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    Ice-been Summary

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    Ice-been Summary Empty Ice-been Summary

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    Ice-been Summary

    General Info: A winter island once home to an ancient people, it now houses the remnants of several stranded pirate crews who must contend with a bitter cold forest, humid caverns full of fierce reptiles, thunderstorms, and even each other!

    Ice-been is a medium island which possesses a lengthy, roughly elliptical shape to its coastline. One half of the island is low and flat but covered by forest, while the other half is extremely steep and mountainous to the point where it is nigh impossible to climb the cliffs.

    Ice-been has a very cold climate all year round. Temperatures are roughly between -12ºC (10ºF) and -5ºC (23ºF) in the open areas, though this varies according to the time of year and can sometimes drop far lower. It never goes above freezing, even in the height of summer. In terms of weather conditions, this island is actually quite calm compared to the stormy seas that precede it, possessing chill but tranquil conditions with little in the way of wind. Precipitation here consists almost entirely of light snowfall, though at times it can become very thick and heavy.

    The seasonal shifts of Ice-been are very rarely noticed, bringing with them almost nothing in the way of overall change to the island, save for small fluctuations in temperature. Autumn and spring see the heaviest snowfall levels, while summer and winter are typically a great deal drier. Perhaps the most bizarre meteorological feature of the island is its thunderstorms, which only pester the upper reaches of the plateau. These storms are dry, but last for prolonged periods of time, and it is thought to be the island's location that contributes to the large numbers of storms it receives. However, nobody has really been able to explain why only half of the island experiences such a phenomenon.


    Adhes Gecko -  A moderately sized gecko that resides in the cavernous innards of Ice-been, the Adhes Gecko is best regarded for its unusually thick epidermal layer which possesses a rubbery quality. Being one of the smaller inhabitants of the island, the species often sees itself a target of predation, but its unique skin protects it from all but the largest creatures, or those equipped to slice its flesh. To help further avoid predators, Adhes Geckos cling to cavern ceilings with their special toes, keeping them out of reach of heavier, less agile nemeses. They have a waxy, pale amber coloration.

    Sawlike Python - A serpent that rivals the size of a fully grown Anaconda with ease, the Sawlike Python possesses a distinct rocky coloration to its scales; a mottled mix of dark grey and sandy brown patched with flecks of limestone white. The underbelly tends to be more of a pale, desert pink colour. The trademark feature of these beasts is their back which, from the back of their skull down to about three-quarters of their body, is lined with raised and hardened plates that resemble sharks' teeth. These are an oddly effective defense mechanism, especially as these snakes often have several smaller protrusions flanking these growths to dissuade predators. They also implement them as a means of offense, however.

    Ktalagtoise - These shelled beasts can grow to quite an impressive size and are some of the heaviest animals to live in the caverns of Ice-been. Members of the Iron Clad Pirates often mistook them for boulders due to their rocky hues and irregularly lumpy shells, but soon figured out otherwise when said boulders started to move of their own accord. Ktalagtoises can grow to a good fifteen feet in length and almost as wide, but the most interesting feature is the fact that their shells grow limestone protrusions that greatly resemble stalagmites. They are slow, lethargic and very passive, but the strength of their shells protects them from harm. Only the young are really vulnerable, their soft shells resembling large black pebbles, as with age comes an incredible durability and natural defence against predators.

    Omnoroshishi - Far greater in appearance to a carnivorous mammal than a reptile, the Omnoroshishi is a creature that vaguely resembles the lion, with similar size, physique and quadrupedal stance. Their heads are more reptilian, but possess barbels around their snout and chin that resemble fleshy whiskers. Each is armed with strong claws and fangs like those of a snake, capable of delivering doses of a potent, burning venom that is crimson in color. Such a toxin quickly debilitates prey in fits of agony, wracking the bite area with a fiery pain and leaving all but the most durable individuals as easy prey. Serrated structures on the undersides of the Omnoroshishi's toes provide a strong grip, contributing to the beast's speed. The tail is reminiscent of a dinosaur's tail and serves to aid balance. The most lion-like feature of all is the mane of lengthy quills that decorates the Omnoroshishi's collar and shoulders, which are colored a pale pink with dark bands, but flare red when the beast is enraged. Females have longer quills but are focused around the nape of the neck.

