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    Dressrosa Briefing  Empty Dressrosa Briefing

    Post by Dante on Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:45 am

    Dressrosa Summary

    General Info:

    Dressrosa is one of the Twenty Kingdoms that were responsible for founding the World Government after the defeat of the Great Kingdom. It is located in the New World.

    The country is well-known for its flower fields, its cuisine, its passionate women, and its battle colosseum. The local women are prone to violent acts of jealousy, leading to a high crime rate in the country. The residents of the country also believe that "fairies" live in the country as well, taking away people's belongings and treating them as "offerings", according to the residents themselves.

    Dressrosa Briefing  SrckgJK

    Dressrosa is a luxurious, Spanish-themed island. Its most notable geological feature is the presence of huge rock formations located at the island's borders, with harbors located in-between them. Luffy described the island as "rough-looking".


    Notable NPC(s): King Remus, Royal guard Captain Gigas, Underworld Boss Don Corneo, Underworld Bouncer Sir Ripper.

    Groups: The Royal guard, The Proud Gladiators of the Coliseum, The Underworld Harbor vigilantes.


    The port town of Acacia, located at the southwest of the island, has the Corrida Colosseum. Another town, Primula, is located on the northwestern side of the island. The town of Sebio is located to the south. There's also the town of Carta located to the east. At the center of the island stands a huge, rocky structure called the King's Plateau, which supports the Royal Palace at its top.

    Dressrosa is connected to Green Bit by an iron bridge at the north of the country. The presence of the Fighting Fish has forced the bridge to be closed for 200 years.  a restaurant called "Cafe Bar La Baltad" near the bridge is a great place to gather information.

    One of Dressrosa's biggest secrets is its underground, which contains the Ruins of the SMILE Factory and an Underworld Harbor. The Remnants of the Factory is located below the Corrida Colosseum. There is also a lift that connects the Underground with the Rebuilt Toys House Which is used as a 'fortress' within the Underworld and the Royal Palace Which was rebuilt in recent years and is quite the site to behold.

    Dressrosa is relatively close to Punk Hazard, as travel between the two islands can be done in a short period of time. The island also neighbors three other islands, one of which being Applenine Island. Those three islands are close enough to catch Den Den Mushi transmission signals coming from Dressrosa.

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