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    Dawn Island Summary


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    Dawn Island Summary Empty Dawn Island Summary

    Post by Kaitos10 on Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:38 am

    Dawn Island Summary

    General Info: This is the location of Goa kingdom as well as the location of Foosha village it is mostly a rural island with lots of trees and wildlife.

    Appearance:   The island is roughly oval shaped and spans hundreds of square miles being roughly the size of 5 Marine Fords.  It consists mostly of rural farmland (with at least one village). The capital is a huge, sprawling city surrounded by a chain of low, forested mountains that are home to several groups of bandits. It is unknown how many villages there are or how many people live here.

    Climate: Because its an island and the location it is in,  it has a rather tropical but fair climate. The highest temperature usually reaches 100 Fahrenheit, The lowest being high 60s. Because of the mountainous region, the weather patterns are sometimes more isolated than normal. Where parts of the island like gray terminal stay dry, other parts like midway forest and Mt. Colubo are prone to rain.

    Goa Kingdom This the main part of this place. Though because of there remote location, even though their part of the world government marines rarely visit, meaning most problems handled locally by the kingdom. It seems to be a pretty peaceful kingdom though.

    Bandit Groups There are a few bandit groups such as the Dadan family. They mostly operate out of Mt. Colubo, they mostly cause trouble and steal from whoever enters there territory. Sometimes they enter Grey terminal and Foosha village to rob people or just have a good time at the bar.

    Pirates Sometimes certain pirate crews where stay here, though they normally stay in Gray terminal, sometimes they enter Foosha village. Certain crews like now deceased bluejam pirates were known around this island.

    Can be found at the outskirts of the village. The villagers usually keep them for fresh milk or for beef.

    Giant Tiger
    One of the most dangerous animals on Mt. Colubo.

    These are one of the many dangerous animals that reside in Mt. Colubo. They are all over the rivers of the mountain, it is said the former pirate king used these as stepping stones when crossing the river as a kid.

    These are gigantic bears twice the normal size that roam Mt. Colubo. It is said the former pirate king used to train by fighting these as a kid though once got seriously injured by one.

    There exists all sorts of snakes venomous and otherwise, that live on Mount Colubo. Sometimes the snakes are big enough to swallow a human whole.


    Foosha Village: A sleepy rural village with windmills on the outskirts of the main Goa Kingdom. Notable as Luffy's home and birthplace, it is where he met with Shanks for the first time, inspiring him to be a pirate. This village is run by the mayor, Woop Slap. It is where Makino owns a bar and Gyoru runs a fish stand.

    Mt. Colubo: A heavily-forested low-hanging mountain that rests behind Foosha Village. It is notable as the home of several Mountain Bandits, the Dadan Family. Both Luffy and Ace conducted their training in this area as instructed to by Monkey D. Garp under the supervision of Curly Dadan.

    Midway Forest: A forest between Gray Terminal and Mt. Colubo.

    Gray Terminal: A huge junkyard that is full of disease and crime, it smells due to the burning from the sun. It lays at the edge of Mt. Colubo. Sabo lived here until he was taken in by Dadan with Luffy and Ace.
    Pirate's Bay: A cove located in-between the Gray Terminal and the base of Mt. Colubo. The Bluejam Pirates used to be stationed here.

    Capital: The capital city of Goa Kingdom
    Great Gate: A huge gate connecting Gray Terminal to Edge Town.
    Edge Town where the poor and lower class live
    Town Center where the merchants come to do business and where middle-class lives.
    High Town: The place where all the Nobles reside.
    Royal Palace: Where the king resides.

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