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    Monopolis Summary


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    Monopolis Summary Empty Monopolis Summary

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    Monopolis Summary

    General Info: A constantly growing island, if you could call it that. Monopolis prides itself on being an urban island, building further and further out with a new layer of concrete and mortar every year the bigger the population gets. On each tier of the island, different levels of economic prosperity can be found, though you may easily find yourself going from the highest tier to the bottom if you do not spend your money right.

    Upon entering the island, one can find the built in infrastructure of a constantly growing populace living in artificial lighting and several mechanical wonders that control the climate. Even within the different layers of the giant island, calling itself one big city, different walls leading in to the center of the island, can be found, where the way of life becomes slightly more comfortable while getting in to the Economic Elevator.

    The island is known for having a host of flora and fauna from several islands across the first half of the Grand Line, using these to make a wide market and different chances for people to work and make products to sell off at exorbitant prices. The people of the island are wary of marines, hoping that there are some good ones out there, fearful of pirates, especially those that have had to end their journey on Monopolis, and entirely reliant on the Kings of Commerce.

    The island is home to roughly ten million people currently. Originally, when the tower was not a thing, Log Poses took three days to get their point for the next island. Now, someone has managed to find a way to disturb the magnetic field of the island and prolong any log pose to take twenty-eight days.

    The most notable part of the island is the hectic culture of economy being a major point for the island. While the Kings of Commerce control the prices of each others' districts, they maintain that no one should ever find the monetary wealth to improve for long. As such, things like a loaf of bread, freshly baked, could sell for ten beli one day. But, three days later, costs as much as three hundred thousand Beli, for one, simple, loaf of bread. Everything is a necessity, no matter the cost.

    Appearance: No one is really sure how big the island is on the inside, its long since been overtaken by the perfect hexagonal monolith of the island's current outer shell.  The base of the island is roughly 6,000 square miles, allowing it to stand on top of the small islands buried beneath the concrete surface.  The tower itself stands at the very center of the island, and is currently 5,000 square miles from each end of the outer shell of the island. From the tower, several tiers pointing upwards go up higher and higher. The first tier, being 5 thousand square miles, goes up for a mile, before the next tier sticks out from that. The second tier of the island is 4 thousand square miles, going up for one more mile. The third mile high tier stretches for three thousand square miles. The second highest rests another mile high and at two thousand square miles. The highest and most prestigious mile high tier of the island is only one thousand square miles.

    Climate: Half of the year is high wave storms while the other half is calm and placid waters. Inside of the island's exterior the weather is artificial, with different sectors being given different climates based on the effort they put in for the island's economy.

    Notable NPC(s):
    Lily Belle - King of Commerce, Food district. A rather curt and callous woman who would sooner watch those who ask for food for the poor eat poison and give their own meals to the poor than feed them herself.
    Boris Brock- King of Commerce, Security district. A man that believes in the mercenary mindset. Whoever has the most money is in the right, and can afford the services to protect their business, or heavily patrol and search another to put it out of business. He does have some honor though for those that show strength above money.
    Steele Irons - King of Commerce, Building/Port district. Born from a joining of two former rulers of the island, mashing the two forms of economy together, Steele handles oversight of the island's further repairs and construction, while also being the one to oversee the port system and storage of all of the ships that come to stay at the island.
    Xavier Vene - King of Commerce, Pleasure district. A gaunt man with a languid movement, many speculate his lanky appearance is from being the combination of a long-leg and a long-arm in lineage, though he never has revealed with all of the thick suits, robes and kimonos that he wears. He handles the leisure costs of the people, things like casinos, spas, libraries and the like.
    Nikole Staunch - King of Commerce, Banking district. Someone has to handle the money of this place, who better then Nikole, someone who has a majority share in every bank on the island and controls where the money flows. Some believe her to be the head of the five kings, despite their claims that they are all equal to one another and just handling the money as the island needs.

    Marines - the main marine force on the island are in the pocket of the Security District, and self serve themselves a nice post while lending a hand and boosting the bounty of anyone that someone else is happy to pay a bribe to make said bounty for, if only to line the payer's pockets later.

    Kings of Commerce - The five heads of the island who live at the very top of the island communally. They are the ones that hold the majority shares of the islands in their pockets, bidding and taking from another whenever they get the chance. They each run their own specific district of the island, making sure that when one business sector is doing too well financially, to lower their prices to get more business for themselves. The whole island is like a game board to them.

