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    Roiyaru Summary

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    Roiyaru Summary Empty Roiyaru Summary

    Post by Sen on Wed Sep 26, 2018 2:25 am

    Roiyaru Summary

    General Info: Roiyaru is a large noble inhabited island with one major city called Reign City. There is no commoner level here and the more respected your family the higher on the chain of power you are here. The city is in the center of the island and contains a major meeting place for World Nobles and the like called the Imperial Citadel. It has two Marine bases; The tower-like Hightide and Lowtide, a small ground level prison dealing in selling inmates as slaves. It should be noted that the island is surrounded by a large rocky border with a small opening that is the Islands only port. The marine bases are posted on either side of the port making entry tricky for unlawful vessels.

    Appearance: High cliff surrounds Roiyaru with two marine outposts on the outer “wall”. Behind the cliff-walls of the island are a lush green jungle and a high spire city with a large citadel that can be seen beyond the rocky walls that protect it.

    Climate: It’s a hot and humid Tropical climate. Roiyaru is hot and humid throughout the year, with an average annual temperature of 40°C (over 100°F). There isn't really the difference between summer or winter, or it's at least not pronounced.

    In fact, the difference between day and night temperature is greater than the difference between any two seasons. Typically, temperatures never drop below 60°F. Humidity can be a burden to the unaccustomed, giving a feeling of oppressiveness and lack of air. It has no dry season and rains year round, though rains less in the "summer months". It gets somewhere around 450 inches of rain but the trees absorb most the rain before it reaches the ground.

    Spring months see a lot of blooming of flora but fruit grows year round on Roiyaru. It differs from the fall in that regard and that Fall is when the heavier rainfall starts. Both tend to have the same temperatures of 75-90°F for the most part.

    Notable NPC(s):

    The 12 nobles of Roiyaru that govern things are constantly changing due to reputation and prestige always fluctuating on Roiyaru Island. There is, however, three consistent families that always seem to stay on top. Of these families are the heads that are on the governing council.

    Walton, Clint - The young head of the Walton Family. Clint is said to be very popular with the ladies though his parents died young out in the jungles of Roiyaru Island. Clint is said to be very brash and daring but also jolly and thrill-seeking. This often leads to reckless behavior and decisions. He is said to have a cousin that married into the Tenryuubito, though how much of this is true no one is sure. It is enough, however, to keep the young lord in his seat of power on Roiyaru.

    Agatha, Creselia - Creselia is a noblewoman in her mid-20's that is not only the head of her house, (her parents having retired, but are still alive) but is also a shrewd businesswoman. She is smart, collective and knows how to play a crowd which has helped her keep her families reputation high and herself in a seat of power.

    Simmons, Eden - An man in his late 40s, Eden is both wise and ruthlessly cruel. He has a low tolerance for failure and a no-nonsense attitude. He has a number of frightening rumors about him and is someone that has earned his place in kept it since he was 20. Some rumors state that though his family are nobles they are also a family of Assassins. Others claim that the Simmons family has strong ties to the marines, particularly the ones operating the Marine bases on Roiyaru. Regardless, Eden only show's a kinder side to family and his collection of birds, one of which is said to live in his long beard.

    Captain Wesker - The current warden of Lowtide Marine Prison is a man named Wesker, Richard. Captain Wesker is a large, towering man prone to strange and eccentric behavior and strange poses. Don't be fooled by this display however as he is quite cruel and twisted for a man that borders on what most consider an okama in mannerisms with a seemingly cheerful and sunny disposition.

    Commodore Edith - The acting head of Hightide Marine base is a ruthless, relentless and cunning woman named Edith, Patricia. She has been said to be a supporter of absolute justice and would rather die than surrender under any circumstances. She is as loyal to the navy as she is stubborn and tenacious. She is quite strong despite having a slim frame and it's rumored that she has turned down at least two promotions under the idea that she can do more here on Roiyaru.


    Nobles from around the world that are affiliated with the World government and a Marines posted at the two local bases are those that live here. The nobles have servants and slaves that are treated more akin to house pets than people. These slaves live in kennel-like cages in the cellars of the noble's homes. The nobles tend to be very snobbish and condescending to visitors of any less than noble birth. The even have a ranking system of the more respected your family the better your treatment and influence on the island. The Marines stationed here are very strict and ridged but are known to exercise unnecessary brutality and shady practices of selling inmates and criminals.


    Reign City, Imperial Citadel, and the two marine bases, Hightide and Lowtide. Reign City is located from the middle of the island and has a small port, with the Imperium Citadel deep within the city taking up a good third of it. Reign City is circular in shape and the buildings are sort of Edwardian to Victorian is architecture. There are a number of activities from swimming pools, to a local casino and even an auction house. The small inner-city zoo and museum is a favored place to take noble children. The animals at the zoo are tamed animals from the island's Jungle that are de-clawed and muzzled so that the children can touch and ride them as they wish.

    The Imperial Citadel is mostly a place of business where all the islands political matters and bureaucracy take place. Occasionally large balls are held by one of the 12 families to commemorate one thing or another. There are living quarters in the citadel, but they are only used when they have a visit from someone important, like the Tenryuubito.

    Hightide is a tower-like base that is like a large lighthouse in structure and is located far to the west of the city while Lowtide is on the opposite side of the island. Lowtide appears as a small ground level base, but in fact, has three levels under water. Lowtide is primarily a prison base while Hightide is a watchtower/training base. Hightide is fairly well fortified as a lighthouse base, having a barracks and carbon steel wall surrounding it and it's training field. The wall is about six inches thick and eighteen feet high.
    Lowtide is even more fortified and is said to have Seastone outer walls that keep even devil fruit users inside. If not, then it is known that the walls are at least coated on the outside after an embarrassing event where a zoan devil fruit user escaped. Prior to this, the walls were stated to be a strong folded steel similar to the carbon steel used for Hightide. It is worth noting that no devil fruit users are stationed at Lowtide, but they are said to sport some of the Navy's strong fighters.

    The Ruins of Roiyaru are scattered throughout the jungle and little to nothing is known of them. Of what is left they seem to have a box-like shape and are spread far apart suggesting that they were not a village. They seemed to be made out of stone and look very simple. Very few are intact enough to even show a room or structure and those that are aren't more than a 10 feet to a yard and a half large be it by length, width, or height of the structure.

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