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    Boin Archipelago Briefing


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    Boin Archipelago Briefing Empty Boin Archipelago Briefing

    Post by Tenken on Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:39 am

    Boin Archipelago Summary

    Boin Archipelago Briefing Wow,+really

    General Info: A series of flower-shaped islands in the depths of what is known as "Path IV" in the Grand Line, the Boin Archipelago is a summery island that is also known as one of the most dangerous places in the world outside of the New World itself. In truth these 'islands' are a group of gigantic carnivorous sea plants known as "Sefvtuny Plars" (or more commonly "Stomach Barons") that consume the more overweight of the inhabitants on the islands, their stomachs existing in a form known as "Sarlacc" that consume their prey over a thousand years in a horribly slow digestion. Besides the plants themselves each of the 'islands' is home to a slew of man-eating plants, animals and insects to ensure your stay is as absolutely awful as possible! There are almost no permanent residents to the islands here besides the animals and plants, for few who survive here would ever bother to dwell, but in each of the major islands resides a single individual who claims it as 'their' territory. The Boin Archipelago is also home to 'Pop Greens' - a unique species of plants that can be weaponised in a variety of effects, each island having their own specific pop greens to find and cultivate.

    From the outside the archipelago is a beautiful thing, lush jungle-laden islands in the shape of flowers, smaller ones clustered in hexagonal points around the three largest ones in the center, totalling three major islands and nine smaller ones. The minor islands are approximately thirty miles in diameter and the major ones are closer to two hundred and each of the islands is covered in beautiful and vibrant colours due to the abundance of flora visible on them with the center/major islands being even bigger and more vibrant than those on the outside. The passage between islands is a little difficult with shallow currents between the islands a little difficult for most major ships to navigate without destroying their hulls, but there are no rocks in the vicinity and the seas around the area are for the most part calm as can be.

    The islands of the Boin Archipelago have a warm, summery feel to them without being overly hot, residing in a more 'tropical' area of the Grand Line and thus having a similarly reflected climate. Each of the islands is rather protected from wind and sun due in large part to the thick canopies above them, however each of the islands is rather prone to warm rains, saturating the plants and animals of the islands and making them -especially the plants- grow larger and larger due to the constant influx of heat and fresh water.

    Island Challenges:

    • Island Jumping
      Survive a night on each of the three major islands in a row - if you get stuck on one island for more than one day you'll have to start again!

    • King Hunting
      Hunt down and slay the "King Garagator" located on the Eastern Major Island of the Archipelago - be careful, he's over 2000 years old and very dangerous!

    • A Shining Light
      Catch and bring a Shining Gourami to Debaba, fulfilling his lifelong goal.

    • Hungry Hungry Islands
      Find the lost history of the Boin Archipelago and the tablet that details how the Stomach Barons came to be.

    Notable Wildlife:

    • Garagator
      Found On: Paladia, Eastern Minor Islands
      The Garagator is an enormous red-coloured crocodilian beast with six legs, a tail that splits at the end, four eyes and a literal thousand teeth. They have the ability to perfectly camouflage themselves and can hide simply by remaining still on the ground, striking at any being close by.

    • Leo Tiger
      Found On: Greenstone, North Minor Islands
      The Leo Beast is an exceptionally large species of predatory cat with the traits of both a tiger and a lion and a green-brown colour scheme, allowing it to blend into the flora of Greenstone and remain hidden while it stalks its prey. It can cover a distance of over a mile in under four seconds due to the speed of its leap and is the apex predator of the island, excluding the island itself.

    • Octopus Mammoth
      Found On: Dimiralis, Western Minor Islands
      Approximately three metres in height, Octopus Mammoths are a powerful beast that has six eyes, an enormous trunk with ocotpus-like suckers on the bottom, two large trunks, sharpened fangs and a multitude of tentacles sprouting from the back of its head. Eschewing stealth, the Octopus Mammoths hunt the shores of the Western islands of the Boin Archipelago fiercely, attacking any threat or prey head on.