    Blot Worm - Not a worm at all, and not a snake, but an Amphisbaenid. The Blot Worm is a relatively small creature covered in loose, scaly skin that allows it to move in a similar manner to that of an earthworm. Its round head has only the faintest vestiges of eyes, rendering the animal blind to all but rapid changes in illumination, but an assortment of short barbels around the lips are exceptionally good at detecting vibrations - including the slightest sounds. Their bodies are lengthy, growing up to ten meters, and while they do possess limbs, they only have forelegs. Their hind limbs have long since devolved, but their arms are each tipped with dexterous clawed digits. These claws allow them to secure prey - smaller reptiles upon which they feed.

    Bicker - The equivalent of rodents on Ice-been, the Bicker is a small lizard that shares a similar shape and size to that of a brown rat, but has scales in place of fur and a more rounded snout. It lacks outer ears. Though small, it is fast, and they can usually be seen in small packs that keep their distance between one another. They are common prey for most predatory reptiles that dwell within the mines but, thanks to being able to regulate their own body heat, are more than capable of venturing about the island where others cannot. They are named for their tails, which are long and lithe but made of shed skin segments, making a rattling hiss whenever they are threatened or to communicate with one another. They used their forked tongues to detect scents in the air, scavenging carrion and other food when possible.

    Gargoyle - Unusual creatures that can grow as large as a man, the Gargoyles are the reptilian equivalent of a bat, with stony grey scales that resist attacks and a maw filled with sharp fangs. They are excellent climbers and, while they can no longer achieve flight due to their size and bulk, they are still fierce beasts who can parachute down onto their prey from high above. Their saliva includes an enzyme that prevents blood clotting, but their habit of licking their claws means that their scratching attacks can apply the enzyme as well. Prolonged fights tend to sway in the favor of the Gargoyle.

    Iceezolite - A form of crystalline compound unique to the island, Iceezolite appears to have been used predominantly by the ancient inhabitants of Ice-been, though their exact usage of it can only be guessed at. Found in the mines, Iceezolite crystals possess the unusual ability to radiate or discharge a particular form of energy when squeezed tightly, which varies depending on the stone. Only particular deposits seem to possess this power - all others are inert. When exposed to the correct solution, they grow at a more rapid rate, almost like plants, but still, take several months to cultivate.

    GoldThe Iceezolite will generate a soft amber light when squeezed, with greater pressure causing a more intense glow. Turns clear after use, resembling a white diamond or similar gem.
    RedThis Iceezolite radiates warmth when squeezed, including a dull red glow. Squeezing harder will increase the amount of heat it discharges but does not affect the glow. Turns black as charcoal after use and becomes similarly brittle, crumbling easily.
    BlueBlue Iceezolite will discharge static electricity when squeezed, and applying greater pressure will cause it to generate a more powerful electrical current. After use, it turns an iron grey and becomes inert, but can still conduct electricity.
    WhiteThe White Iceezolite is similar to its Red form, but the temperature it radiates is below freezing. Squeezing it harder will create colder temperatures. It does not change color after use, but becomes brittle and crumbles easily.
    PurpleThis Purple Iceezolite is extremely volatile and, when squeezed hard enough, will arm itself, releasing a powerful concussive shock wave once pressure is lessened. It does not change color after use as it will completely shatter into dust upon releasing its kinetic energy.

    Island Challenges:

    Hop In The Fray! - Get involved in the conflict between the pirate factions of Ice-been!

    Climb of Valor - Find your way to Ice-been's Top!

    Rags to Riches - Explore the depths of Ice-been Mine in search of hidden treasures!

    Notable NPC(s):

    Legolas Blemington - Originally the first mate of the Riding Moon Pirates, Legolas is the younger brother of the original Captain (Emmeth), though the elder is sadly deceased. Legolas took over in his brother's stead and worked to unite the once rambunctious crew he worked with, doing a good job of doing so and forming the small but substantial organization of today.

