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    Halloween Island Summary Submission

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    Halloween Island Summary Submission Empty Halloween Island Summary Submission

    Post by Sen on Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:05 am

    This thread is solely created for the Inktober Event for member-created Halloween Island submissions.

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    Halloween Island Summary Submission Empty Re: Halloween Island Summary Submission

    Post by K1ngisback on Wed Oct 31, 2018 6:00 am

    All Saints' Isle Summary

    General Info:
    All Saints' Isle is a veritable paradise located in the unforgiving seas of the southern Calm Belt, that is, if you come at the right time. During the day, you will be greeted by smiling faces, bustling shops, and streets lined with excitement. During the night, the grotesque roam free, and the ghost town-esue atmosphere leaves one unnerved, to say the least. Much like the citizens, the wildlife of the island tends to be sharply diurnal or nocturnal with no overlap. There are no large predators on the island to be feared. Cute mammals and bardic birds roam the sunlit landscape, while the moon beckons the insects and reptiles that scour the island at night. But not all is as it seems on All Saints' Isle...

    All Saints' Isle is a narrow island in the rough shape of a crescent, with some protrusions on the interior. Its jagged landscape catches the sunlight in a peculiar fashion so that twice a day, the island casts a large shadow out over the sea, creating what appears to be the silhouette of a Jack-o'-lantern. The island itself is spotted with a very natural seeming forest interspersed with one large town that spans the entire length of the island.

    The climate of the island is cyclical on a very short frequency, most likely due to the strange currents that surround it in the calm belt. During the day, it has a very mild spring like climate, with green trees, and soft rains. During the night, the leaves decay into a resplendent myriad of colors, as the temperature drops a smidgeon into a still quite comfortable fall-esque climate.

    Notable NPC(s):
    Mayor Sam - Seemingly the only neutral party on the island, Mayor Sam is a wispy fellow who always seems to be awake. He can be found wandering the streets of the island, and will readily inform visitors of the true natures of the inhabitants of the island. A generally helpful guy, he can also direct people to safe innes and places to obtain food and supplies. He also seems to be the only real peace keeper on the island, dealing with most situations involving overly violent visitors. He tends to turn a blind eye if the violence is in response to a prank. Both the dayfolk and nightfolk seem to avoid him, so it's a mystery as to what his relation with them is. One thing of note is that he carries a cane with glowing coral on the end, so it is likely he has ventured to Lantern's Eye before.

    While not inherently 'groups' per say, there is a sharp contrast between the occupants of the island during the night and day.

    The 'day group' of inhabitants are the beautiful, smiling, cheerful folk you would expect to roam an island of 'saints'. They bring life to the town, constantly bustling about, with lively parades and events going on year round. They welcome you in, make you comfortable, and when you least expect it, turn on you with devious grins and ill-intentions. These bright folk are the most malicious of tricksters you'll ever find, and you won't soon forget their antics. While rarely lethal, the relentless pursuit of the locals will flounder even the most legendary of figures. Like their human compatriots, the wild fauna are just as vicious during the day. What is at one moment a harmless squirrel munching on a nut, is a vicious anklebiter the next. The only way to sway their intent is to accept tasks from them that target the night folk.

    The 'night group' of inhabitants are vastly different. Not only are there much less of them, they are quite hard on the eyes. They range from deformed mutants, to the strangest of exoic races, and none of them are conventionally attractive. Attitude wise, they are gruff and hard to communicate with because of their general avoidance of social interaction. Don't let this rugged exterior fool you though, because you'll find these people to be a real treat once you get to know them. They may not act like it, but when they see people in danger, or even those who just need menial help, they will jump to your aid. Quite the contrast with how monstrous they are. Likewise, the insects and reptiles of the night are just as friendly. They may cause your skin to crawl, but they are mostly vegetarian, and quite friendly in nature. Contrary to their typical actions, though, the night folk can be enraged if one of the day inhabitants stays out too late, sparking tales of the bogeyman and whatnot. They also frown upon those who accept tasks from the dayfolk to prank them at night.

    As of yet, there is no formal marine presence on the island.

    All Saintsville - As the city that takes up the vast majority of the island, it is the location most visitors will explore. It is a delightfully cheery city, interwoven with the woods that cover the island. This natural decoration casts a lot of shadows, hiding many doorways that aren't used during the day. The rest of the buildings stand out in sunlight, and are very cozy and welcoming, despite the troublesome inhabitants. At night, the lighting shifts, and shadows cover these friendly buildings, whilst revealing a completely different cityscape of dilapidated buildings, and small hovels. Whilst unfriendly looking, they are actually very comfortable on the inside. These are the residences of the stoic nightfolk.

    Lantern's Eye - Lantern's Eye is a lake that forms one of the Jack-o'-lantern silhouettes eyes during sunrise and sunset. In the middle of the lake is a massive configuration of bioluminescent coral that glows when the sun is down. It has a twin located in the circle created by the islands shadow over the ocean. Wrecks are frequent on this second mass of coral, and through some means of underground channels, lots of debris is deposited into Lantern's Eye. It is speculated that both reefs can be used as entrances to an underground chamber filled with treasure.

    Island Challenges:
    Trick - Mayor Sam is the lone defender of an island in the middle of the calm belt. Not even they dayfolk of the island would dare to prank him. But you're not some common prankster from this island, no, you're a brave adventurer. Do you dare to prank Mayor Sam? What's the worst that could happen...

    Treat - There have long been stories of the treasure beneath Lantern's Eye, but no one seems to have found it. Debris deposited across the lake bed of Lantern's Eye indicates that there must have been several wrecks, so surely it's down there somewhere. Will you be the first to claim this lucrative store of goodies?

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