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    Little Garden Briefing



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    Little Garden Briefing  Empty Little Garden Briefing

    Post by Dante on Wed Oct 31, 2018 11:15 am

    Little garden Summary

    General Info:

    Little Garden is a Prehistoric Island and as such is still in the age of the Dinosaurs. Not much is known about Little Garden, other than it seems to develop very slowly. Due to the extreme climate and dangers of the dinosaurs, no normal human has been able to stay there the entire year for the Log Pose to reset without dying. It is Sometimes used as Haven for some of the worlds most dangerous criminals however as not many dare to go there, for them this island is perfect.

    Appearance: Little garden is a Humongous island in paradise The island is circular shaped. On each end of the island are 2 identical mountains, that are really the skulls of two Sea Kings. Many of the trees and plants are fauna from a Prehistoric Era. The island also houses many volcanoes, some even erupting at regular intervals.

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    Climate: Little Garden's climate is one of dense jungle. This has led it to be behind the average island in the Grand Line by millions of years. The climate is unbearable for many humans that plan to stay long, as well as providing ideal conditions for fatal illnesses to survive, some thought previous extinct.

    The climate is Extreme in every sense of the word, The Rain is the size of cannon balls, the heat in the summer can damn near can sear the skin of a typical human, the winter is so cold it can almost flash freeze someone unprepared for the cold.

    Notable NPC(s): N/a

    Groups: N/a


    The Sea King Mountains around 500 years ago it is said that a crew of giants came to the island after the two Captains each killed an enormous Sea King, and by the prodding of a curious little farm girl, they attempted to discover which one was bigger. However when laid out on Little Garden, both of them appeared to be exactly the same. They got into a fight so the crew left. The Giants from Elbaf have a tradition, whenever one gets into a fight they must go to any island other than Elbaf and fight until one kills the other. If they draw, they must fight again later. Only the winner may return to Elbaf. Thus, over the course of 100 years neither won nor lost, and the Sea King's remains rotted away, until only their massive skulls were left Creating the mountains.

    The Hourly Volcano On the island there is one volcano that erupts once every hour. This is the easiest way to tell time passage on this island as the volcano never fails to erupt hourly. There are other volcanoes, but none of the others seem to go off every hour, instead going off at intervals or random times.

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