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    Notice Summary


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    Notice Summary

    Post by CondorKing on Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:22 am

    Notice Summary

    General Info:Notice is an island known for its stability above all other things. Many new families from the Grand Line will flock towards the North Blue in hopes of finding a more peaceful life. Three cities live in harmony with one another, spread out over the wide, plain land mass. To those well versed in the island's history however, it's clear their solace is a flimsy facade.

    Appearance: Notice is a very large island composed mostly of flatlands, but punctuated by a few grassy hills. Though considered a single island, it's actually bisected by a saltwater river running through it.

    Climate: Generally much warmer than most islands in the same vicinity, Notice's pleasant climate is one of its famous calling cards. It follows the typical seasonal patterns in moderation. Its lack of harsh weather has become something of an anomaly for meteorologists.

    Notable NPC(s): Mayor of Scale Town: Wednesday Sticker. The most successful fisherman in Scale Town is given the opportunity to become mayor, and Wednesday has held her title for nearly four years. She runs the smallest city, centered around the middle of the saltwater river, but doesn't have much of a mind for policy.

    Mayor of Patternalia: Raymond Diggs. Named for its booming textile industry, Raymond's campaigns have kept him in Patternalia's office for well over twenty years. He drives much of the island's economic might, and has a bit of a superiority complex compared to his fellow mayors.

    Mayor of Streamside: Patrick Mason. A family man who runs the coastal city of the island. He's been the democratically elected mayor for a few years, and is married to the Marine Captain of the island. He can be very belligerent and ruthless, which is apt, considering his city houses the islands's prison.

    The Gardener; Alistair Cross. Captain of the 122nd Marine Branch. Husband to Mayor Mason, he's probably a bit stronger than the average Blues Captain, but requested the posting for the sake of his son and spouse. He's an incredibly pleasant man, and is the most well-liked figure on Notice.

    Dorothy "Gumball" McQueen: Leader of the Toybox Gang. She has a passion for street art, and much of her gang's complicated graffiti pieces are actually kept by townspeople, because they think the pieces carry so much character, much to Dorothy's chagrin.

    Austin Strand: Librarian housed in Patternalia. He's very reserved and well educated, but certain conspiracies retain that he's the leader of the revolutionary sect, The Whitecaps.

    Groups: 122nd Marine Branch: "The Sunflowers" are a lackadaisical bunch of marines that are largely decentralized from the headquarters on Notice. The marines are known to protect the smiles on their citizens' faces even in times of deep crisis.

    Fisherman Guild: Based in Scale Town, the guild is famous for its unorthodox fishing tactics. Instead of using tools, fisherman are expected to dive into the saltwater and wrestle their catch out of the river and onto dry land. Every other week, there is a competition to see who can pull the greatest catch in a single day.

    Toybox Gang: A long-standing criminal element runs a slum hidden away on the island. The group is mostly made up of angsty teenagers and bored young adults. Their criminal activities mostly consist of graffiti. They're not considered very dangerous, and when caught are normally just given a slap on the wrist.

    Whitecaps: Many consider this band of revolutionaries to be a myth. However, the group is very real and consists of clandestine members from across the island. Their ultimate goal is to convert the entire island into a revolutionary party that ousts the 'overbearing' presence of the World Government on their island.

    Vicinity: Scale Town: A festival city and the least populated of the three. However, its sprawling size makes it perfect to house the regular fishing tournaments, which attract hungry visitors from across the island. Its situated on the center of the island, encompassing both sides of the river. Wooden bridges connect both sides of the town, and are the perfect place for fishermen to jump from.

    Patternalia: The economic powerhouse of Notice. Its textile industry and fashion designing is the envy of the West Blue, and their exports make the town somewhat famous. Patternalia is situated around a large hill, with buildings clinging to the side and built up from the foot of the point.

    Streamside: Housing both the 122nd Marine Branch and the Lighthouse Prison, Streamside is a bit less festive than its counterparts. The Lighthouse Prison is hardly filled, as any serious criminals are picked up by greater marine elements and taken to more serious prisons. Marines can often be found helping out around the town, and hardly ever carry weapons, instead are more likely to be repairing houses and spending time with citizens. This town houses the only official docks on the island, and each entry is greeted by a small squadron of marines.

    Toybox Slums: Hidden away from the three cities, the slums are a series of tents and loose wooden structures in which children can spend time with one another. They're often left food and building materials by marines to ensure no one is actually going hungry. A derelict baseball field stands not too far from the encampment.

    Leather Bound Library: A large stone structure in Patternalia and considered the greatest library on the island. Secretly, its basement is the meeting place for the senior members of the Whitecaps.

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