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    Wano Country Briefing



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    Wano Country Briefing Empty Wano Country Briefing

    Post by Dante on Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:47 am

    Wano Country Summary

    General Info:

    Wano Country has its own warriors, the samurai (侍 samurai), who are swordsmen so powerful that not even the Marines go near them. Anyone of samurai class is apparently of high social status. Ryuma's sword, the Shusui, is considered a national treasure of Wano.

    The country follows a policy of isolationism, meaning that contact with outsiders such as pirates and other countries is prohibited. Leaving the country's borders is also considered a crime. The ritual of seppuku is a known form of punishment applied for criminals in the country.

    The waterflow of Wano's ocean is unique in that the sea currents are clear like that of a mountain river's, yet they act in reverse to one, pulling sea water closer to the land (in a way similar to Reverse Mountain). Despite this, fresh water still flows out of the land and into the sea through waterfalls, and atop those, there are clashing currents that lead to the formation of whirlpools.

    Gigantic koi are known to live in those seas, despite being freshwater fish, and a human-sized octopus also lives in these waters and can summon these giant carp by making noises normally associated with kabuki plays. Giant creatures such as a katana-wielding baboon and komainu also live in Wano.

    Appearance: The waters around Wano are always suffering from terrible weather, with strong, unusual winds that cause the clouds and ocean's waves to take a swirling shape, resembling their usual depiction in ukiyo-e paintings. Those dangerous conditions give Wano a natural barrier that makes it hard to enter or leave the country.

    Climate: Warm and fair inside the island.

    Notable NPC(s): Shogun Kurozumi Orochi,  Daimyo DaiKonzu, Daimyo Reyzah

    Groups: The beast pirates, The Royal Shogun army, Daimyo Private armys.

    Wano Country is split into an unknown number of areas that are ruled by daimyo.

    The Flower Capital (花の都 Hana no Miyako?) is where the shogun Kurozumi Orochi resides. It is currently the only prosperous place in Wano, due to the shogun affiliation with the Beasts Pirates.

    Another area, Kuri, was formerly ruled by Kozuki Oden.About a year ago, under the Beasts Pirates rule, most of the country became a wasteland, polluted by the weapons factory that poisoned the fresh water rivers.

    The Amigasa Village (編笠村 Amigasa-mura?) was located there before it was destroyed by the Beasts Pirates headliner, X Drake.

    Okobore Town (おこぼれ町 Okobore-chō?) is also located in Kuri. It is located on the other side of a large Torii, opposite to Bakura Town. It is a poor town as everything there is made from leftovers from the capital.

    Bakura Town (博羅町 Bakura-chō?) is where the Beasts Pirates reside. It is located at the foot of the mountain where Oden's castle used to be, and it has a large Torii at its entrance.

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