible. Just try to be as active as you can be for these SLs.

    Anything else?

    • Do not create topics in this forum if you are not a staff member.
    • Share please. Assuming this takes off and there are multiple SLs to be claimed at a time, if you are a very fast posting crew, please do not gobble up all the available SLs.
    • Remember that these are offers to narrate a specific SL. They are not offers to narrate any SL of your choosing. That's what the Role Play Novelty is for.
    • If you have any questions about this new idea, PM me and I will do my best to not make a fool out of myself while answering your question.

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