    • Jam Grasshopper
      Found On: North + East Minor Islands
      A large breed of parasitic grasshopper growing up to almost 35cm in length and up to the height of an adult humans knee, jam grasshoppers primarily feed on either carrion or by attaching themselves to larger beasts and hitching along, feeding on their blood as they travel. They can reach maturity in as little as a single day if enough resources are present.

    • Spew Weevil
      Found On: North + West Minor Islands
      A large flying insectoid with a humanoid shape, a large toothed 'beak' and six 'arm' appendages as well as two legs, spew weevils can reach up to 40cm in length and the size of an adult humans knee. They are primarily grey-green in colour with vibrant blue eyes and they nest in the heights of the Boin Archipelagos flora, swooping down in swarms to devour their prey.

    • Armor Hoihoi
      Found On: East + West Minor Islands
      A standard six-legged insectoid that can reach up to 30cm in length and the height of a fully grown adult humans knee, the Armor Hoihoi is a blue chitinous bug that has an enormously thick armour plating, strong enough to withstand a bazooka blast. It has wings concealed within its carapace that grant it limited flight, however it is a fast runner and prefers to chase its prey down.

    • Rock Bhee
      Found On: All Islands
      Despite its name generally equating to a small size, the rock bee is an enormous insect that reaches almost a metre in height and four metres in length. Covered in a brown carapace that blends into the rocks it hides within, it more resembles a wasp than a bee but it has no stinger at the end of its enlarged abdomen, instead it has a hole where it stores and launches rocks at its prey at bullet-like speeds.

    • Jungle Sthag
      Found On: All Islands
      Thankfully small but terrifying in that it breeds in large numbers, Jungle Sthag can be found on every island in the Boin Archipelago and is known as the 'piranha of the air' due to its tendencies to shred its prey to the bones in large numbers. Only a few centimetres high their mandibles are capable of cutting through rocks and their green-brown carapace allows them to blend into the jungle far too easily.

    • Gamura Moschito
      Found On: All Islands
      A hideous insect with an enormous mouth on the top of its head, the Gamura Moschito consumes the blood of its prey with its large proboscis then consumes the flesh anyway by feeding it into the mouth atop its own face. It is a merciless beast but thankfully a rare one, not often seen and living solitary lives anyway, killing its own kind as mercilessly as it does others.

    • Trugolem
      Found On: All Minor Islands
      An enormous being that appears to be a warped tree at first glance, the Trugolem is in fact a parasite that dwells in the center of a tree and controls the branches of the tree it inhabits to smash and flatten all prey that comes within its branches reach.

    • Temtrum
      Found On: All Minor Islands
      Appearing as tiny orange beetles, Temtrum are highly venomous and can cause necrosis with their bites and travel in swarms. They will only back off at the presence of either fire or water, dying instantly to either and as a result their swarms hide during rainstorms and are only found in the coolest part of the day, for too much sun can kill them too.

    • Shining Gourami
      Found On: ???
      The only of the 'well known' fauna of the Archipelago to have never even been seen, the Shining Gourami is probably(?) a brilliant gold fish, only a few inches long, that lives somewhere in the waters of the archipelago - either in a lake or river of the islands themselves or in the ocean around them. Nobody is truly sure where it is or what it looks like but it is said that to find one it to gain everlasting luck.

    Notable NPC(s):

    • Debaba - The first of three brothers, Debaba is a powerful warrior, standing over eight feet tall and made almost entirely of pure muscle, he is a fierce and proud man who seeks only one thing in this world - the Shining Gourami of the Boin Archipelago. Having made his home as the "Apex" of the island known as Paladia he is a force to be reckoned with, capable of single-handedly destroying a Marine Battleship without taking a scratch, he trusts slowly and smiles even less. Despises his brothers and almost anyone who would try to find his dream first.

    • Potaro - The second of three brothers, Potaro is a fairly easygoing man with an easy laugh and an easier smile, considering the dangers of his situation he rather rotund actually, especially when you consider his surprisingly high speed. He came to the Boin Archipelago to help his brother Debaba find the Shining Gourami but an argument between them as to where it could actually be found lead Potaro settle on Greenstone, where he decided to instead just live a life of indolence and happiness eating anything and everything he could get his hands on.

