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    Zou Briefing Empty Zou Briefing

    Post by Dante on Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:43 am

    Zou Summary

    General Info:

    Zunisha is a massive, living, and sentient elephant; as a result, it cannot be tracked by a Log Pose or Eternal Pose like regular islands can. Having walked through the New World for over 1000 years, Zunisha's body has been left damaged by time and the elements; its ears are torn, its eyes are sunken into its skull, and its skin is frail and weak. Its legs are very tall, making it difficult to scale the elephant and get onto the island.

    The ground on Zou is made up of Zunisha's rough and rippled skin, which makes it difficult to traverse; Sanji's group was impeded by it after they arrived and were on the run from Kaido's subordinates, and once Monkey D. Luffy's group arrived, they were similar inconvenienced while walking on the paths of elephant skin. The ground also has strange trees sporting spherical formations of scale-like leaves growing from it.

    Twice a day, Zunisha will suck up sea water into its trunk and spray it over its back, which results in a large blast of water, referred to as an "eruption rain" (噴火雨 funka-ame?), pouring down from above and washing away those who do not take cover in time. The water also carries sea animals, which provide the Mink Tribe with food, and is later purified for drinking through aqueducts.

    Appearance: Zou is an island located on the back of a massive, millennium old elephant named Zunisha that roams the New World. It is known as a "Phantom Island" due to Log Poses being unable to point to it. It is home to the Mink Tribe.

    The minks' civilization is known as the Mokomo Dukedom, comprised of a sprawling city with several of its ancient buildings embedded in the surrounding rock formations and an area known as the Whale Forest that features a large whale-shaped tree. The entirety of the back is encircled by a large wall, with a gate located near Zunisha's tail.


    Notable NPC(s): Nekomamushi, Inuarashi: The rulers of the island, it is said that they have lived there since ancient times guarding the Island no one knows how they would have lived that long.

    Groups: The 4 Guardians, The Mink Armed forces.


    The Whale Forest: (くじらの森 Kujira no Mori?) is located near the nape of Zunisha's neck. In the center of the forest, there is an enormous tree called the Whale, due to its trunk resembling a baleen whale bending upwards. In the Whale's tail section, there is a secret room where a Road Poneglyph is located under the Kozuki Family crest. When Jack attacked Zou, Raizo was hidden and bound here to keep his whereabouts a secret from the pirate. The forest is considered sacred because of the presence of the Road Poneglyph, which the Guardians are sworn to protect from any invaders.

    The Guardians Residential District is located at the base of the Whale and contains several wooden houses and buildings where Nekomamushi and the rest of the Guardians live, as well as a restaurant, a saloon, and a hotel. It sustained some damage during the battle between the minks and the original Beasts Pirates long ago in the legends of their people.

    Kurau City (クラウ都 Kurau-to?) is a city located at the edge of the Whale Forest and at the approximate center of Zunisha's back. It was protected by the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad. The city has been specially designed to accommodate the "eruption rain" with multiple drains and aqueducts. During the Beasts Pirates' invasion, the city was heavily damaged and Jack placed several torture racks in the middle of the streets  with which he crucified several minks in order to interrogate and torture them for information. After Jack's invasion, the city was abandoned, with most of the citizens taking shelter at the Right flank Fortress. The city has long since rebuilt and recovered from those times of old, but the people never forgot the cruelty done to them.

    Rightrump Forest (右尻 (ウシリー) の森 Ushirī no Mori?) is the forest located on Zunisha's right rump It is home to many exciting and unique creatures not unlike the mink themselves that choose to reside here in more meager accommodations.

    Deep, Dark Swamp is the swamp located on Zunisha's hindquarters; if one head straight down the path from Rightrump Forest, they will find this place, and if one turns right from here, they can reach the Rightflank Forest.

    Rightflank Forest (右腹 (ウバラ) の森 Ubara no Mori?) is the forest located on Zunisha's right flank (or belly).

    The Rightflank Fortress (右腹 (ウバラ) の砦 Ubara no Toride?) is located within the Rightflank Forest and is the residence of many minks, particularly after Jack's invasion. According to Wanda, the fortress is a residential area where the ancestors of the Mink Tribe used to live. Some Stayed here even after the City Was Rebuilt 200+ odd years ago and their decedents still live here for fear of another massacre.

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