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    One Piece Chapter 922

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    One Piece Chapter 922

    Post by Sen on Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:00 pm

    One Piece Chapter 922

    URL: https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-2/en/0/922/page/1

    Good to know we have another drunk as a Yonkou (aside from Shanks), hic. I think the fact of Kaido attempting to kill Luffy's nakama triggered his rage even further to attack the beast. My predictions are  that Luffy's attack is going to be measured like a mere scratch on Kaidou. Jack, Hawkins, and Shutenmaru are going to be shocked at the sight of Luffy opening up a can of whoop ass on Kaido. I have a feeling Shutenmaru is going to intervene and continue his battle against Jack and possibly Drake after seeing some type of hope. Law, Sanji, and the rest of the good guys crew are going to jump in the fray against Kaido to help Luffy. I just love it when shit hits the fan like this.

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