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    Beso Luzea Summary

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    Beso Luzea Summary Empty Beso Luzea Summary

    Post by Ace Fresca on Wed Sep 12, 2018 3:36 pm

    Beso Luzea Summary

    General Info: Beso Luzea is a small jungle island located in West Blue, unaffiliated with the World Government and home to both dangerous animals and members of the Longarm Tribe.

    Appearance: The island is the shape of a line about four kilometers long and one kilometer wide. The line starts perfectly north, turns thirty degrees to the east after almost a kilometer, then turns another thirty degrees to the east after another kilometer. The northern edge of the island is host to a small mountain about 300 meters tall. The rest of the island – save for one settled clearing on the southern half of the island – is rather flat and low in elevation, lush with tropical flora.

    Climate: Beso Luzea is rather hot and humid, typically anywhere from twenty two to thirty degrees celcius on any given day, though cold nights can drop to as low as eight or nine degrees. It rains on Beso Luzea several times a week, allowing for the lush vegetation.

    Notable NPC(s):
    Halfend "The Hammer" - The leader of the population of Longarm tribesmen on the island. The old, tough, father (or grandfather to some) figure to his tribe is generally welcome to the stray visitor that may come to the island, but has no restraint when dealing with hostiles.

    Kagu "The Wise" – The sage of the tribe on Beso Luzea who lives by his lonesome in a hut on the side of the northern mountain. Despite his sage status, he is actually only in his early forties. Tribesmen and women seek him out often for advice, and it is known to some that he is actually the master of quite a few types of martial arts. With some persuasion, he could be convinced to share some of his techniques with the next generation.

    Longarm tribe - A population of several hundred men and women of the Longarm tribe find their solitude on Beso Luzea. Longarm tribespeople come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, though most are at least slightly wary of any visitors regardless of faction. Once a visitor has proven to be friendly, however, they have no problem letting the visitor come and go as they please and do whatever they like on the island, as long as none of their actions are to the detriment of their people. Despite their acute case of isolationism they are still a generally civilized folk, with doctors and merchants and everything else required to properly run a civilization.

    Baketsu – The only village on Beso Luzea, home to (almost) the entire population of the island. The village is rather minimalist in order to preserve the flora of the island. Each building is built in lincoln log fashion and hosts several purposes, such as the infirmary also hosting the school and the largest building in town – the tavern – also serving as the town hall during important meetings.

    Northern Mountain – Simply referred to as the Northern Mountain, it is simply a long dormant volcano. It is incredibly rocky with no vegetation past its summit, with only one decently viable path up and down the mountain. Close to the summit is the small wooden hut that Kagu resides in.

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