    The man himself is a beefy lad in his late twenties, possessed of a dark complexion and strong jawline. Deep blue eyes are wide and full of life, while his hair is a messy mop of deep chestnut, complete with a short and somewhat scraggly beard. His hair shows some signs of greying around the ears but is otherwise still very rich in hue. Legolas' typical dress consists of a baggy white shirt and navy blue britches, with knee-high woolen socks of white, brown boots and a matching but well-worn leather jacket. He can often be seen wearing a blue woolly hat when out and about, but this is not a staple of his garb. The symbol of the Riding Moon Pirates is embroidered onto a black patch is worn on the left breast of his jacket.

    Mister Blemington is, like most of his fellows, a jovial and rather composed individual. Though a pirate at heart, he's no bloodthirsty raider and has taken to being something of a peacekeeper between allies. He has loose dreams of escaping Ice-been but is certainly no longer in a rush to fulfill them, for he now sees the island as a home away from home. Should his associated be hurt, however, Legolas is the first to desire vengeance; he fights fiercely to defend his people and what they have strived for, showing incredible skill with a number of spears. His personal fighting style resembles the fancy moves of a billiards player - using his spears as a means of projecting narrow but powerful 'Flying Slash' attacks that strike with the force of a Long-Arm's punch.

    Hanes Bosworth - Once the Captain of the Hidden Knife Pirates, Hanes still clings to his role to some degree, governing the actions of the crew's remnants with an iron fist. It seems as long as he remains, the vicious raider crew is unlikely to ever change their ways, but nothing says they won't become more violent and merciless in the wake of this man's inevitable demise.

    Captain Bosworth is something of an elderly man, sitting well into his eighties, yet possessing an imposing physique of a man a mere third of his age. Standing nine feet tall, his hair is a dark grey (once jet black) and cascades down his back to his waistline. His beard is similarly lengthy, covering his chest, and retains a darker hue. Hanes' eyes are dark and inky, narrow and piercing, and always seem backed by a cold, indomitable force further defined by the thick scar that runs from his left temple down to the right of his jaw. His lithe but muscled build is covered by a jet black sleeveless sweater, while black denim jeans cover his legs. Coincidentally, he also wears black leather hiking boots and gloves.

    This Captain's personality is cold and fearless, imposing and sinister. He rarely speaks, even to his own men, but when he does you will most certainly know it is his voice. Deep and grainy and filled with power, his words convey the darkness of his soul and selfish, single-minded nature. He cares little for the lives of others and some of the other crews speculate that he only keeps his crew around for the benefits they bring him, rather than the actual company. If you do something he doesn't like, or step out of line in his presence, the chances are you will be cut down without a second thought. He promotes ruthlessness amongst men, believing mercy an act of the weak, but maintains control of his underlings through a combination of fear tactics and like-mindedness. Should one fight Hanes, they'll soon find death awaiting them on the edge of his serrated, black nodachi. His style is swift and ruthless; a single slash can fell several trees with ease, and he's even thought to have mastered the ability to cut steel.

    Steven Seville - Quartermaster of the Iron Clad Pirates, Steven took over leadership of the crew after their Captain - his own father - succumbed to the toxic bite of a venomous reptile dwelling in the caverns of the island. Under his command, the crew built something of a fortress and now work well as a society, despite shunning most outsiders.

    Steven Seville is a man in his early thirties. He stands at seven feet tall and is almost as broad in the chest, possessing an extreme of a top-heavy build, but he certainly never skipped leg day. Unfortunately, his legs are quite short and stumpy by nature, but that matters little when you can haul massive blocks of stone around on your shoulders with ease. His eyes are deep set and a light brown, while his rather square head is almost completely shaven, save for the impressive golden handlebar mustache he sports, which almost perfectly mirrors the style of his eyebrows. He wears a thick snakeskin jacket of brown and yellow color, with brown leather lederhosen and leather boots, but otherwise leaves his torso exposed. A hammer design of the Iron Clad's flag is tattooed in black onto his face, with the head of the hammer focused on his forehead.

