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    Amazon Lilly Summary

    General Info: Amazon Lily is a jungle island located within the Calm Belt. Due to the island's location, there is no wind or storm ever on Amazon Lily. The focal point of the island is a large mountain situated in the center. It is carved with gigantic curved snake statues and the name of the native tribe of the island, Kuja, engraved in Kanji. Within the center of the mountain is a deep valley where the Kuja tribe village is located. The architecture and decor of the village resemble that of ancient China. It should be noted that men are not welcome here by the Kuja and are usually violently expelled or killed. Repopulation Always takes place outside of the island. Yuda are native to the rivers and lakes of this area, Yuda Are extremely poisonous Sea kings So much so that All other Sea kings steer clear of them as well as bannawani the sea kings only natural predator. Other extremely vicious and large Animals exist in the jungles of amazon lilly but are staved away from the village by the women warriors and powerful incense made of animal blood which is burned near entrances to the city.

    This island was once protected from outsiders by the calm belt however with the invention of Seastone hulls over 300+ years ago by the genius Scientist Vega punk their protection quickly eroded. At the time it is said that the Empress formed a pact with the world government for their protection by becoming a Shichibukai. It is unknown what happened to her, The current empress does no such thing to protect them from Hungry men who come to Assert themselves on the women and instead send back the occasional straggler of crews decimated by the military might of the amazon people with the warning that they will not be dominated by some weakling men who think they are worthy of spreading their seed there or those who are unfortunate enough to think that they will be lavished over like they are in the rest of the world Dominated by men.

    Other notable dangerous Fauna and plants are:

    • Body Mushroom
    • Giant boar
    • Laughing Mushroom
    • Angry Mushroom
    • Crying Mushroom
    • Giant Ape
    • Giant Lion
    • Large Insects
    • Yuda
    • Sea kings
    • Bannanawani
    • Size Mushroom

    Amazon Lilly  Latest?cb=20160125002658

    Climate: Being in the calm belt, no abnormal weather ever takes place on amazon lilly the occasional drizzle of precipitation is enough to keep the plants thriving as they have adapted to life in the calm belt. The island also has natural lakes and Streams which provide water to the forest even with the scarce rain. It is always warm and nice on amazon lily.

    Notable NPC(s): Empress Jade, First advisor Lillian, Second advisor Julia. Royal Guard captain Carmen Sutra,
    Groups: Royal Guard, Advisors to the Empress, Warriors of Amazon Lilly


    The Amazon Palace Built Just at the forefront of the mountain with Escape tunnels and fortifications built right into the side of the foot of the mountain makes it a Near impenetrable fortress due to the thousands of Amazons who Reside here in the city which surrounds it. The Empress and Advisors live here as well as the royal guard, Meaning that in order to infiltrate the palace one would have to be capable of some sort of magic. The Palace Is a majestic Several Story Chinese style palace built with stone blocks and Rare woods to deign its importance on a glance.

    The Colosseum where Warriors come to test their might against each other both for entertainment and for Status, after all On Amazon Lilly Strength means everything. Even the empress Is selected by ritual combat, In which a challenger tries to take the throne for themselves And should they lose they are disgraced and given jobs that would only be given to men were they savages enough to keep slaves. However they can work back up to whatever status they had before. The battle arena is a 3 tier Raised stone platform with stands surrounding it on all sides by a pit of serrated spikes for there is no greater disgrace than being flung out of the ring and earns only death.
    There is a tower at the front of the Arena where the empress and her court will sit to watch and preside over the match which is quite noticeable from most places on the island.

    The Fortress Ramparts Are built into the walls of the mighty mountain they are fortified with metal in recent years but are mostly of wood and stone construction, these are all around the mountain as the inner sanctum of the mountain is a retreat should they need to if a large force were to attack all at once they could defend the position with gusto. The ramparts Also surround the palace And are almost always Stationed with Archers that if someone were to try a frontal assault on the palace they would be reduced to a puddle of meat and blood before they ever stepped foot on its lawn.

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