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    Departing the South Blue


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    Departing the South Blue Empty Departing the South Blue

    Post by PolarBear on Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:40 am

    Monroe Polar, the first step toward a grand adventure had just been taken. Sun rise was the greenlight glistening atop the waves of the ocean giving off the reflection for the sky to take magnificent colors. It was as if an artist had paint their canvas, violets, blues, a slight green, and purple merged together around the glowing orange yellow that was the sun. Seagulls became the rooster of this land, their chirps like a call for inhabitants to wake up for the day. Complementing the ocean’s aesthetics was its breeze which lofted the grass, parted the clouds, and echoed the beholder’s being with a force all powerful. Standing there about to go on his way, he thought to himself.

    What if I find someone that can control the wind itself, someone that can counter my enemy and use it against me? I’ll just have to adapt, right? I’ll have to become stronger. Surpass my limits. That’s what all this is about, right? Surpassing my limits and turning myself into something greater, bigger, being a part of something that is more important than me. Yeah. That’s what it means to be a true pirate, to chase your dream. Monroe closed his eyes feeling the wind pick up even more, however, this time it was different. Before the wind had pushed him away; now the wind was pulling him in, closer to the sea. My dream is to become the best inventor in the world and invent a way for everyone in the world to be free. Freedom is my dream. Tears came down his cheeks getting flash backs of his father killed by the marines. This was the past he wanted to correct for the future.

    Change was coming, that’s the beauty of live. The motion of time made everything ever-changing which was also the beauty of being sentient, being alive. As we’re alive we too are ever-changing and evolving. With his rifle strapped to his shoulder he sent out ready for the world before him. Making his way toward the sea train he bought a ticket toward the East blue, the specific location wasn’t important to him so he bought whatever was available. On his to the train he stopped by in tower to make some ammunition knowing he was short on ammunition. Within a few hours he made forty bullets of his explosive ammunition. After his business was done he boarded the train and went ahead on his destination for Yotsuba Island, what a random place.

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