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    Wild West Island Summary

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    Wild West Island Summary Empty Wild West Island Summary

    Post by Sen on Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:03 am

    Wild West Island Summary

    General Info: Humans are the only race of humanoid creature that inhabits this island. The residents of this island are generally good-natured jokers. They can be prideful at times especially about their marksmanship. It is said that every kid on this island grows up shooting rifles. It is more a necessity than a mark of honor to be a good sharpshooter here, as on Wild West Island and specifically in Bout Town that is the badge upon with a resident's worth is measured.

    There is a moral looseness to the residents of Wild West Island. While most of the residents would not straight up break laws they can at times make some questionable moves. It is the conflict of the laid-back style of folk who live here and the strong connection to the Marines which they pride themselves in.

    Appearance: When approaching Wild West Island one is confronted by medium-sized hills which at a distance may look like sand dunes. In fact they are just hills, the whole island is like that. These hills obscure from view all of the three towns which make up Wild West Island. The only visible attractions along the shore apart from the hills and patches of green are a few watchtowers and a shallow river which splits the island into three pieces.

    After arriving on the island around when nightfall comes one truly understands the name of the island. As the sun falls it drops between the hills causing long shadows to appear which seem to dance across the ground.

    Climate: Wild West Island has a hot and dry climate, which is by no means helped by a general lack of trees upon the island. The few that are there are lacking in leaves. Wind is common upon the island which would make it cooler if not for the fact that the winds generally pick up dust from the ground. Rain is rare on this island and is a true pleasure for its many inhabitants.


    Wild West Vultures - Miniature vultures, they like their cousins the actual vultures are scavengers, picking at dead animals as well as hunting rats. They are generally seen as welcome survivors on the island to the residents. Who hold them in high acclaim for their ability to survive.

    Wushoo Catfish - One of the oddities of the shallow rivers of Wild West Island, Wushoo Catfish are very similar to Kung Fu Dugongs. Being lungfish they can spend short times on land before they must return to the water before they dry out. Each one is a skilled martial artist in the style of Aikido though how they learned it is unknown. About half the height of a human when standing they are certainly more than meets the eye. Unlike the Kung Fu Dugongs they do not follow whoever defeats them. Instead, they act as singular units doing as they feel like. Their meat is supposedly very tasty.

    Island Challenges:

    A Test of Arms - Bebop has a running pot of 20,000 beri for anyone who can outshoot all three of the Gunslinger Trio on their favorite weapons. A feat that has only been pulled off twice in recent history by pirate groups passing through the area. Twice he has been made to pay up, innumerable times he's been correct and instead gave the failed marksman a little pep talk instead.

    Coyote Hunting - Another coyote pack has begun to infest the hills behind Revolver Town. With the militia overwhelmed dealing with the usual group they've enlisted you in your crew to hunt down this new group. The new pack is smart, moving in groups at night, they are displaying some wholly un-coyote like actions. Reveal the truth about this group and take them down and earn your prize money.

    Catfish Stew: Its the delicacy of Wild West Island can you retrieve two live Wushoo Catfishes to eat the stew of your life? Or will you be put in the dumpster by the surprisingly strong martial arts animals.

    Notable NPC(s):

    Sheriff Curtis
    A stickler for the old fashions Sheriff Curtis is a man in his 40's who wears nothing but cowboy like clothes. From the hat to his long coats and boots he truly looks the role of a sheriff. The somewhat stumpy looking man with the large gold star on his chest he sports a large tan mustache and two flintlock pistols holstered at his sides. In his age, he has somewhat lost his touch but through experience manages to hold his own in many a fight one would think age would've put him down in. The leader of a posse of deputies and other Bout Town policemen, he is clearly the smartest of the bunch. While he isn't directly associated with the World Government Sheriff Curtis holds close ties to the marines of Bout Town.

    Captain Flint "Blondie" Eastwood
    One of the Gunslinger Trio of the Wild West Island and the commander of the Bout Town Marines, Captain Eastwood is the greatest sharpshooter to grace Bout Country in a generation. Wielding a long hunting rifle and a short machete Captain Flint "Blondie" Eastwood is a match for any man on the island. While rumor has it that he can hit a finch from two miles away the humble Captain Eastwood would generally disagree with such statements. A natural leader with the air of success around him, he stands taller than his fellow Marines and looks a little lankier. With experience in the Grand Line as an Ensign he has seen a lot and is fairly wise to the ways of the world. A scar runs along his left forearm as a leaving gift from the Grand Line. He is a generally happy man who enjoys a good time and lax rules for his marines.

