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    Bonnie Alexandra - NPC


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    Bonnie Alexandra - NPC Empty Bonnie Alexandra - NPC

    Post by Alastor on Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:24 am

    NPC Template

    NPC Type: Crew NPC (Clyde Rasputin)

    Basic NPC Information

    Name: Bonnie Alexandra
    Nickname: One Woman Band
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Pirate
    Bounty: 0.
    Position: Entertainer (backup)

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 5'6''
    Weight: 176lbs
    Hair: Pale blonde, reaching down to her hips
    Eyes: black and large
    Clothing/Accessories: Bonnie often wears a black bow tie, a white undershirt underneath a black tuxedo, black overalls and black and white shoes.
    General Appearance: She's a slim woman with a pale complexion and red cheeks (it's uncertain whether it's makeup or she naturally looks like that. She has pale blonde hair that reaches down to her hips.

    Bonnie Alexandra - NPC 213?cb=20180103153610

    The Character

    Personality: She's first and foremost loyal to Clyde. She'll always be the first to rush to his aid, and always be the first to defend him, even if it's something as simple as an insult. She's the only one who doesn't see Clyde as just a creepy monster. She sees something in him that nobody else does. She comes off as soft spoken for the most part, keeping quiet and letting Clyde do all the talking, and more acting as support. She only seems to really wake up under two circumstances. Whether she's performing with Clyde, or whether she's rushing to defend him.

    Her time with Clyde has certain had an impact on her sanity, leaving her giggly, and not all there. But she doesn't seem to mind, nor does she seem to mind Clyde's more psychotic aspects. She's not really one to cause havoc herself, or really jump into a fight. When the fighting breaks out, she tends to hide in the back, letting Clyde do the work and supporting him when she can. She does have a knack for tinkering, due to her upbringing on Clockwork Island, though she would prefer performing with Clyde rather than inventing.

    Hometown: Clockwork Island
    History: Much like so many others from Clockwork Island, Bonnie Alexandra was born to a family of inventors. Naturally, the young beauty had high hopes for her future, but there was one small problem. Bonnie wasn't interested in becoming an inventor. Everything was just, well, the same. Everyone constantly tinkering, constantly building. She just wanted something...different.

    That's when she noticed Clyde Rasputin. The boy stood out like a sore thumb, with his ashen skin, sharp teeth and red eyes. More importantly, how he presented himself caught her attention. Instead of just another inventor, he had gone down the path of an entertainer. She was smitten with the man's life, and soon became smitten with the man himself. His differences didn't bother her. In fact, they drew her in. She was one of the few people who accepted Clyde for who he was, and he in turn began to have eyes for her.

    But things took a turn when Clyde arrived at her home one night, covered in blood. It seemed some of the local men had confronted Clyde about his feelings for Bonnie and, well, things did not go well. He said he had to leave, that he couldn't stay. Hearing that was more than Bonnie could bare. Clyde had become the one bright spot in a dull world. Rather than let him go alone, she packed up her things and decided to go with him, much to his surprise.

    And so their life together began. She noticed the changes in Clyde's personality, but accepted them all the same. She constructed her one woman band in order to act as support to his performances, and proved to have a natural talent with music. Constant exposure to their maddening music has had some impact on her sanity, but she doesn't mind one bit. If it can bring her closer to Clyde, she'll be happy to take the plunge.

    Abilities and Possessions

    Combat: Combat? Her? Surely you must be joking! She's not a fighter in the slightest, and tends to sit back whenever combat breaks out. If she is forced to fight, all she has is her fists, and she's not exactly the best with them, merely swinging wildly to drive off her attacker.
    Weaponry: N/A
    Items: One Woman Band - A series of instruments combined into one wearable device. Built by Bonnie herself, this effectively makes her a walking musical score to accompany Clyde's performances.

    Devil Fruit Name: N/A
    Devil Fruit Type: N/A
    Devil Fruit Ability: N/A

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