    Though he may look imposing, Steven's personality is quite a contrast to such things. A good and fair leader, he's actually quite a placid man who enjoys his work and struggles to find anything but working relaxing. As such, he's a bit of a fidget when forced to sit down and take a break. He's polite and, though he can seem unwelcoming at first, the moment you offer to lend a hand is the moment he'll open up and a crack a smile. He appreciates those with a taste for working hard, a trait which he imposed upon his crew to great success, but will not tolerate slouches. If he ever catches you doing nothing, chances are you'll be thrown out into the forest. He also appreciates health and safety in the workplace, so he never expects people to do more than they're capable of. He's also very protective of his people and, should the need arise, he will not hesitate to don his personal weapons; a pair of 'gloves' (which are literally just cubes of stone with slots carved for his hands to fit inside).

    Radicus - The woman who leads the Valky Pirates, little is known about who she was or what she has done, given that she no longer refers to herself by her original name. The name she uses now means 'Lipstick Brush' or 'Mountain Apricot', but only the women who follow her even use this name for her.

    Radicus's appearance is that of a tall, slender woman standing approximately six feet and six inches tall, blessed with rather ample buttocks to perhaps make up for her lack of anything up top. Her age is unknown, but she certainly looks young. Her complexion is fair, compared to her dark amber eyes, and her hair consists of lengthy mahogany locks cut short at the front and tied at the back with a length of red ribbon to form a French braid. Her lips are painted a vivid crimson, as to are both her finger and toenails. Due to where she lives, she can afford less protective clothing, donning a rather small reptile hide crop top with long sleeves, and a pair of hot pants sewn of a finer hide, both dyed a deep magenta. The scales provide decent protection from a lot of normal weapons while maintaining the comfort and range of mobility that silk garments would provide. She always walks around barefoot.

    This woman's temperament is a strange one, not least of which because she goes out of her way to completely ignore or otherwise disregard what strangers have to say, even if she asks them to speak. She is very protective of her 'sisters', as she calls them, and that respect and desire to defend is mutual. In a sense, she is not a true leader, especially given how the Valky Pirates work as a team. To Radicus, however, it matters little who you are or what you're there for; if you're in the cave network of Ice-been, then you might as well be considered either prey, or rival predators. Either way, you'll likely end up dead or forced to flee. Radicus's fighting style is very unorthodox, perhaps most so of all the pirates on the island, for she combines acrobatic dance with the use of a polearm akin to a giant paintbrush whose firm and sharp bristles drip with crimson liquid. This substance is a cocktail of toxins extracted from some of the island's fiercest reptiles which slowly saturates the body's cells, but is otherwise inert on its own. The paint used in her lipstick and nail vanish, however, serves as the catalyst for the brush's toxins; the introduction of this second chemical causes the original toxin to react violently, filling the victim's body with an intense, debilitating agony as the envenomed cells are shredded.

    Adjovus - One of the four men who make up the Howla Pirates, Adjovus is the de facto leader of the group, being the oldest and wisest of the four. In truth, such a position is entirely improper for them, given that the group is more than capable of working as a team and taking on the leadership role when appropriate, but it is Adjovus who is often the first to interact with others.

    Standing at just over seven feet, Adjovus is a man in his early forties, possessing a strong but sleek build and surprisingly dark complexion given the climes of Ice-been. His long, strong face is decorated with a short and neat neckbeard of silver-blond hair, matching the lengthier curls upon his head, while his wide and powerful eyes are of a glorious golden hue. He does not have a mustache, though he has the faintest traces of dark hairs appearing on the sides of his upper lip, somewhat reminiscent of whiskers. Adjovus's typical choice of outfit includes a white fur parka with shortened sleeves that end just beyond his elbows, with a dark brown jumper underneath and a pair of white trousers. White, fur-lined boots are worn on his feet, and he often wears black fingerless woolen gloves.

    Adjovus's personality is quite tame and reserved, indicative of his wisdom and understanding of the land and the people who surround him on a daily basis, and little seems to be able to faze him. His senses are sharp, much like the other Howla Pirates, and he tends to keep quiet and speak in a soft, quiet baritone. His speech is short, to the point, but still polite. Though one's chances of encountering him (or any of his crew for that matter) are extremely slim, he is not the kind to run or fight unless provoked; he'll probably sit back and watch, waiting for you to approach and confront him before speaking. When harm comes to his brothers in arms, Adjovus takes on a radical change in behavior; a mental transformation shared by his allies, the man turns to an aggressive and fearsome example of a warrior capable of driving some of the greatest fighters away with ease, but he still remains silent throughout such fights. His style is a form of martial arts, switching between numerous 'stances' which accentuate particular moves; flat and open palms for defensive strikes clawed hands for fast and fearsome blows or bunched knuckles with open palms for slow but powerful smashing attacks.