    Bebop Jackson
    The owner and barman of the Bout Saloon he is always happy to give advice to anyone who wants it. A large imposing man he has a very solemn expression over his at times rather jolly personality. Like any good barman, he is ready to lend an ear to listen to your troubles even if he is not really listening.

    Sheriff Harper
    One of the youngest of the Revolver Militia, Sheriff Harper is a young twenty-one years of age. Seeing the issues at home as more prominent he is one of the few of his generation that did not leave to go join the marines for a tour of duty. Fairly talented with his shotgun, Sheriff Harper is dedicated to the upholding of justice. Leading his Revolver Militia as if they were his policeman he keeps all sorts of rowdiness off the streets of Revolver Town. He truly does love his home of Bexar Town even if its residents are sometimes a little annoyed by his over-enthusiasm.

    Tuco "The Rat" Benedict
    An old man nearly in his 60's Tuco Benedict has a two barrel shotgun on his mantlepiece which is his weapon of choice as one of the Gunslinger Trio of the Wild West Island. His famed weapon, in his younger days he actually lived in Bout Town and was the sheriff. Able to hit a target from twice the normal distance of his weapon he knows the two barrel shotgun like the back of his hand. Now working as the town's physician he is truly a treasure trove of old sayings, witty criticisms, and stories of the good 'ol days. A tricky blackjack player he is the reason why the trio never play blackjack when they get together. Aged in his ways he tries to live his life in peace having seen all sorts of atrocities as a younger man.

    Lee "Angel Eyes" Cleef
    The former pirate and last of the Gunslinger Trio of Wild West Island Lee "Angel Eyes" Cleef is famous for the two revolvers which sit in holsters at his side. Along with a combat knife strapped to the back of his waist, those were his weapons of choice as a pirate and continue to be his weapons of choice now. Only in his thirties, he managed to escape piracy without picking up a bounty due to his ability to hit targets that no one believed he was hitting with his revolvers. Famous for trick shots he is the most fun-loving of the trio. There are rumors that he was the one to give Captain Eastwood his famous scar but given how the two act around each other it is hardly believable.

    The Chunwoo Catfish
    An odd-looking catfish, unlike his wushoo brethren he's got a massive chin. Wielding it like a true fighter his chin seems to be as hard as iron as he smashes it into his opponents. A strange catfish he lives upstream of Bout Town.


    Bout Town Marines
    A proud group of marines they are led by Bout Country-bred Captain Flint Eastwood. While there are only fifty-some marines under his command with them and their skills he manages to control the sometimes rowdy Bout Town. While they do not do minor policing which is left to the sheriff and his deputies, the Bout Town Marines deal with larger threats such as pirate crews and the like. They also move in to help when a brawl makes it out of a saloon and onto the streets of Bout. Their other main job is to pick up ner-do-wellers from Revolver Town and transport them to their in-house jail.

    Generally, they do not worry about Warrant Town, respecting what the former-pirates have done in settling down and not continuing their less respectable former jobs. Apart from a multitude of seaman recruits (generally due to men getting demoted from rowdiness), there are also two ensigns under his wing at the Bout Town Marine Base. As their country suggests, the Bout Town Marines are generally all excellent marksmen.

    Gunslinger Trio of the Wild West Island
    The Gunslinger Trio of Wild West Island is simply a nickname the residents have for the three best marksmen in Bout Country. One comes from each of the towns and none has lost a duel yet. While none of them feel the need to challenge each other there does seem to be a pecking order with captain Flint "Blondie" Eastwood being the best of the three. But in general all of them when they walk around command the respect of all of the residents. There is a little merchandise that can be bought of the three.

    Every now and then the trio get together and play a game of poker an have a good laugh. Apparently, they get along even though Lee "Angel Eyes" Cleef of Warrant Town is a former pirate. The last is Tuco "The Rat" Benedict of Revolver Town. For the residents, they are an inspiring group.

    Bout Saloon
    The Bout Saloon in Bout Town is probably the most popular saloon in Bout. Run by a large imposing barman by the name of Bebop, he is the friendly ear, the man to go for to advice, and generally one of the most well-liked men in Bout Town. Naturally a fine establishment, the Bout Saloon though it gets rowdy has never been the center of a true brawl. Set just across from the Sheriff's Office and the Jail the Wanted Poster board for both local and government posters is set up on a large tack board at the front of the bar's entrance.

    Revolver Militia
    Led by Sheriff Harper, the Revolver militia is a group of about twenty men in their twenties who do their best to patrol the borders of Revolver Town. Though they have not been the most successful they are fairly well liked in Revolver, the older folks just thinking what they are doing seems a little cute to them.

