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    Minion Island Briefing

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    Minion Island Briefing Empty Minion Island Briefing

    Post by Ace Fresca on Thu Sep 13, 2018 6:03 am

    Minion Island Summary

    General Info: Minion is a small winter island located in North Blue. Though clearly once by populated by people at one point, its stone houses have been empty for hundreds of years. The island's only permanent residents now are the sturdy winter animals that can withstand the harsh cold.

    Appearance: Minion Island is only about two kilometers from east to west and one kilometer from north to south. The island is rather hilly, though mostly void of vegetation and covered with a large layer of snow. From the sea the island simply looks like one large pile of snow.

    Climate: Minion Island is very cold and perpetually stuck in winter. It is almost always snowing, with about half a meter or so of snow on the ground at any given time. Without some source of warmth, the temperatures as cold as twenty degrees celcius below zero can prove harsh to survive for the average wanderer.

    Notable NPC(s): N/A

    Groups: N/A

    Abandoned Town – An abandoned town of sturdy stone buildings that have generally survived the test of time. A good place to find refuge and stay away from the cold if one happens to find themselves stuck on this island. For some reason, the few animals that reside on Minion Island seem to stay away from this one part of the island.

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