    Food District Elites - The personal militia of highly trained soldiers with a rather unconventional fighting style. The Belle family bank rolls them to give them their allegiances and they protect their leader while serving as assassins that specialize in toxins when the time calls for them. Four Head Chefs, twelve Sous Chefs, as they call their ranks. Roughly eighty strong.

    Security District Detail - Run like a militant police force, these are the main enforcers of the island, working to serve whoever will pay them the most. There is often in fighting with their five hundred thousand strong police force, due to conflict of interests of people paying them to protect one business, while another unit is paid to heavily police and keep it from getting business.  They are lead by seven elite enforcers that call themselves The Virtues.

    Building/Port District Workers - At roughly ten percent of the island's population, these people work and defend themselves from roving pirates looking to steal from them to try and save up money to get off the island, they are also trained to keep people from getting away without paying.  There are no special forces within this force, but you would be hard pressed to find one among them that would allow themselves to be beaten by a single blow.

    Pleasure District Furies - Every head of a casino, spa, library, hospital, what have you, totaling 300, is trained to defend their place, to keep it from being ransacked from ne'er-do-wells or other enforcers from another Commerce District, in order to keep their income safe.

    Banking District Loansharks - A rather menacing name for people that specialize in no forms of combat, but are more than happy to take some extra money from their pockets and throw it to the crowd with a promise of bonuses for anyone that gets rid of anyone that disturbs them.  One hundred Loansharks stalk the island in green suits.

    Port Points - The six angles of the island allow anyone to dock in to them, with canals that lead up to closed off cubbies that hold one ship each. A four level system that allows the ship to be safely stored while the occupants of the ship are taken further in to the island and given the chance to enter in tot he island while their log pose gets the magnetic point for the next island.
    Fifth Tier - The first major tier of the island, with no discernible towns or villages, just one giant series of ten rings that get smaller the closer to the center of the island you get.  This tier is known to be the slums on the first eight outer rings, with the other two being lower working class. This tier is home to most of the processing and construction plants. Six banks can be found here, but only as close tot he Economic Elevator as possible.
    Fourth Tier - Farms, delivery services, low class libraries and the first few hospitals can be found anywhere in these eight hexagonal rings. Blue collar workers mostly work here, with six banks here as well, but closer to a quarter of the way out from the Economic Elevator.
    Third Tier - Here you can find the middle class, they travel anywhere from the second to fifth tier to the second tier for their work. Casinos can be found here, challenging anyone to try their luck and win big, or lose it all. Other large businesses such as grocery chains and leisure enjoyments such as spas can be found here.
    Second Tier - The upper class, these people rarely ever go below to the Third Tier, let alone anywhere lower. They enjoy their lives of owning parts of the other businesses below and constantly taking in money to constantly improve their lives of luxury, though, several casinos are on this tier, tempting dozens to waste their fortune on the chance to ever get to the first tier, though no one has been able to yet.
    First Tier - The smallest populated tier out of all, and the smallest in size. Large houses and mansions can be found here, with the better ones being built higher and away from the Economic Elevator.  The Kings of Commerce live up here. These people do not work at all. Family, friends, and friends of family can be found here related to the Kings of Commerce.  They let everyone believe that they have the chance to make it up to this Tier, no one has ever made it to the highest level of Economic Worth.
    Economic Elevator - Only those approved for work may use these unless someone has a proof of improvement. There are dozens of elevators that run up and down every hour of the day on each tier. There are also express elevators for anyone that does not want to go to a lower tier, only to be 'escorted' by the authorities. Hijacking or using these without permission is a punishable offense by tacking on a multiplier to all of your costs.

    Island challenges:
    Dine and Ditch - Are you brave enough to last here and make your way off of the island without paying for it? Give it a try, see how many of the people cheer for you. Sure, they might have hope that you could make it, but, when a large number of the island would be out to keep you from escaping, you would be branded a criminal by the marines on your way out if you weren't already! be ready for a hard fight!

    Stock Crash - Do you want to set some things right with the island? Maybe you want to kill one of the Kings. Maybe you want to overthrow the entire system and Robin Hood the whole island, good luck. This one will turn an entire island against you at first, with many people not knowing what to do, and the gap left by any of the Kings will surely be filled with a family member within two months! Still, you're welcome to upset the economy of the island long enough that the shock could get you a quick escape.

    Pocket Liner - Tempted to be a corrupt marine? Wanting to swindle the money out of a hard worker's chance at a loaf of bread? Manipulate the island your own way and don't get caught. Surely, a Loanshark would catch on to you, and report you to every authority that they can. Earn those Beli fast and legally buy your way off of the island.


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