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    Sabaody Archipelago Briefing



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    Sabaody Archipelago Briefing  Empty Sabaody Archipelago Briefing

    Post by Dante on Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:15 am

    Sabaody Archipelago Summary

    General Info:

    Sabaody Archipelago is the final island in Paradise, close to the Red Line. Though it is called an archipelago, it is actually a massive mangrove forest growing out from the middle of the ocean with each tree of the forest serving as an "island" on which people live. Since it is just a group of trees and not an island like those found in the Grand Line, it has no magnetic pull for which to affect a Log Pose.

    Due to the place being in close proximity to the part of the Red Line bordering the first half of the Grand Line and the New World, it is a highly visited rest stop for all sorts of travelers to prepare before entering the New World. Aside from its unique environment and it being a booming business hub, it is notable for the World Nobles who visit there and a thriving slave trade supported by them. One notable slave hunting group are the Flying Fish Riders whose headquarters are several kilometers east of the area.

    Sometime over 300 years ago, the base of operations for Marine Headquarters has been relocated to G-1 in the New World and G-1 was moved to Shabaody. This results in Sabaody Archipelago becoming even more lawless, and with 300 years of Underworld growth it is almost impossible to walk safely through the streets if you aren't strong.


    Sabaody Archipelago Briefing  Latest?cb=20130125210806

    The Sabaody Archipelago is, in actuality, a massive mangrove forest in the middle of the ocean made up of 79 separate trees known as Yarukiman Mangrove. Their name is a pun on the Japanese phrase, "Yaru Ki Manman", which means being pumped up or motivated. The Yarukiman Mangrove trees are the largest mangroves in the world and are strong enough to grow from the bottom of the ocean to the top. They do not sink into the ocean during high tide like other mangrove trees, and the texture on their barks has such a distinct look that they resemble large candy canes. Each tree is called a grove and serves as an island for which people live on. People can get from one grove to another via the various bridges built connecting around the many tree roots.
    Map of Sabaody Archipelago

    The seventy-nine trees are divided into several different areas, with each one dependent on the number of the area.

       1-29: A lawless area where pirates and bounty hunters run amok
       30-39: Sabaody Park, an amusement park with bubble-based attractions
       40-49: A tourist area, filled with shops and souvenir stands
       50-59: A shipping area
       60-69: Local headquarters for the Marines
       70-79: A hotel town

    The location of the mangrove forest is crucial in the travels through the Grand Line due to its approximation to the only two crossing points on this side of the world. Although there are several paths that traverse the equatorial ocean, the only two points that cross to the other side (Mariejois and Fishman Island) are on exactly the same place, with one at the top of the Red Line and the other in a massive tunnel under the Red Line in the depths of the ocean. Because this is the only point where one can cross into the New World, the location of the Sabaody Archipelago makes it ideal for anyone who needs to prepare to cross this section of the ocean by either means. Thus, everyone from the high-ranked nobles to the traversing pirates use the Sabaody Archipelago as a rest and preparation point as they look back on their previous journeys and prepare to enter the New World.

    Climate: The climate created by the Mangrove forest Is that of a spring island but is particularly humid to support the bubbles of the mangrove forest.

    Notable NPC(s):

    Groups: G-1 Marines, Slavers, Pirates, Bubble engineers, Ship coating Engineers.


    The Sabaody G1 Marine base is a Marine base located on GR 66 of the Sabaody Archipelago and is responsible for its security.  After the Marine Headquarters' base was moved to the New World, the Marine Base's influence weakened and the Archipelago became less safe and more difficult to protect. Making the underworld influence grow to all of the areas, though they are still more prominent in the 'lawless' areas and there is much less world noble traffic and when they are here for slave purchases and going out and about they are accompanied by Cp0.

    Shakky's Rip-Off bar Is a bar At Grove 13 Famous for its excessive prices and rough Staff comparable to that of the fighting chefs of the baratie of East blue. It is said that the pirate king once came here and his ship was protected by his allies for 2 years while he trained hard to become strong enough to protect his friends. These days it is Just a pub with a friendly but brutish staff that will not put up with any of the lawless types trying to rip them off.

    They stay out of the affairs of slavers and the underworld as its what her ancestors would have wanted the Young woman that runs it says.

    The Human Auctioning House — euphemistically referred to by the Marines as the Public Employment Security Office (職業安定所 Shokugyō Anteijo?) — is a center of slave trade and a bidding house for selling living beings as slaves. It is located on Sabaody Archipelago's Grove 1. Once long ago It was Shut down due to it losing its Prestige and its safety however the Demand for slaves never subsided and it has long since been re-opened for business at the demand of the world nobles. Being Guarded By Cp0 when they come to the island now to Buy slaves makes them nearly impervious to danger.

    Sabao Dome is a concert hall on Grove 33 of the Sabaody Archipelago. It is located in Sabaody Park which covers groves 30 to 39. Concerts and other types of festivities take place here ranging from infamous to Famous they are considered guests and security here is provided by their benefactors, This means that Even a dangerous outlaw can perform here without worry of arrest as the marines here do not have the power to stop these Hired hands easily and thus it just isn't worth it for them to even try.

    Sabaody Park is a famous amusement park at Sabaody Archipelago.  As a big park, Sabaody Park has many amusement attractions and roller coaster rides for enjoyment. Such as The log ride, The roller coaster, The Ferris wheel, The Under water fish tank ride where you go down into the ocean a limited ways to go see fish inside reinforced bubbles to protect onlookers from aggressive fish. And the Haunted house. There are of course other attractions such as 'amusement park food' Which is an unusual assortment of things like Pigs ears, Funnel cakes, Donuts sandwiches and other oddities that can't be found elsewhere.

    Antonio's Graman is a shop on the Sabaody Archipelago that sells souvenirs and merchandise. This includes, Special dumplings that last up to 3 months, Chocolates that don't melt in the heat unless exposed for quite awhile, Rice crackers said to be only found on this island. Key chains reminiscent of the bubble technology found on the island. Pendants, Bracelets, Knick nacs of all sorts. A good place to grab reminders of paradise before you enter the hell of the new world.

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