    Riding Moon Pirates
    One of the five settling groups of pirates stranded on the island, numbering just over two dozen, the Riding Moon Pirates are a group settled closest to the shores of Ice-been. As such, they are likely to be the first group met by visitors to the island and are certainly not adverse to trying to steal a ship while its crew is off exploring. However, they've never had much success in this field and seem to be quite happy otherwise. They have a prime fishing location, as well as being savvy to the collection of flotsam that washes up on the shores from ships wrecked and ravaged by the storms preceding the island. They are a surprisingly welcoming bunch, perhaps the most jovial of all the factions, and tend to have a little conflict between one another.

    Hidden Knife Pirates
    Renowned as one of the more aggressive groups of pirates stranded on Ice-been, the Hidden Knife Pirates are no strangers to attempting to raid and pillage the settlements of others. Though they themselves are settled far closer to the cliffs, they still remain relatively close to the shoreline, where fishing keeps them fed. Those who encounter them should beware, for these men and women are aggressive scoundrels who would sooner kill you and loot you than even show a shred of hospitality. They number at around twenty and send small groups of three or four out into the forest on a regular basis to hunt down stragglers from the other groups.

    Iron Clad Pirates
    Numbering at nearly thirty individuals, the Iron Clad Pirates are the largest group of men and women stranded on the island of Ice-been. However, they seem to like it here despite the dangers it possesses, and do not seem at all fussed by the goings on of the other groups outside of the Hidden Knives. The group settles near the cliffs, at one of the mines near the ruined Petropolis, and seem to be extremely proficient in their masonry and forging. Industrious as they are, they are also vegetarians by nature, having switched to such a dietary habit out of necessity. They are very defensive of their settlement and tend to shun outsiders.

    Valky Pirates
    With a population of only thirteen, the Valky Pirates are the second smallest group on Ice-been, made up of entirely female pirates and being the remnants of an all-women crew. Aggressive huntresses, they have settled themselves in a place that few can even get to, lurking in the remnants of the Petropolis' highest points where they can venture into the caverns to hunt the dangerous reptiles that live within its depths. Technically, they have the best lifestyle of all the stranded groups but certainly do not welcome intruders to any noticeable degree. Though they are certainly not bloodthirsty raiders like the Hidden Knives, they can be very violent and protective - they treat outsiders much the same as they treat the reptiles.

    Howla Pirates
    Consisting of only four men, the Howla Pirates are the smallest group on Ice-been, said to have set up camp deep inside of the forest's densest areas. They are resourceful scavengers and hunters, though despite their lack of numbers they are surprisingly friendly towards others. This is because of their abilities, each of them having developed keen senses and numerous methods of communicating with one another in ways that normal humans would probably not understand. They are extremely skilled trackers and are considered to be very evasive, hard to find men. As such, the other groups leave them be, save for the Hidden Knives Pirates who continually try to hunt down their camp to no avail.


    Riding Moon Pirates Encampment
    Settled near the shores of the wooded side of Ice-been, this encampment is the site of the remaining members of the Riding Moon Pirates. A band of 26 former pirates, under the leadership of original first mate Legolas Blemington, the group itself settled in a clearing amidst the snowy woodland of the island's lower plains. Taking up around three-quarters of this small clearing, the camp is formed of several large, sheltered tents crafted from the remains of the original ship the crew sailed upon. Timbers from the hull, as well as woodcut from trees around the edge of the clearing, serve as supports and frames for thick sheets of sail and canvas that were scavenged, while a few fully wooden shelters exist as storehouses. In the middle of the camp is a large campfire ringed with stones which the group use for cooking large meals and generally gather around during the evenings. Usually, there are two or three men on patrol around the area, keeping an eye out for raids by the Hidden Knife Pirates.

