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    wip wip wip

    Post by Pumpkin on Tue Oct 16, 2018 6:32 pm

    NPC Template

    NPC Type: Trait Npc (PET)

    Basic NPC Information

    Name: Your character’s name. The initial D may be used, but means nothing.
    Nickname: Any nicknames they may have. Not necessary.
    Age: The character’s age.
    Gender: The character’s gender.
    Race: Human would be the primary option. Others may include Fishman, Skypian etc.
    Affiliation: Pirate, Marine, Bounty Hunter or Other. Read here for more information. If they have a crew, that goes here too, with the link.
    Bounty: Only relevant for Pirates. Delete this if not Pirate. Starts as 0.
    Rank (Commendations): Only relevant for Marines. Delete this if not Marine. Also put the number of Commendations obtained in brackets. Highest starting rank is Ensign. (Commendations start at 0.)
    Threat: Only relevant for Bounty Hunters/Others. Delete this if not Bounty Hunter/Other. Threat starts at 0.
    Position: The character’s position on the ship. Captain, First mate, Doctor, Slave, Oarsman, etc. This is really only a title.

    Physical Appearance

    Hair: Colour, style, etc.
    Eyes: Colour, shape, etc.
    Clothing/Accessories: What they wear, including hats, jewellery, shoes, etc.
    General Appearance: Everything else not already covered. Describe their face, their usual expression. Describe their posture, how do they hold themselves? Do they have any distinguishing features? Scars? Tattoos? What’s their physique? Big hands? Small feet? Pot belly? Crooked back? Underbite?

    Insert Image Here

    The Character

    Personality: A nice in-depth exploration of the character - what they’re like; what makes them tick; what they enjoy; how they get on with others; what they think of: the world, their job, good/evil, morals, dreams. Explore their character traits! Are they optimistic, pessimistic, laid-back, perfectionist, easy-going, short-tempered, bad-tempered, loud, quiet, sadistic, kind, dark, shining, intelligent, dim-witted, slow, conniving, innocent, corrupted, annoying, helpful – the list goes on and on…

    Also look at things like strengths and weaknesses in terms of their personality. Actual combat strengths and weaknesses will come later. Are they good with people? Do they have issues trusting others? Do they slaughter puppies mercilessly? Does each ant they step on warrant a good cry in a corner?

    Hometown: Where they were born. You do not have to start RPing here. Also include the Blue they’re from.
    History: Where did the character come from? Were there any significant events in their life that led to who they are today, and their ideals that they follow? How did they get trained in their weapon of choice? How did they obtain their DF, if they have one? Try not to do a full family line history starting from Mum and Dad’s childhood unless it really adds some sort of weight to things.

    Abilities and Possessions

    Combat: How does the character fight? Rashly? Calculatingly? Utilizing particular styles? Weapons? What are their strengths and weaknesses in battle?
    Weaponry: Describe the weapons the character uses. Please be reasonable. Pictures can help.
    Items: Any other noteworthy items obtained from Storylines, or equipment used in battle

    Devil Fruit Name: Check here for details. If the character doesn’t have a DF, don’t delete this section, just put N/A for all three.
    Devil Fruit Type:
    Devil Fruit Ability:

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