    Bout Country Ferry Service
    A ferry service catch-able from any of the three entrances to the river system and from Bout Town itself. The ferries have wide berths but a very low draft. Coming in different size the largest of them are reserved for the movement of goods inland due to the inconvenience of moving them overland. The cost of ferries is cheap running only a few hundred beri.

    Bout Town
    The largest of the three towns on Wild West Island, Bout Town is nearly double the size of its neighboring towns. And thus the country itself is named after this town. A large main road runs down the center of Bout Town from the outer road down to the riverside. Along this main road are a multitude of inns, saloons, casinos, a bank, the sheriff's office and beside it the jail. A lot of these buildings look rather run down on the outside though on the inside they don't look half as bad. Some of them like the casinos and the bank are actually rather grand on the inside.

    As one strays farther and farther from the main road one will find the areas become more and more residential with newer looking buildings that rise up two stories. While along the coast there are docks, given the shallowness of the river many boats cannot actually run the waters and one must instead take a river ferry up and down the river. North of the main road and still in the town is another one of the important buildings. It is a large stadium, an extra story higher than any other building it is easily visible from any rooftop in the city. It is a massive complex for Bout Town easily able to seat all three thousand residents of the town with space to spare. On the floor of the stadium is a long open field running nearly 100 meters This is the Dueling Complex, where marksman come on challenges to duel it out at the range. This is the only legal place to do so, killing is allowed here because generally, both men must sign documents approved by the sheriff.

    In the southern half of town rises the other large building. The Bout Town Marine Base, where all those who join the Marines originally sign up. Built-in usual marine fashion it looks plainly put odd surrounded by the wooden houses around it. There are usually less than fifty marines working the base nearly all of them former residents of Bout town. The base has a large shooting range out back as well.

    Surrounding the town is large landscapes of open plains with small grasses growing everywhere. As one nears the town one is likely to be passing through ranch country and will likely see some number of cows on the way in. The same is true for all the other towns in Bout Country.

    Revolver Town
    Set in the southern third of Wild West Island Revolver Town is a small fairly isolationist settlement. All the buildings are old and rickety and many of the residents' old farts who left to get away from all the craze of Bout Town. The houses here are well kept together on the inside generally with a rifle or two hanging from a mantlepiece in the main room. Ranches, of course, surround the town and make up a large amount of the income of those who live there. A town of only four hundred or so residents it does not send much manpower to the marines because most who live there have already retired. There is not much new blood. One of the only prominent new blood is the current sheriff who tries to organize militias at night of the few who live here.

    Revolver Town has a problem with coyotes who at night come down from the hills south of Revolver and raid into the cattle ranches. The militia's job is supposedly to keep the coyotes away though they have really only been able to secure the perimeter of the town, anything else is outside of their manpower to do.

    Revolver is laid out in a grid-like formation, with a main road running north to south. Where buildings have just stopped being made the grid ends. Down the main road, there is a sheriff's office within which they have a small jail. The sheriff's office also has a den den mushi which can contact the Marine Base in Bout Town. Other than the sheriff's office the main road has all the usual sites, a general store, a bank, a multitude of saloons, and even a casino down by the end though most residents simply gamble on the streets. The people in Revolver are much more laid back and much less rowdy than those of Bout town.

    Warrant Town
    Set in the northern third of the island Warrant Town is an upstart town of a few hundred of the rowdiest members of Bout Town. Full of bars and saloons with buildings that can constantly be found with holes in their everything Warrant Town is the home of all the former pirates who set down in Bout Town. Getting away from the Marine presence of Bout Town, Warrant Town's residents tend to just want a 'peaceful' life now. The issue is that many a new pirate tends to pass through Warrant Town and start a scuffle that leads to a brawl causing the majority of the winding main road of Warrant Town to enter into a mad range of shooting and fist-fighting. Warrant Town is possibly the only town one is more likely to find a sword than a gun in Bout Country. While the residents like to raise their kids in the Bout Country tradition with guns, many of the older residents still have a preference for their cutlasses.

    Dangerous on the best of days, the rowdy residents of Warrant Town are also the best at knowing how to have a good time. At night parties starting at one saloon can quickly expand to take over blocks of the town swiftly becoming a rage that will pull in the majority of residents of Warrant. It can be quite the spectacle both in the party and in the normally eventual turn to a brawl.

    Warrant Town like all these towns has a main road format, the main road, however, must have been designed by a bunch of drunks because it winds from west and east swinging up and down rather than moving in a straight line. Lined with saloons, bars, and an unfortunate general store which can never keep its glass windows intact Warrant Town's main road is covered in buildings that look like they might just fall apart. As one moves away from the main road one gets into residential areas where tales of piracy are easy to hear.

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