    Hidden Knife Pirates Settlement
    The Hidden Knife Pirates' settlement is located near the shores of Ice-been, partially concealed amidst the forests of the lower plains, in the shadows of the mountainous plateau. It is home to 19 individuals, Captained by Hanes Bosworth, and opens up to the shoreline. The camp's structure is not too dissimilar from that of the Riding Moon Encampment, consisting of recycled wreckage and canvas tents, but also incorporating logs and such from felled trees around the area. It is far more ramshackle in appearance when compared to the former's fortification, and adopts a far darker color scheme thanks to being build from the Hidden Knives' old vessel. The central area of the camp includes a large campfire, surrounded by log seating, and at the head of this area is a large chair upon which Captain Bosworth often sits. The chair is the remains of his original seat in his quarters but has been decorated with skulls, bones and such.

    Iron Clad Pirates Village
    Settled in the lower plains of the island, the Iron Clad Pirates build their village near the entrance to the Ice-been Mines, near the island's middle, but at a distance from the Petropolis. With 29 people inhabiting this region of the island, governed by Steven Seville, it is by far the largest active settlement on the island. Not only is it large in terms of demographics, but it is also one of the most heavily fortified, the working individuals of the town had cleared out some of the forest's trees and quarried some of the stone in order to craft a more stable hamlet. The buildings here are more like mud huts than tents, using permafrost and timber and stone to make sturdy shelters. The town's perimeter is even protected by a three-foot stone wall topped with an additional five feet of wooden fencing to keep intruders out. An open entrance is often guarded by two men, though the busy nature of the town means word spreads quickly. The mast of their ship has been secured in the middle of the town and, though its sails and rigging have long since been stripped down, the flag remains present.

    The Ancient Petropolis
    An ancient ruin located in the middle of the island, the Petropolis is one of the few remains of an ancient people that inhabited Ice-been centuries ago and - despite the lack of care it has received since - is still in relatively decent condition. Access to the ruin can only be achieved through the Ice-been Mines, as the ruin is situated high above ground level and is built into the cliff's face. The place itself is eerie and quiet, consisting of several cavernous levels carved into the rock, connected by passages and stairways. There are approximately five levels to it, though their exact purposes have long since been forgotten. Some areas are sealed by strange stone doors, while others have caved in.

    Valky Pirates Camp
    Situated in the upper reaches of the Petropolis, the Valky Pirates have claimed this area for themselves. Though they number just 13 and are led by Radicus, their isolation and altitude make this camp both one of the most well defended and one of the most prepared of all piratical encampments. The geothermal activities within the plateau to provide them with the warmth they need to survive, but they do use reptile skins and other materials to construct necessities. The camp itself is located in one corner of the ruin, spanning a small number of chambers over two levels. The settlement itself has little in the way of identifiers.

    Ice-been Mines
    A vast, labyrinthine network of tunnels carved into the rock of Ironside Tor's great plateau, these passages were once used as mines by the ancient people of the island, but that is about all that is discernible about them. Now, the tunnels and caverns of this area are more or less home to a number of fierce reptiles who thrive in the geothermal heat. The deeper one goes, the warmer it becomes, though there are some pockets of cooler air trapped inside the tunnels. Timber supports prevent certain areas from collapsing, while open zones are supported by virtue of natural columnar stone. Ladders, steps and other wooden constructs still litter the place in certain areas. The mines, however, are perhaps best regarded for what they contain. The people did not mine metals much, from what can be seen, but instead gathered crystals. Though many areas have been leeched of their resources, some still contain crystalline deposits of mysterious stone.

    Ice-been's Top
    The upper reaches of Ice-been, best known and revered as Ice-been's Top, is a place where only the bravest or most foolish individuals would dare set foot. What lies up here is a mystery to most, for good reason; perilous thunderstorms plague this region with supernatural regularity, and the sheer altitude means that one cannot discern its secrets from afar. Furthermore, the cliff faces are so steep that they prevent even the most experienced of climbers from scaling them. None of the current settlers of Ice-been have visited this place - none of them seem to want to, due to a firm belief that nothing but death and desolation awaits them. Such a belief is certainly not far from the truth.

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