    • Mibansho - A wild little girl of perhaps no older than 10 or 11, Mibansho is not her name but instead the only word she knows, something she screams at all hours as her only response to anything. She is a true terror in a fight, having consumed a Zoan Devil Fruit that allows her to shift into some kind of hideous insectoid that is normally native to the island, she is truly the 'top dog' of the island of Dimiralis and is the one who killed the third of the three brothers who came looking for the Shining Gourami, in fact his skull now adorns the non-bladed end of her spear.

    Major Islands:

    • North Island - Greenstone
      Perhaps the most iconic of the three main islands of the Archipelago, Greenstone is also known as "The Forest of Gluttony" and is essentially an enormous forest from beach to center, where the plants are as delicious as the animals and everything wants to eat everything else. The forest is home to all manner of ingredients, some so fantastical you could not believe them, but the deeper one travels into the center of the forest the harder it is to escape, for the animals become harder and harder to get back past to the outside; it almost resembles an amusement park of food however, so there is often less incentive to try and get back... except for the whole 'being trapped on a carnivorous island' thing of course.

    • East Island - Paladia
      Paladia is the least-visited of the three islands, and mostly for good reason, for the island itself is home to a large number of lakes and rivers and pools and all of them, without exception, will drown the ever-loving-heck out of any unsuspecting fool who touches them in any way. See, the 'water' that is found on the face of this particular Stomach Baron is not in fact water but a rather unique form of sap developed by the plant itself that, once touched, cannot be escaped. This sap is almost like a lure to attract prey into its clutches. At the bottom of each and every single drop of water on the group of Paladia is a mouth, an entrance to the Stomach Baron itself, and even the smallest mouths will devour the largest prey, however slowly...

    • South Island - Dimiralis
      Of the three major 'islands' of the Boin Archipelago, Dimiralis is the most unique in that the inside of it is almost nothing like the lush jungle exterior of the outside. There is a line of thick foliage and trees, a lush jungle that surrounds the entire outside of the island for about three miles deep, however once you leave that jungle and step into the center of the island you will fall down a cliff that should not be, almost four hundred feet of pure vertical descent and find yourself in one of the most barren deserts in the entire world. Covered in rocks, dust, heat and death the interior of Dimiralis is a barren deathland where none survive, the strongest only live by drinking the blood of their prey in order to get enough water to keep on going. And those cracks on the ground? Those aren't cracks but the closed up mouths of this particular Stomach Baron, waiting for its prey to step onto its lips to be consumed...

    Notable Minor Islands:
    Where most of the nine minor islands of the Archipelago are rather similar, three of the nine (one in each of the cardinal directions of North, East and West) are a little more distinctive with a much lower amount of flora due to a higher focus on the varying climate issues that the archipelago otherwise faces.

    • North - The Island of Rain
      The Northernmost of the minor islands in the archipelago and the youngest of the Stomach Barons, the Island of Rain is just that; rainy. It never stops raining here, perhaps due to some mishap with a weather ball some years ago, maybe due to a particular weather scientist unleashing a vendetta, or maybe just due to one of the freakish natural phenomenon that happens in the Grand Line from time to time.

    • East - The Island of Waves
      The Easternmost island of the Boin Archipelago, this particular island is extremely close to Paladia itself and is also home to an enormous and constant swell of waves at all times. Waves the size of mountains frequently crash into the Eastern shores of this island and ones only slightly less so will slam into the other beaches as well. As a result it is almost as wet here as the Island of Rain is, but it also is home to a constant influx of sea creatures who are smashed to shore, some even able to survive for a time and adapt to the lush and desolate jungles here.

    • West - The Island of Sun
      The most barren of the islands -not including Dimiralis itself- and the Westernmost Island of the Boin Archipelago, this island has very few trees that have truly grown high excluding the outermost ring of the island itself, meaning most of the cover overhead is minimal at best. This results in an extremely hot island, hotter than most deserts in the world, one constantly under the burning rays of the sun and as a result it is more than common for adventurers here to die of heatstroke before they would otherwise die of the other dangers of the island.

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